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  • Run, Run, Run - Yoko Ono
    "I was sitting in the field, feeling the grass. Counting the stars as they come out. Feeling (feeling) the breeze, (feeling the breeze) Feeling (feeling) the spring. (feeling the spring) Suddenly i noticed"
  • Run Run Run - Jo Jo Gunne
    "(Chorus) Doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo Run Run Run Run Run Run Doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo Run Run Run Run Run Run You'd better ride on baby, You was born outside of the law Run Run Chorus Oh load up"
  • Run, Run, Run - Tokio Hotel
    "I wonder how your body tastes, Inside of someone elses place, Hide away your eyes, There's nothing left to hear, I'm alone, but i know everything you fear. And you waited on the rain, Their tears my heart"
  • Run, Run, Run - The Who
    "Run, run, run Run, run, run Run, run, run Run, run, run Well baby, better take my advice A black cat crossed your path twice The moon came out next to the 1 Then you opened your umbrella in a room You"
  • Run Run Run - Kalan Porter
    "Do you ever stop to think about lines that run, run, run? And fall past each other on the edge You went and found your distance With your plans, plans, plans Wasted time wasted You make me laugh before"
  • Run Run Run - Roxette
    "Go! Go! She wants you every time that you pass her by. Go! Go! And wishing you could stay with her by her side. Go! Go! You got a piece of her heart, now, you shouldn't refuse. Go! Go! You came out to"
  • Run Run Run - Hunters & Collectors
    "General is a wise man The General is a gun Shake up this scribbly world And run run run He's laughing like a doctor But I bit his crazy mouth Believe this faithful daughter As he squeezed into her house And"
  • Run, Run, Run - The Supremes
    "(Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland, Jr.) Girls, gather 'round me And hear the news He finally kissed me Oh, happy days My heart's gotta shout it I'll get my diary And write about it Well as"
  • Run, run, run - Diana Ross
    "Girls, gather 'round me And hear the news He finally kissed me Oh, happy days My heart's gotta shout it I'll get my diary And write about it Well as your friends We want to say He'll break your heart one"
  • Run Run Run - Bonnie Tyler
    "(Karen Drotar - Bonnie Tyler/Serge Haouzi - John Stage) Watched you when you were walking away I've got so many things I could say I have my mind running wild You'd better run like a child I remember"
  • Run Run Run - Celeste Buckingham
    "All is fair in love and war but all I do is love you more our love is crazy, unhealthy but I can't keep from you baby So you said, why even bother Set this love set me on fire how I wish you'd be"
  • Run, run, run - Supremes
    "Girls, gather 'round me and hear the newsHe finally kissed me, oh, happy daysMy heart's gotta shout itI'll get my diary and write about it(Well, as your friends, we wanna sayHe'll break your heart one"
  • Run, Run, Run - Hughes Turner Project
    "(Hughes/Turner/Marsh) I keep trying to talk to you But I never seem to get no answers All the things you put me through I guess I'll have to take my chances I can't face another day you put me down This"
  • Run - Spiderbait
    "Ooo Ooo, whatta you do? Come-a-running after you Gonna chase you 'till your hair turns blue Up the hill and around the bend Gonna get you in the end Better look out baby when I do Run! Run! Run! Coming"
  • Run - Tin Machine
    "Wish I were a sailor Crossing an azure sea Under leaden skies Under your eyes But I can't see too far With these animal eyes Can't hold my breath Without your voice An' I'm danger-prone I'll be bound I'll"
  • Run - Diamond Head
    "The dogs are howling and the night is black enough to touch So hold up that fire burning flame of love And when the darkness comes like it does for us all You'd better run to my world And we'll never come"
  • Run - Das Moon
    "she tries so hard she is your friend so close to the heart she is she tries so hard she pushes others back she builds a house with no doors but with snares run prey run prey run on the kitchen floor run"
  • Run - Catie Curtis
    "You're not afraid of the water You're not afraid to go in You're not afraid of going under But I don't know how to swim When the time has nearly come I remember I can run, run You see a house across the"
  • Run - John Miles
    "You're on your own, back on the street, Out in the cold you feel the heat. One way ticket to nowhere at your feet. Take what you need, a word to the wise, Only the weak need alibis. Stakes are too high,"
  • Run - Gnarls Barkley
    "Yeah it's still the same Can't you feel the pain? When the needle hits the vein Ain't nothing like the real thing I've seen it once before And oh it's something else Good god Cool breeze come on in Sunshine"

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