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russian electro

  • Electro Man - Calvin Harris
    "Electro man, Electronic man Electro man, Electronic woman I went outside wearing my device I came back in wearing the same device, as you Electro man, Electronic man Electro man, Electronic woman I went"
  • Electro Jugni - Swami
    "ELECTRO JUGNI ELECTRO JUGNI There she goes There she goes There she goes There she goes There she goes There she goes There she goes There she goes ELECTRO JUGNI Baby won't you wind on me Show me"
  • Electro Bitch - Jimi Blue
    "VERSE 1 This is Jimi B Jay boy blue and people talk thinkinJay B is ruined say they dont know and dig hat im doin but at home they on youtube and viewin Jimi this Jimi that gotta stop it im on"
  • Electro Boy - Briskeby
    "(dedicated to "raggie & rambo") verse 1: the beat is ok (repeat) it's the beat of the day we wanna go out (repeat) we wanna scream and shout bridge: the eyes, the faces a stranger's hand that soon embraces tha"
  • Electro Ghetto - Bushido
    "Refrain: Ich mach den Sound fr den Hof im Knast, ich bin der Grund, warum du nie deine Millionen machst. >Ich hab den Sound denn ohne mich wird Deutscher Rap schon wieder nicht hart. Schon wieder ein Tag, an"
  • Electro-Violence - Overkill
    "Watch the circle, dehumanize. Fuck the world, stay outside. You tread on me and you will find, That you flirt with death before your time. Face the music and the time has come! Into the circle! Electroviolence. Violence!"
  • I Am Electro - Meat Beat Manifesto
    "If you use me well, I can be your slave Out of control Out of control Out of control Hey get up Hey get up Hey get up Hey get up I am Electro I am Electro My brain is bigger than yours I am Electro I am"
  • Electro shock faders - Hooverphonic
    "Long black dress Hawaian shirt Kicking pair of trainers Electro shock faders Guiding your voice through your veins Sick of all this working Longing for a sinking Long black dress Hawaian shirt Kicking"
  • Electro-Convulsive Therapy - Cancer
    "Arguments, conflicting views inside his mind Simplified, electro-convulsive therapy Infertile, controlling drugs like Melleril No trust, humanity's been misunderstood What it wrong? What is right? War"
  • Russian Girls - Sasha Dith
    "Girls... Lena Irina Sveta Marina Natasha Anya Olya Tanya Inna Olesya Raya Yulya Oksana Rita Masha Luda Girls... ... give me give me only one Russian russian russian girls You take my soul... Russian Girls!"
  • Intro, Electro, Ghetto - Sonny Black & Frank White
    "....Ich lebe in einer Welt voll Scheisse.... Ey ihr Homos warum seid ihr alle so scheisse ihr mchtegern-Berliner? Glaubt ihr ihr knnt rappen? Glaubt ihr wirklich ihr knnt rappen? Verpisst euch aus unserer"
  • Electro shock blues - eels
    "Feeling scared today Write down 'I am ok' A hundred times the doctors say I am ok I am ok I'm not okay Skin is crawling off Mopping the sweaty drops Sticking around for this shit Another day Another day"
  • Electro shock blues - Saga
    "Feelin' scared today write down i am okay a hundred times the doctor say i am okay i am okay i'm not okay skin is crawling off mopping the sweaty drops sticking around for this shit another day another"
  • Intro(Electro Ghetto) - Bushido
    "Ihr habt sehr vieles gesehen, das ist wahr und ihr frchtet nicht den Tot, manchmal wnscht ihr euch ihn sogar, ist es nicht so? Ja ich mir auch, das passiert den Mnnern die gesehen haben was wir gesehen"
  • Russian Lullaby - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Where the dreamy Volga flows There's a lonely Russian Rose Gazing tenderly Down upon her knee Where a baby's brown eyes glisten Listen Ev'ry night you'll hear her croon A Russian lullaby Just a little"
  • Russian Roulette - Van Morrison
    "Take it or leave it I've heard it been said All this Spring fever's just way over my head Stealing my moments, taking up all my time It's playing Russian Roulette with my mind It's none of my business"
  • Russian Roulette - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Well, beggars can't be choosers. But winners can be losers. Now you're all dressed up. With nowhere to go. Just let the good times roll. As the night unfolds. You're like a loaded gun. You're on the run. You"
  • Russian Doll - Rialto
    "Like a russian doll It's so hard to tell What goes on inside Behind your painted shells Underneath a sky of prussian blue Just call me I will rush to you When the midnight bells begin to toll I just want"
  • Russian Roulette - The Hollies
    "Back street dive down in New Orleans Gambler shows his face The place was full of jacks and queens But I never came up with that bread-winning ace Whisky's cheap at twice the price When it kills the pain"
  • Russian Lullaby - E-Type
    "When the seas are rolling in when the stars are shining clear when the ghosts are howling near when we sing the russian lullaby Let's you and me together leave for higher ground when you are all alone"

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