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run free

  • Free To Run - Gomez
    "I'm free to run, I walk slowly along Like everyone, walking slowly along I walk slowly along I been walking far too long Dragged my feet like everyone Always wanted to run away But walked slowly"
  • Free Me - Free
    "Morning comes And the evening follows Life without you Knows no tomorrow You leave me weary And you leave me tired But you fill my soul With strange desire But I love you babe Yes I love all of you Ah!"
  • Jams Run Free - Sonic Youth
    "Blast id earth Om immersed Gold in cave The blondes come first I love the way you move I hope its not too late For me Its too good On this sea Where the light Is green Where the light Is green Jagged"
  • Run - Helloween
    "You think you're awake, the night was long Don't be afraid, a new day is born Just open your eyes and look around You can't see a thing but still hear their sounds Rememeber if you ask for release Say"
  • Run - Addison Road
    "Stoplights, breakdown, we cry, last try Worlds collide, time to decide Where you want to go in this great big world Where you want to go in this great big world Stuck here too long in this sad song Lost"
  • Run - Foo Fighters
    "Wake up Run for your life with me /2x In another perfect life In another perfect light We run /3x The rats are on parade Another mad charade What you gonna do The hounds are on the chase In everything’s"
  • Run - Emma Bale
    "Run to the water and see no one knows except from me and i know time has come so run to the water baby run Take my hand i'll give you strenght Guide your home trough forgotten lands See the world it set"
  • If Dogs Run Free - Bob Dylan
    "If dogs run free, then why not we Across the swooping plain ? My ears hear a symphony Of two mules, trains and rain The best is always yet to come That's what they explain to me Just do your thing,"
  • Run - Dropbox
    "Well on my way I smell the rain Rumblins of a storm The cowards will run The warchild will fight Theyll bring the world to its knees How will I know Where will we go from here Ill tell you its not what"
  • Run - The Kinks
    "Remember how we used to laugh away those hours We would spend. We thought they'd last forever. Oh, Though I must go, I know the pain I leave, But oh, These things will change, 'Cause nothing last forever."
  • Younge Hearts Run Free - Aaron Carter
    "Aaron Carter Miscellaneous Younge Hearts Run Free Younge Hearts Run Free (Romeo And Juliet) {On lusty gentlemen} Young hearts ? Run free? Never get hung up {Like my man and me} {Hung up} like my man and"
  • Run - Eric Clapton
    "(Lamont Dozier) Love on my mind, I used to be Living it up, fancy free, Then one night it came to an end; I met that girl and the trouble began. Something inside of me keeps on telling me to run. Whatcha"
  • Free - Midge Ure
    "As I walked the buisy emty street With the weight of the world on my shoulder An ancient voice screamed in my head saying run boy run I waited for the inspiration Waited forever, or so it seemed I made"
  • Run - Pat Green
    "Finally free Finally gone Finally breathing again Finally back on my own Well, I'm finally here in an otherwise empty room Where there's no one here to tear me all apart Tonight I'm going out and going"
  • Run - Kiros
    "you can only run for so long before you collapse you can only fight so hard before its relapsed when you fall down who'll pick you off the ground? when you've burned every bridge along the way if i could"
  • Run - Leiahdorus
    "Often I'm listening Not to the words you say But to the love within you Without this peril There's no us Now I see the ties that bind Run I'm tired of pretending This is where I should be I know it's"
  • Run - P.O.D.
    "Living on the streets of nowhere Nobody understands and nobody cares Nobody listens So who can tell my life is just a living hell I'm going back and forth, no one to turn to Slowly losing my mind"
  • Run - Wordsworth
    "(Intro: Wordsworth) How long you plan to run When the road ends, you can't turn back and go the other way That's not a solution, that's only refusin' Now you trapped yourself in more sides in everyway (Chorus:"
  • Free - Paula Cole
    "I keep walking down the same city streets The same city lines, to the same lonely beat People say hello but I don't know what to say I don't know how I feel, I just can't act that way I wanna hide form"
  • Free - VAST
    "It's time to laugh, it's time to cry It's time to be what you need to be It won't be long till they are gone And we can be what we want to be I wanna run from everything Everything that holds me down Nothing"

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