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run away turn away

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run away turn away

  • Run Away - Chicago
    "(Written by: James Pankow) Run away Leave all your worries behind you Run away Run for your life never turn back Run away Run from the wrong that surrounds you Run away Run like a fool and you just might"
  • Run Away - Halo Friendlies
    "you never notice me but you've got a lot to see i know just the thing you want or need a love that lasts beyond the years i won't let you down i won't leave you alone at night or alone by day 'cause i"
  • Can't Turn Away - Plain White T's
    "I can't run, can't turn away now It's all the same, nothing ever changes the long days, the ten cent raises A few bucks in my pocket's gotta go a long way 22, got my whole life ahead of me but still,"
  • Away Away - Northern State
    "Away Away i took it one at a time you pushed me over the line and now i'll leave with what's mine i'll see you on the way out. things that you said to me things that i couldn't see you took my kisses"
  • Run Away Together - Anouk
    "Don't you ever try to leave me! I wouldn't know what to do And I know this life ain't easy But we will make it through Stop for a minute, baby I will go anywhere Take all the time you need As long as"
  • Don't Run Away - Amy Grant
    "(Gary Chapman & Amy Grant) Tell me, does your head keep turnin' From the feelings churnin' deep inside of you Tell me, when your mind is racin' Are the things you're chasin' worth your while Well, tell"
  • Turn Away - Down By Law
    "turn away just don't let her turn away other way just don't look the other way and if you'd seen her face if you'd seen her just a smile that was withering away I wanna look but it's gonna be too"
  • Turn Away - James Taylor
    "I open my arms to hold you, you turn away you turn away. I feel it just like I told you, how can you turn away? The things that we said last Saturday night, you turn away you turn away, now you want to"
  • Turn Away - Maria McKee
    "Tell me words, said too much again You think I would learn by now And when I heard you, it just tears me all to bits You think I would learn by now All my labor is in vain But I'll beg just the same If"
  • Turn Away - Sparkle
    "Background Vocals: Cynthia Jernigan They say that love is wonderful They say that love is marvelous Then tell me why did you turn away, boy 1 - Turn away from my love Turn away, boy Turn away from my"
  • Turn Away - Shaaman
    "You touched yourself with fire Touching someone else Your well is dry, you cry out In search of more success You left your thoughts in darkness And one day they'll return Some other kind of lesson would"
  • Turn Away - Mickey Rooney
    "I get down only on certain days From the littlest things they do I don't know whether I've Done something wrong Or said something wrong I try and act the same day by day But I think my actions are What's"
  • Turn Away - Buddahead
    "If I was older I wouldn't stand there and let you waste it. Now that it's over I should've tried harder but couldn't face it. I've let go of bygones but still you throw them all back in my face. I need"
  • Turn Away - Rooney
    "Well, I get down only on certain days From the littlest things they do Well, I don't know whether I've done something wrong Or said something wrong Well, I try and act the same day by day But"
  • Turn Away - Alexzya Passion
    "Alexzya Passion Revolution Turn Away I don't know why you're not talkin' to me. I don't know what went wrong. Two people who had so much together Really ought to get along Yeah Something started"
  • Turn Away - Noctiferia
    "I turn away I am the project which lives subjectively and before there was nothing else here an object cannot become somebody if it never were something everything that counts is a will for might and all"
  • Turn Away - The Carpenters
    "I guess you what it's all about All the answers seem so clear to you You know just exactly what do you want to do And never allow a feeling of doubt I guess you see where your road can lead And all the"
  • Turn Away - New Model Army
    "The candle flickers and the shadows move distorted on the wall There's a wire slowly stretching And now you ask him all the questions, the same ones as before But you know that he is lying And with your"
  • Run away - Yana Kay
    "You better run away, run away. You better run away, run away. You better run away, run away. You better run away, run away. You know and I know the rules of this cruel game. Nothing we can do if"
  • Turn Away - Floorpunch
    "You won't look us in the eyes You turn the other way You had your chance to speak Now listen to what we say You say our will is weak And we'll be pushed around Not this fucking time, you'll never"

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