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roll with the winners

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roll with the winners

  • Winners - K's Choice
    "If I could put you in a frame, I'd draw you smiling With a cigarette in your mouth and your hands reaching out for something If I could, if I could wear all your clothes I'd still be different And if"
  • Winners & Losers - Iggy Pop
    "Winners and losers Which one am I, Is it the same Under the sky? Black motorcycles And the will to survive Losers and winners Low and high In this glass and wire world Surly leeches gain the right To send"
  • Winners And Losers - Iggy Pop
    "Winners and losers which one am I, is it the same under the sky? black motorcycles and the will to survive losers and winners low and high in this glass and wire world surely leeches gain the right to"
  • Winners - Frank Sinatra
    "(J.Raposo) Here's to the winners - lift up the glasses . Here's to the glory still to be. Here's to the battle, whatever it's for, To ask the best of ourselves, then give much more. Here's to the"
  • Winners - Deadsy
    "Let's take the longest way through the hallways of your mind. Upon your knees, the phantom breeze of a shipwreck lost in time. Your envy mirror, the kelly fear adorns the walls in slime. Figure it out,just"
  • Sure Fire Winners - Adam Lambert
    "We are the sure fire winners, winners, winners, winners We're coming up like killing machines Our big gun's gonna shatter your scene It's pandemonium on the floor 'Cause everybody wants a little"
  • Winners And Losers - Social Distortion
    "Winners and losers, turn the pages of my life W're beggers and choosers, with all the struggles and the strife I got no reason to turn my head and look the other way We're good and we're evil, which one"
  • Everyone Hates The Winners - Jinxed
    "Every word that falls past your lips, Is a poison with potential to kill and deceive, And every motion that you go through, Is an addiction with intent to allure and mislead, And all the mistakes that"
  • Winners & Losers - The Business
    "The judge turned to me as he threw away the key murder one murder one your doing life my son You have robbed you have slaughtered your going somewhere hot murder one murder one your going straight to"
  • Losers & Winners - Accept
    "Accept Balls To The Wall Losers & Winners You told me that you like her But she doesn't wanna know You tried so much to take her But there's no way to go I know that kind of feeling Knocking on someone's"
  • The Winners Loses - Body Count
    "My friend's addicted to cocaine Smokes day and night Drives mom and pop insane. Living his life in the dark light Every dollar he gets goes into the pipe. He wants to borrow some money from me Do you"
  • Roll, Roll, Roll - B.B. King
    "From the little town I ran from To the city where I strayed There's been some good time living And some good music played And some good loving made I like it I like it just that way I wanna roll roll"
  • Roll - Ultimate Fakebook
    "Well, you know, I didn't mean to look your way, but you knew why I was there - to know who's in your hair Unless you want to, don't answer Don't tell me what I want, hold on - hold on Under the disco ball"
  • Roll, Roll - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Krazy) Ain't no block too hot Me and my niggas bout to open up shop Hot boy nigga grab the glock So me and my niggas we can sell our rocks Ain't no block too hot Me and my niggas bout to open up"
  • Winners Take All - Quiet Riot
    "Life's been good Life's been bad Now I know What I had Has taken it's toll on me Yes we give And we take What we get Is what we make Believe that dreams come true Life is crazy We're not fools, no, no The"
  • Losers And Winners - Accept
    "You told me that you like her But she doesn't wanna know You tried so much to take her But there's no way to go I know that kind of feeling Knocking on someone's door I know the endless crying When you"
  • Roll With It - Steve Winwood
    "When life is too much, roll with it, baby Don't stop and lose your touch, oh no, baby Hard times knocking on your door, I'll tell them you ain't there no more Get on through it, roll with it, baby Luck'll"
  • Roll With It - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys Roll With It Roll with it Roll with it (Oh Yeah) If you ever feel Like no one cares When you try your best But you get no where Don't give in Cause good times Will come"
  • Roll with it - Billy Crawford
    "Yeah, yeah Oh As I lean in the car There ain't nothing she ain't seen Daddy's drinking at the bar Mommy's hangin with some guy I look up to see the sky Why should everybody fall? Better do it or you don't"
  • Roll With You - Europe
    "When you feel out of place let me revolve around you When your light fades I have the strength to find you When what you're feeling is too intense When the darkness seems to draw you in I roll with you When"

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