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  • Robin - Dean Strickland
    "Who is she I'd sure like to know More about her Like what makes her always glow And her interest Does she like to sing songs I always find myself singing her name Come on and sing along Robin She's as"
  • Robin - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1970) From the albums DOWN HOME (1970), SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974), THE SEALS & CROFTS COLLECTION (1979) and TODAY (1998, 2000). Everywhere"
  • Robin - a balladeer
    "Well, it's been a few days now So how have you been Not that I should know what state you're in I could care less Well, I just bawled my eyes out and feel really relieved Not that I threw up enough to"
  • OK - MuteMath
    "Down on my knees down on my face You just say it's ok So many days I've thrown away You just say it's ok I don't think I could ever repay Your perfect grace, but it's ok It's ok, It's ok It's ok, It's"
  • OK - Mute Math
    "Down on my knees, down on my face You just say, "it's OK" So many days I've thrown away You just say, "it's OK" I don't think I could ever repay Your perfect grace, but it's OK It's OK, it's OK It's"
  • OK - Shitdisco
    "Executive excess yes, yes, yes Its a model of success and Nothing for your efforts yes and This impresses even less and then When you find yourself In the wrong company You must remind yourself Who youd"
  • Ok - Nordstr?m
    "Hey ok Det s let At si det der skal til Hvis du sir det helt ok Vi kommer ingen vegne Jeg str jo her og mangler ord Til at genopbygge Alle mine brndte broer Hey Ok Det s let At si det der skal til Du"
  • Ok - 1TYM
    "Is you ok with this is you ok with that is you be the one with a gun or to beat it with a baseball bat (then sing it!) ok o-o-ok ok o-o-ok ok o-o-ok ok o-o-ok Ok get on up get on down whether you ride"
  • OK - Riverside
    "Need to stay right here I don't care if there is a better place I must try it myself Again My broken sleep will never be the same I'm only hanging on And waiting for another night There's sadness in my"
  • Ok - Pete Francis
    "ok i get it now i don't know how i pulled this one off ok you trade the cold wind you turned your bruise in for more than you bargained you bargained for baby when you turn the weight when you break"
  • OK - Carla Fernandes
    "Nie mów że mnie znasz Bo nawet sama ja O sobie nie wiem tyle Ile chciałabym i tak Więcej nie chcę mieć W kalendarzu walk Wiem na 3wszytko jeszcze Będzie czas Szkoda dnia Nie mów, co do mnie masz To"
  • Ok - Vandals
    "Hey buddy how you doin' today? Thanks a lot buddy I'm doin' OK. How bout you, you doin' all right? Well I got into a fight my girl left last night. That's rough guy what was it about? I lost my job and"
  • OK - Big Brovaz
    "OK is what you say whenyoure ready to ballWere too hot for clubthey aint ready at allAnd if you come to partythen get up off the wallQuick we dont slip,make hits on a regularClub spots get rockedwhen we"
  • Ok - Jennifer Kae
    "Apparently there are risks that we all take, and sadly we always make mistakes And we line up dreams in the hope some day, that they all into place It"s pointess conwersation, ypu hear it everyday No use"
  • Ok - Sheek Louch
    "Intro: Sheek Louch Ok (Cocoa Channelle: Ok) Ok ok ok Y.O. where you at? (Oh!) Bronx where you at? (Oh!) Harlem where you at? (Oh!) Brooklyn where you at? (Cocoa Channelle:Queens!) Verse 1: Sheek Louch Now"
  • Ok - Doe Maar
    "Ik stopte dus met roken en voelde me verbroken Dat hield ik 7 weken, toen had ik het bekeken Ik dacht eentje maar en nam er toen toch twee, hee, hee, hee Het ging meteen weer better, ik rook weer als een"
  • Ok - Gloria Estefan
    "OK (English version) ok, well, what's it all about it's allright to change your mind but whenever you found what you must find just remember, i'm holding on the line so take advice from an old friend"
  • Ok - GOB
    "I break the bones to pieces in my hands my clenching fingers, were you the same all along? did i just get bored? why did i push you away? i still sit plagues with questions, your actions, your intentions,"
  • OK - Farin Urlaub
    "Absolut nichts ist in Ordnung Absolut nichts ist ok Verkneif dir jegliches Mitleid Und spar dir jedes Klischee Ja es geht mir beschissen Ja es ist wegen dir Doch davon willst du nichts wissen Sonst wrst"
  • Ok - The Corrs
    "i am not ok with this tv in my face and liar after liar with nothin' bout nothin' higher i am on the outside peerin' in to your world and all the boys and girls are singin' save me, save me from the one"

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