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  • Vice Versa - Pastor Troy
    "(feat. Peter The Disciple) Yeah (yeah) This song is called Goddamn, Vica Versa (I'm doin' my best to save my people) It's like, (The people & I will rely in God) Picture everything that you thought"
  • Vice Versa - Samson
    "She was a real two timer, She knew I'd never leave, She thought that she could make it, I could never believe, She looked so healthy, And she looked so clean, But when she got to bite you, Was she mean. Vice"
  • Vice/Versa - Fair To Midland
    "Mountains of molehills, a grapevine in my ear, Spots on the tiger while the townspeople gather to hear, While the nest in my hands starve forever, Sticklers for cheap fun, You oughta be ashamed to trade"
  • Vice versa - Pono
    "Ref.: x2 Pomyśl (pomyśl) czy to ci się opłaca Wszystko to co robisz do ciebie wraca Uważaj (uważaj) na jaki grunt wkraczasz Niektórych błędów sam sobie nie wybaczasz Już wiesz co to są błędy Co to zakręty"
  • Vice Et Versa - Les Inconnus
    "L'hemorragie de tes desirs s'est eclipse sous l'azur bleu derisoire du temps qui se passe, contre duquel on ne peut rien. Etre ou ne pas etre, telle est la question sinusodale de l'anachorete hypocondriaque. R"
  • Vice/Versa (Demo) - Fair To Midland
    "breathing fire like impermeable cold untrodden ways to make that hair on the back of your neck singe three times daily. but the fork in the road each with a one way sign to send sending opinions often the"
  • Et Vice Et Versa - Les Inconnus
    "L'hmorragie de tes dsirsC'est clipser sous l'azur bleu drisoireDu temps qui se pa-a-sseContre duquel on ne peut rienEtre ou ne pas treTelle est la questionDe l'anachorteHypocondriaqueMais tu dis Que le"
  • Vice/Versa (Inter.Funda.Stifle Version) - Fair To Midland
    "mountains of molehills a grapevine in my ear spots on the tiger while the townspeople gather to hear while the nests in my hands starve for rest sticklers for cheap fun you oughta be ashamed to trade in"
  • Vice - Razorlight
    "Wild is the wind that strips away our sins Yours is the night, but you don't know where to begin But I heard you say You've got a feeling that it's just around the bend I heard you say Sometimes you fall"
  • Lethal Vice - Avalanch
    "It's your way, your own decision, walk alone In your eyes the cruel vision of your inner feelings There's no time, there's no future, there's no hope Feel the fire burning Breaking your illusions Running"
  • Miami Vice - Blacha 2115
    "Livin’ in Miami Vice city, w każdym mieście mam hajs bibi, rozjebać nie ma jak bibi jeszcze raz"
  • Miami Vice - Szesnasty
    "Potrzebuje cię jak Żartuje, nic nie potrzebuje Mam piach pod stopami ocean przed nami Coś jak Wojciech Cejrowski koszulę Wyciągnij wnioski zamukle Nie wchodzi w grę to w świecie mupetów Jestem jak Kermit I"
  • Vice grips - Godsmack
    "Where can I go? What can I do? To keep this lie And wait for you Just like in the movies when the hero dies Maybe you can rewind it and change their lies You've got me in a vice grips squeezin' my soul"
  • Mars Vice - Soprano
    "Nos vies ont l'architecture d'une synagoge en pleine palestine une grand estime pour ceux qu'ont la cote sans se travestire Qu'ont la corde a la gorge qu'ont l'accord des hall pour fair du gore qu'ont"
  • Vice Jesus - Twilightning
    "See them lurking with canes in their hands Sneaking over your shoulder, surveillance expands Index fingers that wave in the air Are enticing the middle ones to rise Follow the prophet and the guide The"
  • Sin & Vice - His Hero Is Gone
    "With halos proudly displayed our inner selves wear a Guilty face misplaced hedonic thoughts destroyed Hollow lies conceal our sins "no pleasure: only strife" Embrace our sin & vice inner dwellings hemorrhage With"
  • Virtue & vice - Black Crowes
    "Think of me i'll think of you we better think this whole thing through sometimes i'm so clumsy you talk to me i'll talk to you you cut the fat and we'll both chew you know we're both hungry i feel so alive"
  • Your Vice - Clan Of Xymox
    "Faith, in your hands, lost it's meaning, to my surprise Expectations turned out wry, it makes me doubt about The whole situation I trust today, you have found the road to hell a little longer You show"
  • Soulitary Vice - Moonspell
    "I will manipulate you Until it becomes a vice I will dispose of you Until it becomes a vice Let me exxagerate you Distort you from inside out love you by different rules fuck you up to your soul"
  • Vice City - Hodak/2K
    "dziś się czuje spokojny jak Pacyfik przemierzam miasto furą, jak w Vice City ona ochotę ma dziś na ostrygi ma pienne ciuchy na sobie i kolczyki widziałem tyle, ze już nic mnie nie zdziwi zrobimy barchu"

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