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rock rollin love

  • Rock&Rollin' Love - Afromental
    "We are Afromental Hey baby let's don't waste time You know that I know that you'll be mine I want give you some my makes me low Oh, you gonna feel just the way you like The sex stangers coming through"
  • Rock&Rollin' Love (t - Afromental
    "My jesteśmy, jesteśmy, jesteśmy,jesteśmy jesteśmy Afromental 3x Cześć kotku, nie marnujmy czasu Wiesz, że wiem, że będziesz moja Chcę Ci dać wiele podniecających chwil. Oh, będziesz się czuła, tak, jak"
  • Rollin' - Wishbone Ash
    "Seen so many places and faces in my life, I been on the road for so long I will be tonight. I really love this life of traveling And seeing the sights. So I'm rollin', I'm rollin', rollin', rollin', Yeah,"
  • Rollin' - Young MC
    "Verse 1 : It's the bomb, 3-2-1 detanate & boom give me some room you better wait for the kid to blow-up and take off like a rocket got something up my sleeve and something else in my pocket yeah,"
  • Rollin' - Limp Bizkit
    "Alright partner...keep on rollin' baby You know what time it is (throw yo hands up) (ladies and gentlemen) Chocolate starfish Keep on rollin' baby Move in now move out (thanks thelimpbizkit1) Hands up"
  • Rollin - Brandon Hines
    "I was hooked after the first look at yo Hypnotized by your eyes girl you're so beautiful It just feels so good when I make love to you They say your love is poison they call me a fool I'm with you even"
  • Rollin - Garth Brooks
    "She was born to a mother trucker Raised behind the wheel So you can blame it on the highway For the way she can't sit still She says life is like a windshield It ain't no rear view mirror The only way"
  • Rollin' - Black Knights
    "(Doc Doom) Oh how I love my a hundred spokes Flossin and shit, California Flossin on them gold ones Black Knights Old ones, I sold them Sippin on a cold one, Rollin on them gold ones The chrome was the"
  • Rollin' - Xzibit
    "(feat. Jelly Roll) Yeahhh! See I was trippin through the city with a big ol' - PISTOL Trickin off these niggaz in the Raaaange - RENTAL I was smokin drinkin end up kind of tipsy Lookin through my rearview"
  • Rollin - Redman
    "Nineteen ninety mother fuckin six That's that shit though Get the motherfuckin Squad packed We got to pull these shoes out like carpet, word is bond Test the crew with the guns and let's get this shit"
  • Rollin' - R. Kelly
    "Rolling coming out them fruity color candy doors Rolling catch me hopping up and down on 24's Rolling hey watch me Rollin Hey, Watch me Rollin Hey, Watch me rolling Rolling When I was down you Bitches"
  • Rollin - R.Kelly
    "Rolling coming out them fruity color candy doorsRolling catch me hopping up and down on 24'sRolling hey watch me Rollin Hey, Watch me Rollin Hey, Watch me rollingRolling When I was down you Bitches didn't"
  • Rollin' - Chamillionaire
    "They see me rollin They hatin Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty Tryin to catch me ridin dirty My music"
  • Rollin' - Randy Newman
    "High on a cliff in Mexico Staring down at the rocks and the sea below I can hear the church bells ring I can hear the choir I remember the night she left I drove to the station in the pouring rain Sat"
  • Rollin' - E.S.G.
    "(Coco) Yeah, this what I do when I roll with a thug Or a gangsta... Put my hand on the gas, drop my ass low Slide on fast, then we go slow Blaze up the endo, raise up the window That's the way thugs,"
  • Rollin' On The Island - Kid Rock
    "Bellisle B-B-Bellisle Bell-Bellisle Bell-Bell-Bellisle Hey Kid Rock, tell 'em how your livin Man i spend my birthdays at Denny's eatin southern slams I'm not a butt nut you know that i never bang But i"
  • Rollin' the rock - Uriah Heep
    "Feels so cold, so aloneAn empty stage, no one homeFeels so strange, suskyNo point in screamingI won't be hurtYou're so cold, you're so coolIt's so dark in this tombTime has come so soonAnd time takes no"
  • Rockin' and rollin' - Cam'ron
    "Lets rock and roll baby Killa Cam Yea So So Def Y'all know Untertainment Y'all know I'm here now Come on Ey yo you wonder who I are I guzzle up at the bar But you see me in the car that"
  • Rollin' Wit Mvp - Stagga Lee
    "(2x) La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la (Chorus) (3x in the background) La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la We be like la la la la la They be like"
  • Keep It Rollin' - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Verse One: Phife Dawg Aiyyo swing swing swing, to chop chop chop Yo that's the sound when MC's get mopped Don't come around town without the hip in your hop Cause when the shit hits the fan, that ass'll"

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