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rollin stones

  • Stones - Tracy Lawrence
    "Barely old enough, to call it love, Showin off, skippin rocks across, the water, Stones, I handed one to you, You put it in your pocket, Said you loved it, said you'd keep it Forever, Stones One by"
  • Stones - Ray Boltz
    "The Stones Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan We don't really know much about her We don't really know her name But the way she was treated Was a shame She heard the angry voices There was"
  • Stones - Neil Diamond
    "Stones would play inside her head And where she slept, They made her bed And she would ache for love And get but stones La la la la la la la la la Lordy, child A good day's comin' And I'll be there to"
  • Stones - Sonic Youth
    "Lights on the stones on backed-up drain What lovers list on languid stain We've come together to gather star Shooting up stones a pallored heart Dead or alive There's danger The dead are alright"
  • Stones - Addict
    "It's just like you to cause a scene It's just like me to tell tales I know it weighs heavy But it doesn't have to be this way Just let the stones fall from their slings You know you can throw sharper"
  • Stones - Pete Francis
    "you knock it you say you know you drag your soul it's all dirt and coal these days you like it quick and clean the good old machine what's a scream mean in all this noise? it's all fine for me oh if"
  • Stones - Quietdrive
    "Another generation Coming to grips with Their own assimilation People are waiting The difference is in The way that we look at the world It makes attention Lead in the back of our minds Lead in"
  • Stones - A.M.Drive
    "could it be that you and me were made to breathe and show our love could it be we only bleed when someone cuts to draw our blood they say it's in love but fear is what they seek and jealousy sits on their"
  • Stones - Wolftron
    "Somewhere in the distant past I saw a latch And in your soul It flickered on And now it's off again I've memorized the day When you were Skipping stones across the sea And you carried me back home again (Oh,"
  • Rollin' - Kid Ink
    "I'm picture me rollin, takin you home All eyes on me, drink, takin a toast Said everybody with me at the side of the road It's me against the world but I'm never alone In the streets, I be never at home Homie,"
  • Rollin - Cardi B
    "J. White Did It Rollin', rollin', all my bitches rollin' All my bitches rollin', rollin', rollin' All my bitches rollin' and I love that shit Them commas comin' Rollin', rollin', all my bitches rollin' Rollin',"
  • Rollin' - Wishbone Ash
    "Seen so many places and faces in my life, I been on the road for so long I will be tonight. I really love this life of traveling And seeing the sights. So I'm rollin', I'm rollin', rollin', rollin', Yeah,"
  • Rollin' - Young MC
    "Verse 1 : It's the bomb, 3-2-1 detanate & boom give me some room you better wait for the kid to blow-up and take off like a rocket got something up my sleeve and something else in my pocket yeah,"
  • Rollin' - J.J. Cale
    "Never drink in the afternoon Never drink alone Sure do like a drink or two When I get home Every evening what I do Sit here in this chair Pour myself some whiskey Watch my troubles vanish into the air Rollin',"
  • Rollin' - South Park
    "You got g's maan please I'm overseas I got the beats to keep you blowin on trees Keep them hoes on they knees I'm as cold as mr. freeze Makin music in this game Like flippin coke into ki's Everyday is"
  • Rollin' - South Park Mexican
    "You got g's maan please I'm overseas I got the beats to keep you blowin on trees Keep them hoes on they knees I'm as cold as Mr. Freeze Makin music in this game Like flippin coke into ki's Everyday is"
  • Rollin' - Limp Bizkit
    "Alright partner...keep on rollin' baby You know what time it is (throw yo hands up) (ladies and gentlemen) Chocolate starfish Keep on rollin' baby Move in now move out (thanks thelimpbizkit1) Hands up"
  • Rollin - Brandon Hines
    "I was hooked after the first look at yo Hypnotized by your eyes girl you're so beautiful It just feels so good when I make love to you They say your love is poison they call me a fool I'm with you even"
  • Rollin' - Fiddler's Green
    "We keep the good times rollin' and make the party last For all of us we're going to let those bad times pass So kick off all your energy and lay it all on me We get on like a house on fire, believe and"
  • Rollin - Lil' Troy
    "yo yo this is lil troy niggas we rollin. {Verse1} When i come to the dance them hoes get on the floor, cause they know that boy troy dont play no more,them big youngs be off the rocks and ya lynch be"

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