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ross lunch

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ross lunch
  • Shivaree Lunch
    "It's not black enough to see where any white is So I'll wait another hour for you and your designer jeans And I remember you as heartless as a freeway And I wonder if the time will make your eyes like"
  • Fame Hot Lunch
    "Shady Sadie (Shady Sadie) serving lady (serving lady) Don't pay her no mind, no She'll take ev'ry dime She's got a one-a-day lunch, good for all the bunch, yeah. HOT LUNCH, YEEAAHHH. Macaroni and baloni,"
  • Sesame Street Telly's Lunch
    "Here's the story Of a sliced baloney A loaf of bread A lettuce and some cheese That were stored In the refrigerator Food: Where all we did was freeze! 'Till one morning Came this guy named Telly He saw"
  • Lemuria Yesterday's Lunch
    "You were only there because you shared DNA You wore a mask but I could read your eyes You were spared the trouble of being an audience You reflect to the good times the only times you cared Yesterday"
  • Limp Bag Lunch
    "He sits by himself bag lunch in hand wearing all the wrong clothes fashion like Dad watching everyone else thinking what's the difference the difference is all you're better than the rest you just"
  • The Moody Blues Lunch Break
    "I see it all through my window it seems, Never failing, like millions of bees. Pull out the drawer, no time to be won, Only to do, what can be done. Peak hour, peak hour, peak hour. Minds are subject"
  • Buck 65 Hot Lunch
    "I look good, always, but especially today Professionally fresh on display like hey Take a picture, its not a dream I'm flat out gorgeous Maybe its because I eat a lot of oranges I don't know I can't help"
  • Lord Gore Liquid Lunch
  • Celestial Season Daisy's Lunch
    "I've got the urge and soul to go I've got the green for my juice-ride spent time in sad machines I've got my kicks on Orleans time the clock went dead at zero-zero the crowd went dead at dawn running"
  • Marilyn Manson Lunch box
    "Next motherfucker's gonna get my metal On we plow The big bully try to stick his finger in my chest Try to tell me, tell me he's the best But I don't really give a good goddamn cause I got my lunchbox"
  • Eminem Lunch Truck
    "Okay folks, enough with the gay jokes, Especially from a gay broke bitch yourself, Hey Lo, Here's how i do do he worked here longer than me, And I get paid more than you do, Dawg take a seat, what's this"
  • Irene Cara Hot lunch jam
    "Shady Sadie, serving lady Don't pay her no mind, no She'll take every dime She's got a one-a-day lunch Good for all the bunch, yeah Hot lunch, yeah Macaroni and baloney Tuna fish, our favorite dish Hot"
  • Einsturzende Neubauten Birth Lunch Death
    "Gab es nicht ein "Amuse Gueule" noch vor der berhmten Ursuppe? War da nicht ein "Palate-Cleanser" - irgendwann zwischendurch? Vereister Optimismousse flambiert mit einem Schwert? Und wo bleibt am Ende"
  • Steely Dan Lunch With Gina
    "That must be her again She's leaning on my bell That cold psychotic ring The one I know so well So I'm nailed to the floor in the no-option zone There's about zero chance she'll give up and go home This"
  • Peter And The Test Tube Babies Let's Do Lunch
    "Buy, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, sell. Buy, sell, buy, buy, FTSE's gone up. Let's pop some corks, and fax New York. Let's do lunch .. Talk, talk, talk, talk, eat, eat, eat, eat. Snort, snort,"
  • Motorhead Out To Lunch
    "When you got it, you know you got it When it's gone, you know you lost it Nobody ever switched your switch Nobody ever scratches your itch Out of time, serves you right Where you gonna sleep tonight Out"
  • Dead Boys I Need Lunch
    "I-I don't need your company Girls like you all come for free I-I don't really wanna dance Girl, I just wanna get in your pants I-I don't wantcha to hang around Girl I don't need ya to drag me down Well"
  • Pungent Stench A Small Lunch
    "hello grandma, how do you like it? lying in the tub, thorough disemboweled can you remember, you always compelled me to eat and if I wasn't hungry, you gave me the stick now I am hungry, but please don't"
  • Avril Lavigne Lossing my lunch
    "Are you aware of how you make me feel?, poser did you know you don't write your own songs like your some idiot! didnt you see me flip you off? why'd you turn away? heres what I have to say your such a"
  • Sunshine Anderson Lunch Or Dinner
    "I can tell that you're used to dealing with Chicken heads who have no kind of class They're unable to keep your mind intrigued From moving too fast What need is someone who can provide You a challenge"

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