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ruben blades

  • Blades - The Go-Go's
    "I'm feeling artistic I'm drawing lines My body is my canvas I'm making marks in time Feel the coldness Feel nothing inside Caress the smoothness and watch it slide Uh-oh, here I go Playing with blades Again"
  • Blades - Naglfar
    "Your final moon sets this night you shall die Your pathetic merciful god, where is he now? He didn't listen to your cry We will come to you like thieves in the night To extinct, to erase you Filled with"
  • Blades - Kid Gorgeous
    "their ears are the epitaph to this digital tombstone it's only a matter of time before we know everyone and have seen everything we all carry weapons of deception blades of treason one in our hands one"
  • Blades - PIG
    "You hold my head, I cannot hurt You touch my heart, I cannot bleed You touch my eyes and I can see Caress my skin my sickness sleeps My dreams are golden My dreams are golden She said, "The leper sleeps"
  • Blades - House Gang Animalz
    "Once again I gotta take a nigga head off for not believing So be it... yo... Intro to outro, bout it, fo' sho Prime time, with the pros, hoes out of control Fine wine with the 'dro, I don't powder my"
  • Blades - Natural Dread Killaz
    "Mijają tygodnie, mijają miesiące i lataZ każdym dniem jakaś kultura upadaZe starożytnych świątyń zostały tylko popiołyNa ich miejscach stoją teraz wzniosłe kościołySystem buduje szkoły, ludzie harują jak"
  • No Ruben - Ruben Studdard
    "Yeah man These folks think just cause I won some American Idol show Everything ain't the same Man you know they see me on t.v. or up in the crib every week And you think everything is all good I mean,"
  • Ruben Remus - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Ruben Remus (there's a little riff at the begining and that goes in between the the g chord during the first part of the verse. it's all on the low e string - e -0-1-2h3. listen"
  • Ruben Remus - Bob Dylan
    "Wrote a letter this mornin', Put it in your hat, 'Cause no one to read it And I know you knew that. I bought a joke, a trick or two, Just to bring and show you, Caught ya with the trickster too. Sometimes"
  • Caesia & Ruben - Czesław Niemen
    "Żył sobie chłopczyk,wierny dziewczynce,i z tą wiernością,radość w skrzynce.Jak każdy wie,to miłość płonie,a drewniana skrzynka nie sprawdziła się.Na przód ten marsz,tak się bronią,i dawno sprawdzona dłoń"
  • Caesia & Ruben - Tesco Value
    "Żył sobie chłopczyk,wierny dziewczynce,i z tą wiernością,radość w skrzynce.Jak każdy wie,to miłość płonie,a drewniana skrzynka nie sprawdziła się.Na przód ten marsz,tak się bronią,i dawno sprawdzona dłoń"
  • Pedro Navaja - Ruben Blades
    "PEDRO NAVAJA (RUBN BLADES) Por la esquina del viejo barrio lo vi pasar, con el tumbao que tienen los guapos al caminar, las manos siempre en los bolsillos de su gabn pa que no sepan en cul de ellas lleva"
  • Wiper Blades - Bob And Tom
    "o winters here with all the ice n snow n the surly slush upon the road the salty spray upon muh window makes me wish i replace my wiper blades (chorus) muh wiper wiper wiper blades muh wiper wiper wiper"
  • Choppin' Blades - UGK
    "(verse 1) say nigga whatup nigga how u doin with yo nigga we be ridin' we be rollin' we be f**kin bitches every mornin' nigga dont mess with us UGK bitch thats us f**k around and die thats the truth i"
  • Needles & Blades - Koffin Kats
    "well i was drivin' late at night in the backwoods upstate slammin' down a beer as the radio played the next thing i knew the ol' truck had gone dead i heard a roar of thunder, a light up ahead and there"
  • Razor Blades - Dead Saints
    ""Razors spinning round and round, cutting into the ground, uncontrollably, what has happend to me? Circling over head, I will soon be dead, This is all I heard, People screaming in my ear, I felt a bloody"
  • Razor Blades - Tapping The Vein
    "I am sad today I wanna play with my razor blades I am drowned, I'm sinking And the truth is my choke, is my gain But I, I could run away I can feel it I can feel the day I, I could run away I can feel"
  • Bullets & Blades - Wargasm
    "Footsteps behind you a killer at large murder for sale on the streets With weapon in hand the manhunt begins no rest til the job is complete No right and no wrong only dead or alive a target a prize to"
  • Razor Blades - Muse
    "You're so lonely, and always love you Stop your screaming, no-one can hear All the scars on your skin host no thrills Hide from the new The cracks and the memories Hide from your family They wont know"
  • Rip Van Ruben - XTC
    "Rip van ruben You've been asleep for a hundred seconds Now the whole world has changed There's no home on the range For rip van ruben You've been asleep for a hundred minutes Now you've woke and she's"

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