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rogerthat my lucky day

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rogerthat my lucky day

  • Lucky - Lucky Twice
    "You can fool yourself I promise it will help Now every single day I just wanna hear you saying Laughing through the day Thinking you are never boring(?) Speeding through the night Maybe you not count"
  • Lucky Day - Judy Garland
    "I'm sitting on top of this great big wonderful world, cos this is my lucky day, lucky day Oh boy I'm lucky I'll say I'm lucky This is my lucky day! I'm all in clover I'm glad all over I wanna shout,"
  • Lucky Day - Meredith Brooks
    "Na na na na na na na na na na... I'm gonna spin some lies of my own Cause your truth has got me reelin' You always think of things that go wrong But it's only faith that you're stealing I tried to slip"
  • Lucky Day - Wild Strawberries
    "They've got you where they want you Nothing's ever gonna satisfy you You think they'll never buy you They're doling out affection Just like a confection It's hard enough to know which way to go Without"
  • Lucky Day - Chris Rea
    "A little bit of daylight shine on your pillow Come through your window pane Speak of the morning, hope is eternal Better to look at it this way This could be my lucky day A glass filled with crystals,"
  • Lucky Day - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "If the fire can't be put out Let it burn, let it burn If you haven't learned your lesson yet You'll never learn, never learn When it's hard to hold them down Let em fly, let em fly If they don't want"
  • Lucky Day - Kalan Porter
    "You're much too old to be fooling around You're much too young to be settling down You close the door without a sound You need to get out of this town You believe There'd be no end When one door closed"
  • Lucky Day - Porter Kalan
    "You're much too old to be fooling around You're much too young to be settling down You close the door without a sound You need to get out of this town You believe There would be no end When one door closed"
  • Lucky day - Dos de picos
    "So many times I'd knockin on your door lamely I choose this best situation so many words you'd regret my poor listen my mind this my masturbation So many days the pride win don't lie I think I'm crazy"
  • Lucky Day - Sasha
    "You're looking lost and I don't know the reason All that I know is that you should not be Don't run away the time is now the place is here Don't hesitate, for this is very urgent I'm in a state in which"
  • Lucky Day - Less Than Jake
    "Do you see me out there Getting ready to go Packing my frustrations away I can always go for miles and still don't know Why my disappointments always stay, Packing all my frustrations away... Why my disappointments"
  • Lucky Day - Amoeba
    "Look around Make it familiar to ya Feel the sounds That we are pumping through ya It might be your lucky day So get up and make it happen lets go Look at you You don't know what I'm doing You look at"
  • Lucky Day - Tom Waits
    "The prettiest girl In all the world Is in a little Spanish town But I left her for a Bonnie lass And I told her I'd see her around But that Bonnie lass And her heart of glass Would not hold a candle To"
  • Lucky Day - Faith Evans
    "Today...is a lucky day We can...get away Just tell the dj to play (and play) I just want to hear you play my favorite song I just to hear you play my favorite Dj's got me feeling kinda sexy Got my"
  • My Lucky Day - Bruce Springsteen
    "In the room where fortune falls On a day when chance is all In the dark of fierce exile I felt the grace of your smile Honey, youre my lucky day Baby, youre my lucky day Well I lost all the other bets"
  • My Lucky Day - Smoking Popes
    "That settles it This is my lucky day That's what they always say This is what they mean I'm looking up Into a cloudless blue Ever since I met you It's been my lucky day And I still don't know what it's"
  • My Lucky Day - The Muffs
    "Runaway to a place I love Where I hide away from you And your old face Telling me that you know me better Than I even know my mixed up self I'm laughing you and your old fantasy of me Every time I think"
  • My lucky day - Lene Marlin
    "Tell me what you saw that was so bad Tell me all the reasons Why you made me so sad I wish that I was like you, And I'm sorry that I'm not At least I still have hope, I guess that's all I've got I know"
  • Lucky - Jim's Big Ego
    "I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky I'm lucky you left me I think I'm better off this way I'm lucky you left me although I wanted you to stay I'm lucky you left"
  • Lucky - Fleur East
    "it’s in the morning and the day is calling I don’t wanna waste a second of my time they say I made it but it’s overrated coz they don’t ever read between the lines I don’t need a four leaf clover luck"

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