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rose grave

  • Rose on the grave - Tarot
    "Ound of falling water in the deserted hallsRed light dims to extinction as the darkness fallsCircuits blocked underground, the senility of mechanical brainNo one to stop the current madness, no one to"
  • Flowers grave - Tom Waits
    "Someday the silver moon and I will go to dreamlandI will close my eyes and wake up there in dreamlandAnd Tell me who will put flowers on a flower's grave?Who will say a prayer?Will I meet a China rose"
  • Lay The Rose Upon Her Grave - Embracing
    "Resting... Though the heart not pounds Feelings are still alive but somewhere else In that belief we watch over the dead Standing aside their graves Talking to a molten stone Trying to understand the reason Why"
  • Only A Rose From My Mother's Grave - Hank Snow
    "Written by Del Lyon - Lani McIntire Recorded by Hank Snow It's only a rose from my mother's grave That I'd planted long long ago I pulled it from a stem, where it used to wave With a windward soft and"
  • Like A Rose On The Grave Of Love - Xandria
    "Come like the dusk Like a rose on the grave of love You are my lust Like a rose on the grave of love I curse the day I first saw you Like a rose that is born to bloom Don't look at me the way you do Like"
  • Like a rose of the grave of Love - Xandria
    "Come like the dusk Like a rose on the grave of love You are my lust Like a rose on the grave of love I curse the day I first saw you Like a rose that is born to bloom Don't look at me the way you do Like"
  • Black Rose - Icon & The Black Roses
    "Some black roses on the floor And gliding petals on the river Your tears are so cold They're twisting streams on your pale skin But once you had a red rose on your hands And spread its seeds away while"
  • Mourmer rose - Dead Can Dance
    "The roses in our harbor Delight us with their show They have such lovely flowers Repaying all our labour After the summer showers Happier those with shelter now They have such lovely flowers When winter"
  • Rose - Rose
    "Au beau milieu de tout ce moche Je fais des voeux, des voeux de mioche J'prends des clics, j'ai pris trop d'claques Fini le chic de s'mettre en vrac J'veux un amoureux transi...toire Beau comme un Dieu"
  • Desert Rose - Grave Digger
    "Far away from the rising sun I saw a shadow following me Water glimmering before my eyes But it's only the devil in disguise I feel a hand caressing my head I'm bonded by the fear of death I'm getting"
  • Souris Puisque C'est Grave - Alain Chamfort
    "h little miss blue j'vois ton rimmel qui coule sur tes joues et qui ruisselle d'accord avec toi tous des salauds mais laisse tomber l peinture l'eau y a mieux faire quand l'sort s'acharne c'est trop"
  • Grave - Aus-Rotten
    "Tell me where is glory when god and country is what you die for It looks grave, it looks grave, it looks grave And for graves, graves, graves, and graves Another day dies as this country gets closer to"
  • Grave - Balthrop, Alabama
    "And when they say That you've gone away I'm gonna cry for three whole days. And I'll put on my best Sunday clothes And I'll carry you down to your grave. And as the day Turns rainy and grey I'm gonna"
  • Grave - Nodes Of Ranvier
    "Where is the man who came around? I pulled him down, I pulled him down Where is the man in grave and around? I pulled him down, I pulled him down, I pulled him down Drown with me, drown with me The times"
  • The Galveston Rose - Hank Snow
    "Down in old southern Texas I wandered one day, Where the tropical sea breezes blow. I there fell in love with a flower so rare And they called her the Galveston rose. Her heart was as true as her blue"
  • Bloddy Red Rose - Running Wild
    "In the war of the roses, the tragedy source King Edward was bound to die Richard III the new "lord protector" Ruled with "loyalty me lie" A vigilant guardian to the sons of the king As sure as an eagle"
  • Into The Grave - Grave
    "Enter the gates, gates to madness You feel that the end is near you know that your end is hear Shadows from hell reflect in your mind into the darkside you go for eternal rest Winds of death are blowing"
  • Little Rosa - Red Sovine
    "(Little Rosa was her name and still I cry in vain My world won't be the same since she's gone from me) I have gone to visit the grave of a friend of mine and as I walked thru the grave yard I noticed"
  • Grave Sweet Grave - Sentenced
    "I have seen my funeral in a thousand dreams Its beauty Now the night descends and drowns me in this dream once again No stars tonight they all have ceased No moon tonight to cast its gleam just a single"
  • Black Roses on Her Grave (Desdemona's Secret) - Ancient Ceremony
    "A Requiem to the most ardent witnessed Beauty Bloody Baroness, Thine is my Heart eternally! Destiny led us together Destiny took Thee away, oh Phantom of my Dreams Thy spooky Fancy now seems lost to me Awaked"

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