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  • I'll Come Running - Murder City Devils
    "Matter of fact, youre on the right track, my future looks black and blue. Didn't take long, to see I was wrong, I still got it strong for you. I'll come runin' yeah, (I'll come runing yeah) if you want"
  • Bold & Reckless - Tina Turner
    "(r. hine, j. obstoj) Producer: rupert hine Album: non-album track B-side of the australian "steamy windows" single From the "the best" uk/europe 12" and cd5 So yo think you've got a hold on me But did"
  • Bold and reckless - Tina Turner
    "So yo think you've got a hold on me But did you ever, or is that your fantasy. I'll miss you when you go, But, no pain won't show I'm free to search and go my way. So bold, so bold and reckless. I"
  • Bold Aand reckless - Tina Turner
    "So yo think you've got a hold on me But did you ever, or is that your fantasy. I'll miss you when you go, But, no pain won't show I'm free to search and go my way. So bold, so bold and reckless. I suppose"
  • After the gold rush - Linda Ronstadt
    "Well I dreamed I saw the knights in armor comingSayin' something about a queenThere were peasants singing and drummers drummingAnd the archer split the treeThere was a fanfare blowing to the sunThere was"
  • One mirror to many - Black Crowes
    "From the moment you seethe moment you breaththe moment I touch youFrom the moment you crawlthe moment you fallthe instant I loved you againFrom the moment of darknessthe moment of lightthe second I kissed"
  • Whisper Touch - Cemetery Of Scream
    "Everything remained for behind me The longing in a middle of rapacious world Your whisper and your touch I will never forget I cannot hear a music Empty'n'dead on the sockle of silence I've left my"
  • Almost Home - Craig Morgan
    "He had plastic bags wrapped round his shoes. He was covered with the evening news. Had a pair of old wool socks on his hands. The bank sign was flashing five below, It was freezing rain an' spittin' snow. He"
  • Hit and run - Unwritten Law
    "Well its a cycle that never ever endswhen the sun sets, the moon rises againand my hands on the door but I'm not sure what i'm searching forI think it might have washed ashoreanother caught in one more"
  • Geek The Girl - Lisa Germano
    "Perfect and dull decorate, perfect and dull Keepin' the cool from coming out, yeah Oh oh, I'm not too cool, oh oh, I'm not too cool Angry and dumb dominate, angry and dumb Keepin' the cool from comin out,"
  • Tangled and dark - Bonnie Raitt
    "Gonna get into it Down where it's tangled and dark Way on into it, Baby Down where your fears are parked. Gonna tell the truth about it, Honey that's the hardest part. When we get through it, baby You're"
  • Sole survivor - Blue
    "There walked a lonely manSilent, mute, the only manNot knowing how not knowing whyWas he the sole survivorWhy should he be aliveBreathing still while others diedAnd the only questionWhy was he the sole"
  • Paper Dolls - Renee Renee
    "Milions of people looking for love, is it a secret from heaven above? wheeling and waiting wishing for more, oh somebody save me and unlock my heart. Seasons are changing the passage of time, living"
  • Get Out Of Our Way - Lil' Cease
    "Intro: Blake C B.I.G. nigga Forever and ever Yeah You know by now, By now you know You know, my name What is it? Blake C Brooklyn If ya don't know We bring the thunder, thunder I said I'm here now And"
  • Away - Don't Look Down
    "scatered thoughts keep runin though my head I keep thinking bout all the wrong things that I said didn't mean to bring you down with me i'm so stupid cuz i'll never let things be so take me away.... take"
  • River of love - LeAnn Rimes
    "My heart's been thirsty My spirt's runin' dry And I think I feel a drop of rain. I see the lightning Strikin' the sky Sometimes a stone can bring a change Now your love comin' back Like the water all around"
  • If He Ask Me - Cherish
    "If he ask me If he ask me My man from the hood Yes, he's from the streets Yeah, I'm down 'Cause he'll do anything for me Then he call me up said [?] I said 'bout 4 Said just come and get me"
  • Scar on the sky - Chris Cornell
    "As I fall I leave this scar upon the skyA simple note for you, I'll wait for your replyAnd in your answer I'll regain my will to trySo hover in the diving lightWe will rip the nightOut of the arms of the"
  • On My Own - Freeway
    "Um uh um uh here we go now (Hook) Repeat It's because I'm all on my own, now You can leave him out hear alone, now Ya'll need to really watch ya'll tone Now you see the chrome Im a blast it for ya I'm"
  • Price of fame - Lil' Bow Wow
    "(feat. Young Jinsu) 5th album I'm still fresh new money big checks I'm the prince of dis hip hop game all you other lil nigga's stay in lane I see yall doin yall thang but yall ain't this man took me 13"

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