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ruby feat dorian
  • Agnes Obel Dorian
    "They won't know who we are So we both can pretend It's written on the mountains A line that never ends As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor And the pieces broke and the people wanted more And"
  • Bloodflowerz Dorian
    "a wish you had lost since years sticks in your hair like the smell of dead souls in nightmares the child of a stranger died in your dead arms your cold love couldn't keep it safe and warm hearts broke"
  • Kamp! DORIAN
    "And I .. To be just nobody To feel .. To feel … no warry And I .. To be just nobody To pretend itself To pretend… ..."
  • 1950 Follow Me (Feat. Ruby Blu)
    "Hey mambo, Mambo italiano Hey mambo, Mambo italiano Ho, ho, ho, you mixed up Siciliano it's a so delish a ev'rybody come copisha Hey mambo, Mambo italiano Hey mambo, Mambo italiano How to mambo italianoooooo! Follow"
    "widzę miasto obraz zna mnie dobrze tu garstka czasem jak u POLLOCKA ten obraz to abstrakcja ja naoczny świadek zdarzeń a jak sędzia ważę bo powtórki nie zobaczę, niczym sędzia w VARze ona ma futro z norek a"
  • Abraxas Dorian Gray
    "Pod płaszczem dnia umykasz jak szpieg. Zatrute wino sączy twą krew. I szukasz, szukasz zła. Przeklęty jak swój cień A twoje imię Dorian Gray Alchemia boskich praw, Czcigodne słowa ukołyszą Nigdy nie mówisz"
  • Luna Amara Gri Dorian
    "Cat de mult imi doresc doar o clipa cu mine Ascuns de nelinisti - si departe de tine O noapte in nori ma arunca in noroi E ura si greata si furia ce ma trag inapoi Refren: Si doare, si doare si doare Sa"
  • Sweet Dorian Gray
    "Why all those younger guys Falling for you in the looks disguise Making you feel like you're thirty Just being dirty You think i care Who was that millionaire Showing you his piles of golden hair He was"
  • Kaiser Chiefs Ruby
    "''What I've done, what I've done. Da da daa, da da daa.'' Let's it never be said the romance is dead. 'Cause there's so little else occupying my head. There is nothing I need except the function to breathe. But"
  • Neil Diamond Ruby
    "They say, Ruby you're like a dream Not always what you seem And though my heart May break when I awake Let it be so, I only know Ruby, it's you They say, Ruby you're like a song You don't know right from"
  • Ray Charles Ruby
    "They say, Ruby you're like a dream Not always what you seem And though my heart may break when I awake Let it be so, I only know Ruby, it's you They say, Ruby you're like a song You just don't know right"
  • Kenny Rogers Ruby
    "Ruby, are you contemplating going out some where? The shadow on the wall tells me, the sun is going down Oh, Ruby, don't take your love to town It wasn't me who started that old crazy Asian war, But I"
  • Wolfsheim Ruby
    "you painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair ruby are you contemplating going out somewhere the shadow on the wall tells me the sun ist going down oh ruby, don't take your love"
  • ATB Ruby
    "Ruby waits a while before she stays Never looking back 'till he's miles away Keeps her reputation like a stone She's not really tired She's just overgrown She says hey I could be wrong but at least I'm"
  • Eddy Ruby
    "She danced in the dirty streets Satin shoes tied to her feet People 'round here said she was a sight Every night when the sun went down She'd curtsey and take a bow To the man in the moon and the dim street"
  • Kristin Hersh Ruby
    "Everybody was so pretty there And up and jumping around And easy it's easy to sleep With idiots and prophets Leaves me wondering Ruby or iridescent cough drop? This baby's like a winter bird, raunchy"
  • Tweaker Ruby
    ""it isn't always i am well for sometimes i am ailing and yet in steaming night i smile to downplay this my failing and make a noise to bury all of your weeping and your wailing and then in bed by little"
  • The Apples In Stereo Ruby
    "Ruby oh baby don't you know girl, your silence hurts me so are you listening Ruby oh baby can't you see it's the source of misery are you listening Troubles they seem to follow me as far as I can see, it"
  • Sheila Nicholls Ruby
    "Ruby's smiling not because she's happy, but cause she's planning her escape, Ruby's smiling to make sure you feel comfortable inside you smiling world, behind your smiling tape Ruby take us to the Promised"
  • Jonny Hill Ruby
    "Jeder hat mal Kummer mit der Liebe tut es doch so weh wenn sie dann stirbt. Ich hab' sie noch niemals aufgegeben meine Liebe lebt. Es blieben mir auch Narben auf der Seele. Ich hab' oft geglaubt der Himmel"

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