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rot rot o cinty rosse

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rot rot o cinty rosse

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rot rot o cinty rosse
  • Dry Kill Logic Rot
    "Everything I need is not really what I want. Everything I need is not really what I want. Everything I need is not really what I want. Everything I need is not really what I want. Everything I need"
  • Tele Rot
    "Ich sehe jeden Morgen im Spiegel im Bad. Die Punkte auf meiner Haut und die Augen sind rot. Die Schuhe der Frauen und die Stoppschilder drauen. Die Lichter der Autos tausendmal rot. Ich schaue auf die"
  • Sabrina Setlur Rot
    "dies hier ist die wahrheit ich wei schn das ist sie nicht doch wenn ich zulass dass schmerz da bleibt wo er deinetwegen ist ersticke ich - drum sag ich ich seh rot ich seh rot und allein in meiner not wnscht"
  • Twisted Method Rot
    "I got this locked inside my wicked head You f**k with me you just might end up dead There's something beautiful and crazy inside yourself But you still run and hide What's inside of my mind F**kin with"
  • Absurd Die Rote Rune
    "Die Nordmnner fallen ein in feindliches Land Und schlagen die Bauern tot Sie rauben auch ein Mgdelein Und sie hat mit dem Anfhrer ihre Not Da kehren die Bauern des nachts zurck Fallen ber die Feinde her Und"
  • Subway To Sally So Rot
    "Stand sie da im roten Kleid, Augen so weit im roten Kleid - so stand sie da. Sah mich an Wangen so rot das Feuer loht, die Wangen rot - sah sie mich an. Da hab ich sie berhrt, hab ihre Angst gesprt, zuviel"
  • GWAR Beauteous Rot
    "Beauty is Rot! Legions of sex slaves have flocked in my calls You are the most grotesque of them all Warts and protrusions the beg for the grave Ironic, bubonic, pimpled and shaved The live to gobble"
  • Stephen Malkmus Pencil Rot
    "There's a villain in my head And he's giving me shocks Save me from me, save me from me His name is leather mcwhip And he needs to be stopped Fly above me, fly above my roam Fly above me, fly above me Well"
  • Dramarama Classic Rot
    "What are they doing here? Something so familiar to my ears Well they move like ancient science fiction on the vacuum screen And they sing of love and loneliness and different shades of green Drownin"
  • Blood Holy Rot
    "everyday you read the news everyday you watch the tv religious fanatics call themselfs soldiers of god and fell in war with also stupid idiots shooting and bombing in the streets tongues of the feast"
  • Penance Soul Rot
    "(Music: Lawrence) (Lyrics: Lawrence) I can't right my course Could it be any worse? Don't want to be, A slave to monotony A life without a dream is living a wasted life No dream, no hope, no time,"
  • Retard-O-Bot Chief Smoke 'Em Rot
    "me Cheif Smoke 'Em Rot live on reservation me buy big sixty dry them on the navajo food dehydrater then we shred em up then we stuff them in a pesa pipe then they smoke em rot Cheif Smoke 'Em Rot smoke"
  • Wednesday 13 Rot For Me
    "You and me were once a fairy tale in love No happily ever after, just a horrorble disaster You tried to drag me down, so I put you in the ground You brought it on yourself and now this coffin fits you"
  • Cliteater Destined To Rot
    "Inferiors, minions, beware Of this depressive message proclaimed Nothing but festering, stools, we are Destined to rot We're destined to rot Prescient dogma, no one can escape from We're destined to"
  • Betty Curse Rot In Heaven
    "You came home alone last night and made love to your hands You fantasised about Jesus Christ and Moses in the bath, You put a crucifix inside yourself just like Linda Blair, You look for answers to your"
  • Insania Slowly we rot
    "They say well be the falling ones the future knows no doubt it seems that nobody cares what we do A million times I dreamed of it to kick em in their teeth beware of me the next one could be you I need"
  • Sophia Big City Rot
    "I just realised I can't afford to live in this city But who cares, no one ever smiles and the weather's shitty Well why don't I leave you say But where would I go At least with Hope in my life I feel like"
  • NoRMAhl Schwarz Rot Gold
    "SCHWARZ-ROT-GOLD Unser Staat den fast jeder mag Kotzt mich an Tag fr Tag, Politiker die nur reden Und von uns auch noch leben Tglich in unserm Bundestag schlafen, Whrend uns die Bullen den Schdel"
  • Nekromantix Rot In Hell!
    "Don't you fucking hate, waiting forever, just to have your fries served cold? (That sucks!) Or being on the phone forced to listen to crap music, when they put you on damn hold, (Piece of shit!) Mother-fuckers, Cock-suckers, Hell's"
  • Thanatos Thou Shalt Rot
    "She drank the seed of thirteen devils Cast out from hell, banned from heaven Mother of all whores, mother of sin She carries the spawn of Evil within In the flames of horror - she spills her blood Giving"

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