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round that boys

  • Boys - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Fresh out of school the young girl lose the sound She's gonna go where the young bands hang around And it's still to right with a voice inside She's screaming, dreaming And"
  • Ramblin' 'Round - Arlo Guthrie
    "by Woody Guthrie Ramblin' around your city Ramblin' around your town I never see a friend I know As I go ramblin' 'round boys As I go ramblin' 'round My mother hoped that I might be A man of some renown But"
  • Ramblin' Round - Woody Guthrie
    "Ramblin' around your city Ramblin' around your town I never see a friend I know As I go ramblin' around, boys As I go ramblin' around My sweetheart and my parents I left in my old home town I'm out to"
  • Round up - Blu Cantrell
    "Woooh Yee-Haw! What the hell is a yee-haw? (Well...) That's that country shit Yeah, May, Blu, crazy cat (wheww) yeah Bob Marley (whewww), hey Mill That's that country shit.. Round up, round up, yeah"
  • Round Kid - Buck-O-Nine
    "two lovers are having their fight again they're tired of saying good-bye standing on the beachside listening to the feet of the passers on the sidewalk there don't make me part of your life again"
  • Anotha Round - Tha Liks
    "Yeah, it's the return of three drunk mothafuckas Huh, yeah, it's Tha Liks We gots Stan the guitar man in the house Mothaclucka, uh, uh I'm sick like a sore throat swallow, drunk act to follow I'll make"
  • Say Round - Lil Boosie
    "(Hook:) Say round, let me hit ya right back Hot right now the feds got my phone tap Can ya hear me now? Can ya hear me now? Can ya hear me now? Can ya hear me now? (x2) (Big Head:) Due to the situation"
  • Round & Round & Round - Gary's Gang
    "And as the circus came to town, I'd sit and watch the clown spinning round and round in circles And as a circle never ends, neither does my love for you, can't you make my dream come true, cause it"
  • Round & Round & Round... - The Cure
    "round and round and round and round and round we go trying so hard to get a hold of everyone here we've got to show how much we love them all we squeak with idiot fake surprise flap our hands and flutter"
  • Round - Abba
    "Abba Miscellaneous Round ======================= Abba - Merry-Go-Round ======================= Lead vocal: Bjorn I have tried in vain never had success So it seems my life is nothing but a mess I have"
  • Round & Round - Bonnie Raitt
    "There's a brand new dance That just hit this town Makes you feel so good This dance they call the round and round Round and round, up and down Round and round, up and down You know the kids got"
  • Round & Round - Bodyrockers
    "You're cool, so fine Your smile, divine Your touch, so real I can't explain the way I feel Your lips, those eyes You got me running Around and Round and round we go There ain't nobody like you in the"
  • Round & Round - Perry Como
    "Find a wheel and it goes round, round, round, As it skims along with a happy sound, As it goes along the ground, ground, ground Till it leads you to the one you love. Then your love will hold you round,"
  • Round & Round - Big Sugar
    "(G. Johnson, C. Johnson) Where did the time go I swear that I don't know Turn and look behind What you think you're gonna find? Be careful what you say You said you were mine today Scatter your seeds"
  • Round & Round - US5
    "Jay: She likes to party From night till dawn No doubt about it Shes got what you want Shell chew you up or Youd better watch out So give up, better stop Shell drive you from the top Richie: That Girl"
  • Round Round - Sugarbabys
    "Round round baby, round round, spend the night on me I don't need no man, got my kicks for free I realise the vibe gonna be down low I don't need nobody got my honeys when i go Round round baby, round"
  • Round Round - Far East Movement
    "We go round, round, round, round Everywhere that I go, people know me by the way I flow I keep it moving in the right direction And everyday you know that's how I'm living It's alright Round round, get"
  • Round & Round - Hi-Tek
    "Yeah-huh, yeah-huh, yeahhhhh, yeahhhh, ohhhhhhh I try and I try to stop the forces that go round in my head and I thought you were the one to understand You turned my darkness towards the light But once"
  • Round Round - Sugababes
    "Round, round baby Round, round Spinning out on me I don't need no man Got my kicks for free We'll ride still fired on the beat down low I don't need nobody but my honeys When I go round, baby round round Spinning"
  • Round round - Sugar Babes
    "Round, round baby round, roundspinnin' out on meI don't need no manGot my kicks for freewe'll ride still fired on the beat down lowI don't need nobody got my honeysWhen I go round, baby round roundspinnin"

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