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rock mama

  • Mama Rock - Babadu - Piosenki dla dzieci
    "Ref. Wszyscy o tym dobrze wiecie, mamy są najlepsze w świecie Sto lat niechaj żyją zdrowe Nasze mamy odlotowe, Sto lat, sto lat niechaj żyją nam 1. Jestem synkiem no i powiem, Jestem mamy oczkiem w głowie. Mama"
  • Rock Your Mama - Ten Years After
    "Rock your mama, and everything will be alright Rock your mama, and everything will be alright Rock your baby, she'll let you stay out late at night Rock your mama, and let her know that she's o.k. Rock"
  • Rock Me, Mama - John Lee Hooker
    "(John Lee Hooker / Bernard Besman) I got a good rockin' mama, yeah and the way she rock is all right Got a good rockin' mama, and the way she rock is all right She rock me in the mornin', she rock me"
  • Rock Roll Mama - Eric Carmen
    "(david smalley) Rock and roll mama Gets her kicks at the hop every friday night They know when she walks out the door She ain't comin' home all night Rock and roll mama Wanna take you home with me Put"
  • Mama - Luciano
    "Mum you've always been there for me through all the ups and downs and wears and tears giving me love, showing so much care, yeah mother I thank you for your lvoe all these years you've been a source of"
  • No O Ha Rock - Shingo Mama
    "Shingo mama desu minna kyou mo genki ni aisatsu shita yo ne Yancha bouzu yancha gaaru ohisama yori mo haya oki Asa gohan chanto tabeta? minna de taberu to oishii Shingo mama wa ryouri jouzu oishii gohan"
  • Rock - Fineasz i Ferb
    "To ciepły był rok kiedy spotkałem go Koleżka gitarę miał I bluesa w cieniu drzew grał Majątek cały swój pomieścił by w kieszeniach trzech Był szczęśliwy jak nikt choć miała na imię drugie pech W ten daje"
  • Tell Mama - Janis Joplin
    "Alright!!! Alright!!! I'm ready, man! Whoaa yeah!!! You thought you had found yourself a good girl, One who would love you and give you the world. Then you find, babe, that you've been misused, Come to"
  • Choosey Mama - Vinx
    "Well I went down to the market square get myself some fruits and nuts I saw a lady this real fine lady waitin for the mornin bus So skipped on cross the parking lot Say what yo name how bout some lunch,"
  • Motorcycle Mama - Harpo
    "Motorcycle Mama why did you leave and where did you go Motorcycle Mama I've been looking everywhere for you I remember in '65 when Jimi Hendrix was still alive Before we went to the Woodstock scene And"
  • Yamaha Mama - Soulja Boy
    "Aye yo what's up what's up it's your boy soulja boy tellem' When you get this message pack your bags cause were going on a trip It's soulja boy tellem' I'm back Girl I know you like it like that From the"
  • Hey Mama - Cuban Link
    "Hey mama sorry for the things that i have done you will always be my number one im sorry (OoOhhh yeah) hey mama you will always be my shining star held me tight when i was in your arms im sorry (mami im"
  • Mama lauda - Ferris Mc
    "Seid ihr bereit fr das Monster Ferris MC,seid ihr bereit fr DJ "Goodfinger" Stylewarz,seid ihr bereit fr Bonzenbaby Tobi Tob? Ich strm die Party,Achtung Sexbomb,Feueralarm,das Reimemonster,hier kommt der"
  • Big Mama - LL Cool J
    "Yeah, this one's dedicated, to my grandmother, and your grandmother It's all love, let's not forget who raised us, word up Big mama, my grandmother, my main girl I love you much more than the scandalous"
  • Ya mama - P.O.D.
    "What you know about that fallen, fallenBabylon this so called great deadwait, Dread bout to update the death rate in one takeMake no mistake we the real dealaThe radical natural born wig-splitterGonna"
  • Rock Me - The Doors
    "Want you to rock me Rock me all night long Rock me baby Rock me all night long Want you to rock me 'Till I sing my song See the sun goin' down Moon begin to rise See the sun goin' down Moon begin to rise Want"
  • Goose Step Mama - Rutles
    "Ow! Goose-steppin' mama under-cover charge Goose-step mama taken by and large While you tinker with some tailor someone soldier to a sailor Goose-step mama Oh yeah! Goose-step mama Goose-step mama boogie"
  • Goose Steppin' Mama - The Rutles
    "Oooow! Goose-steppin' Mama Undercover charge Goose-step Mama Taken by an' large While you tinker with some tailor Someone sold yer to a sailor Goose-step Mama, oh yeah! Goose-step Mama Goose-step Mama Boogie"
  • Rock River - D:a:d
    "I was out in the wild Trying to catch some supper And bring it home to sweet mama.. But when the pony headed back To our home valley.. I knew I'd been gone too long: - And I crossed the Rock River"
  • Call Your Mama - Amanda Overmyer
    "Help me baby I'm falling far behind You cant ever leave me I'll go out of my mind Well I need you and your solid lines Keeping it ready, to rock you right on time Well I'm strung up on your love and it's"

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