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  • Enemy - Chris Cornell
    "Everytime the blood runs to my head I hear thering Something to remind me I'm not dead or caughtin between I listen to the voice and what it saysit's never sweet Somethin I was born into I guess livin'"
  • Runnin' - Cher
    "It's hard to hit a moving target At least that's what I've been told If they can't catch you they can't hurt you You never let them get a hold So I keep runinn' I keep right on runnin' I've always pushed"
  • Capone-N-Noreaga Live (Interlude) - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(Capone) (Noreaga) C-N-N War Report (The War Report) Channel ten bloodsport (Blood sport what) If ya gat really spit (It really spit y'all) Get ya mack and do a back flip (Back flip uh) If ya like the"
  • Summer In The City - St. Lunatics
    "(feat. Nelly) I am the king of the city, top down windows I'm Puffin like Diddy Ridin cause the haters face mad, team gritty Honk your horn twice if your missies lookin pretty Well if you run wit"

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