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rotting christ

  • Rotting Minds - Lucifer
    "rotting minds of the weak,continued to spread their disease i've done my masters bidding,summon lucifer from the east ending their plight,taking there life,taking their lives ending their lie's,rape and"
  • Rotting In Hell - Thy Infernal
    "A time of war ' a fight for hell Screams of the fallen abound Swords clash and bodies flail As bones are crushed with our steel Battle axes, impaling spears In a whirlwind of impending doom A mortal wound,"
  • Rotting - American Steel
    "well we've been fucking hibernating, all these years, just stagnant, waiting I watched you sleeping, wondering are you dreaming like me? we can be safe from reality if we haint it while it sleeps We can"
  • Rotting - Green Day
    "I'm rotting inside My flesh turns to dust Whisper, are you dying? in my ear I'm so sick to death Tumors in my head Whisper, are you dying? in my ear Black rose of death In my fist I clutch Thorns shred"
  • Serenades Of Rotting Flesh - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Inside fire, forever and ever Let me guide your weak soul into the very pits of hell His crown I desire, a crown of thorns and rotten flesh He deserves it more than he knows, the self-righteous fool is"
  • Christ - Ashbury Heights
    "Devilgod - Paralyzed By unreasonable fear high On expectations, drunk on Perrir Devilgod - Analyzed by the best And the beast a sovereign of Madmen, at the very least Make my day, my world my Silverchair Make"
  • Rotting Ways - Obituary
    "Terror fills my mind Cannot prevent what's mine (revenge was mine) Silence life thats... Fearing the souls of fate Death decides rotting ways Rotting ways Fear of death the signs from below Rotting ways The"
  • Rotting Hill - Vomitory
    "Music: T Gustafsson Lyrics: Dalegren Disposal of the sick Execution of the wicked A soil filled with centuries of remains Absurd ways of death Die, die by the sword Die, die by the rope This hearse"
  • Rotting Garden - Grendel
    "Cot deaths emerging Accidents and catastrophes Houses are burning Those loaded guns These playful hands Their wrists are bleeding Onto kitchen floors So bring forth all your dying daughters So bring forth"
  • Rotting Misery - Paradise Lost
    "Unleashed upon man Their poisoning brains An empty grasp - a threat to all those sane. The daggers poised For shallow minds Unheard laughs... Disrupting all mankind This rotting misery The beggars are"
  • Rotting Head - Cannibal Corpse
    "A quivering pile of useless flesh, locked in a padded cell Hidden of the prying eyes' curiosity experimental surgery made him what he is today His head is rotting but his body lives on as a worthless vegetable Unknown"
  • Rotting Root - Dir En Grey
    "FATE Into the night Honey open up your mouth FATE Into the night Honey spread your wings Into the night Fuckin' tricky men Mother I may be tainted but I can't forgive them ever... I'll rip away"
  • Ripe Or Rotting? - H2O
    "The clock is ticking but I'm rotting Tell me are you rotting? If you're going to change just do it now Are you ripe or rotting? Only you can keep you down Are you ripe or rotting? If you're going to change"
  • Nice Rotting Eyes - Avulsed
    "a fascination - for human eyes of any colour - from any race a chest of drawers - full of dried eyes that he collected - from his girlfriends normally a girl - lasted for a week just time enough - to"
  • Rotting Pi?ata - Sponge
    "get on the rodeo that is your life beat on me spill my insides out on the ground cut on me i will go when i say die i will rot away like a rotting piata see my soul it cuts a hole in the sky standing"
  • Rotting Misery (Remix) - Paradise Lost
    "Unleashed upon man Their poisoning breains An empty grasp - A threat to all those sane The daggers poised For shallow minds Unheard laughs... Disrupting all mankind This rotting misery The beggars are"
  • Morallity of a dark age - Rotting Christ
    "Fade to cold, beyond false arch Colourfull pictures taken of a dead mind Lifeless boatman in the shore of lake The tide will bring you The fullmoon removed now A mute riot with a horrific smell Extencive"
  • Rotting in vain - Korn
    "I wouldn't be angry if you just fuck*cried Your tears would arouse me, refreshing my supply The suffering is fading, I scream into the sky Revulsion invades me, I say goodbye Deep inside of me Getting"
  • Rotting Vampire Eyeballs - Tsunami Bomb
    "Come to see you at the mortuary, you came around looking oh so scary It was very very late at night, and you gave me such a fright We held hands to your lair, then you gave me that monster stare Being"
  • Under The Name Of Legion - Rotting Christ
    "Under The Name Of Legion I saw the full face of the menstrual hecate Four and forty virgins make the form of the gate It is the key inside me, it is the glyph of the vision To have a god within, under"

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