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rudimental waiting all feat

  • Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre) - Rudimental
    "I’ve been waiting all night for you to tell me that you need me Tell me that you want me I’ve been waiting all night for you to, Oh, oh, tell me what you want yeah I’ve been waiting all night for you to"
  • Bloodstream (ft. Rudimental­) - Ed Sheeran
    "Knock, knock, knock, knock I?ve been spinning out for time Couple women by my side I got sin on my mind Sipping on red wine I?ve been sitting here for ages Ripping out the pages How to get so faded How"
  • Healing (feat. Joseph Angel) - Rudimental
    "All I need from you is all your love And I know exactly what you want babe I'ma give you this healing healing healing all night ;) I've been riding with you all night long And we gonna lay upon the throne"
  • Powerless (Feat. Becky Hill) - Rudimental
    "Bury my ghost Start my glory days Infiltrate my heart And take the pain away Took me time To see through your eyes Oh I’m not scared My words aren’t lies Powerless love, your love Powerless love, your"
  • Right Here (feat. Foxes) - Rudimental
    "In your mind then you realize you’re on your own I know the feelings inside you start to grow Please tell me that it’s alright, alright, alright I wanna know Please tell me that it’s alright, alright,"
  • We The Generation (feat. Mahalia) - Rudimental
    "Lately I've been out of love Seems like I'm not good enough Maybe life's just really dark Like a diamond in the rough I can see more clearly now I need you to trust me now I want you to hear me out, All"
  • Walk Alone (feat. Tom Walker) - Rudimental
    "Showed up at the right time In a broke down limousine All you had was red lights I went and turned them all to green I found you in the landslide And pulled you out again the hardest conversations are"
  • Straight From The Heart (feat. Nørskov) - Rudimental
    "Straight From The Heart Straight From The Heart Straight From The Heart Gimme your heart Gimme your mind Gimme your love I want it all Gimme your paon I’ll give you patience Every day Whatever it takes I’ll"
  • Hell Could Freeze (feat. Angel Haze) - Rudimental
    "Hell could freeze over now You’re you’re our peace, hear me shout Hell could freeze (Hell could freeze) over now (over now) You’re you’re our peace, hear me shout Uh I wrote this to tell you how much"
  • I Will For Love (feat. Will Heard) - Rudimental
    "I will for love, Even if our world is done and the sky is falling down It won't even matter to us No, it won't even matter to us, no We could risk it all We'll fight until we fall We could risk it all I"
  • Scared Of Love (feat. Ray BLK & Stefflon Don) - Rudimental
    "I can see you in your eyes you locking up your mind you wanna turn around and run I wanna say this every time when I am wavey for the wind but I always bite my tongue I know you been through some shit what’s"
  • Patiently Waiting - 50 Cent
    "(feat. Eminem) [50 Cent talking] Ay Em you know my favorite white boy right... I.. I owe you for this one I've been patiently waiting For a track to explode on (yea) You can stun if you want And yo"
  • Waiting - Kevin Gilbert
    "I'm waiting for the apple, I'm waiting for the fall I'm waiting for a renaissance to electrify us all I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me news of friends I'm waiting through the middle just to see"
  • Waiting - Shiny Toy Guns
    "It's not what you think If you're thinking I'm a liar Like falling from grace-- I could do that. And I'll be waiting all day And I'll be waiting all day Summer grey... It's only And I'll be waiting all"
  • Waiting - Ringo Starr
  • Waiting - Soulidium
    "Some people hope an pray While others throw away their dreams for ordinary Betraying all they once held holy Secret desires How do we find the path to climb the ladder rising To the clouds we stare and"
  • Waiting - Sugarbomb
    "Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring And I hope it will be you Hope it will be you Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting"
  • Waiting - James Young
    "Waiting For my life to begin Can't you see the shape I'm in? Is it ever gonna start So that I can play my part? Can't hold on another day Will I always be just waiting? Anyway I cannot lose It's up to"
  • Waiting - Aerial
    "waiting for the one. all your life been waiting, but will it ever come? time, it only speaks to your in questions, never answers. cry yourself to sleep. in the waking hours of hopelessness, you pray for"
  • Waiting - Kyle Riabko
    "Days are passing so slowly Hours turning into weeks And I am feeling so lonely I guess I'll have to wait and see With time on my shoulders I'm closer to the ground But though I'm growing older I'm glad"

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