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rolling in the dep

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rolling in the dep

  • Rolling - Jimmy Somerville
  • Rolling - Better Than Ezra
    "(feat. Toddy) Rain drops bead again They make a tide pool On your summer skin Shoplifting corner store I should have got, Should have got some more. How'd you get so low? How'd you get so low? Baby I don't"
  • Rolling - Elysian Fields
    "I wanna steam you open Wanna swim your ocean We would fly I wanna suck your motions Exorcise devotions Never die And growing you inside the star's eye You fascinate the loops with open belt If dreams were"
  • Rolling - Boondox
    "(Verse 1:) In my hands I hold the key to who I wanna be Solutions to my problems are just sitting right in front of me I crush them up with a little bit of gun powder I should be where i want to be in"
  • Child Of The Ghetto (feat. G. Dep) - P. Diddy
    "Yo, yeah, yo Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo Uhh, uhh, G. Dep! A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me Rippin it runnin and gunnin and"
  • Rolling High - The Avalanches
    "''doin' a mixin', it's like a famous doctor, doctor jetson stethesthern is looking like a power spession, heads on the on the grass, halfway through the mass, its a killer waiting for the burker....'' You"
  • High Rolling - The Beautiful Girls
    "Got caught daydreaming again, of other words and of faulty friends. Man how they change, you hit a rainy day and they pull their umbrellas in. You and me been kicking around ever since we could remember"
  • Rolling River - The Kingston Trio
    "Chorus: Rollin' river, tell me, what do you see on your long, long journey from the mountains to the sea? Do you sparkle in the sunshine? Does your rushing waters flow? Rollin' river take me with you when"
  • Rolling Hills - Van Morrison
    "Among the rolling hills I'll live my life in Him Oh I will live my life in Him among the rolling hills With my wife and child I'll do no man no ill Oh I will do no man no ill among the rolling hills Among"
  • Rolling Stock - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "I'm just the fastest thing you'll ever see That streak of lightning you just missed was me Don't stop now, You gotta keep it going all night Rolling Stock Rolling Stock You got no lovers if you got no"
  • Rolling Home - Tyler Hilton
    "Music & Lyrics by Tyler Hilton Traveling Sunday Is fine west of here Most folks are staying at home If you want to come on You better meet me there Cause I've got some country to own With the short"
  • Rolling Home - John Farnham
    "Harry Bogdanovs, and Chris Thompson Have you ever been lonely Tired and broken And you dream of rolling home My hearts on the runway My soul on the freeway How I wish I was rolling home Familiar faces"
  • Rolling Stone - Robbie Williams
    "25 and I've come alive 21 was the time to come undone Doesn't everyone Very young and very ape I'm gonna drink and stay up very late And hate the sun And though my heart kicks up a fuss I'm a rolling"
  • Rolling Stone - Lucky Dube
    "Call me when you' re ready yeah Call me when your head is right She said the words and walked into the sunset Like a cowboy He was standing there like he got up From a bad dream And he said she wanted"
  • Rolling Home - Fool's Garden
    "Someone buys a washer at the corner. Trina's died in 1984. Eddie sells a carpet to a mourner, the same, he sold one hundred times before. Yeah yeah... yeah yeah-eah! Just like a fallen tear in the sun, -"
  • Rolling stoney - Tribe After Tribe
    "Saw myself in a dream last night i was 3/4 drunk but i was doing alright sometimes i feel... just like a rolling stone i heard the sounds of broken glass but that was in my head 'cause i was breaking up"
  • Rolling Stone - Barbara Mandrell
    "(Gary Harrison - Don Pfrimmer) I don't want to tie you down With some lines spoken in sorrow With some hopes pinned on tomorrow You've got your bedroll and your guitar And there you are Ready to be alone"
  • Rolling Pin - Big Sugar
    "(G. Johnson) Well, rolling pin a-rolling Rolling, rolling, rolling Although it makes me holler, you know I'm gonna run back home to my baby Home to my baby I swear, I know my old bulldog, Lord Anytime"
  • Rolling Sevens - ABC
    "I was tired of letting her Taking me for what she could get Smoking me down Like her last cigarette See, luck's a dime in dozen In a thousand different places Every country cousin's Holding five sweet"
  • Rolling Minstrels - Fairport Convention
    "Come all ye rolling minstrels And together we will try To rouse the spirit of the earth And move the rolling sky Those that dance will start to dance And those who don't will stay In time to lis our merry"

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