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rust raid compound raid

  • Raid - Madvillain
    "(MF Doom) Two two one-two... How Doom hold heat, and preach non-violence? Shhh, he 'bout to start the speech, c'mon, silence On one scary night, I saw the light Heard a voice that sound like Barry White"
  • Armageddon's Raid - Belphegor
    "The rebellion of man against God The stability of the church An illusion raped by time Pestilentia, christorum Rest in peace Divine serpents, throne of sacrilege Fanum diabolicum, Armageddon's raid Divine"
  • Air Raid - Agent 51
    "YEA! Wanna tell you a story About a friend of mine in the pen When the gavel fell and the lock down cell This ? has its revenge I aint taking about killing no He aint the killing kind Just big ass racks"
  • Raid again - Galneryus
    "I'll burn you awayCrack the wall of hateLet the fight beginTo know why we live in this providenceSince the day we metI've kept fighting into the windI don't need a falseThe flame is calling meBeware of"
  • Raid the Convent - Nunslaughter
    "We gather together with murder on our minds Nuns are the target Religion is the crime Driven by lust and deep-seeded resent Tonight we go and raid the convent We have come to kill We have come to rape No"
  • Blues Raid Dance - Steel Pulse
    "Muzik a bubble not looking for trouble Some shekels fe I shenks Just a burn up de lambs bread Session rocking ysh! So dem come so dem drop From time to time dem been watching Dem a spy with dem bad eye (Come"
  • Raid The Barn - Anthony B
    "Yugguh Yoi, Yugguh Yoi, Yugguh Yoi Emperor Selassie I Jah Jah is the only way Nobody wannu plant the corn Everybody want to raid the barn Who yuh a guh blame it on When is a next man yuh a depend"
  • Raid (feat. Medaphoar) - Madvillain
    "How Doom hold heat, and preach non-violence? Shhh! He 'bout to start the speech, c'mon, silence On one scary night, I saw the light Heard a voice that sound like Barry White said "sure you're right" Don't"
  • Egg Raid On Mojo - Beastie Boys
    "Egg raid on Mojo Egg raid on Mojo Egg raid on Mojo Egg raid on Mojo We dressed all in black We snuck up around the back We began to attack The eggs did crack on Mojo's back go Egg raid on Mojo Egg raid"
  • Egg Raid On Mojo - The Beastie Boys
    "(Chorus) Egg raid on mojo! (x4) We dressed all in black. We snuk up around the back. We began to attack. The eggs they cracked on mojo's back. Go!! (Chorus) Gonna scream! Gonna fight! Gonna egg"
  • Smash 'N' Grab Raid - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "In the early hours walking through the precinct, he's spent all his money and now he's real skint. He sees the video thru' the Hi-Fi shop's doors, the beer in his brain says 'go-on it's yours'. Even"
  • Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Fred Durst
    "Alright partner Keep on rollin' baby You know what time it is Throw your hands up Ladies and gentlement Chocolate Starfish Keep on rolling baby Move in, now move out Hands up, now hands down"
  • Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit
    "Alright partner Keep on rollin' baby You know what time it is Chocolate starfish Keep on rollin' baby Move in, now move out Hands up now hands down Back up, back up Tell me what ya gonna do now"
  • Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicule) - Limp Bizkit
    "alright partner keep on rollin' baby you know what time it is chocolate starfish keep on rollin' baby move in, now move out hands up or hands down back up, back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe"
  • Drug Raid At 4 Am - Lard
    "Sheets off Flashlight in your eyes FREEZE! Guns in your gut Strip down Body search Cough up Or stomach pump To fight the war on drugs You must give up your rights You blink, you die I hate you more than"
  • Border Raid in Lions March - Human Fortress
    "When the Lion arrived, the war did start - A wicked day, indeed 'Cause sweat and blood abounded - From all men and steed See the daylight lay in ashes - While the dead are still Hear the armies roar for"
  • It's A Raid (ft. Post Malone) - Ozzy Osbourne
    "it’s a raid oh, no hide everything I hear them breathing on my telephone I know I’m never alone I been to places you should never go god’s really satan and he’s waiting for you out there hideaway I’ve"
  • Inside Out - Raid
    "I got a need for options A need for other way My perception change everyday Life is to short, for any routine I dont wanna follow no I need to lead You gotta drop it if it isn't right Put your foot on"
  • Hanged Man - Raid
    "Yesterday i woke up Didn't recognize my own bed I took a few steps towards the wash room And looked at myself in the mirror I never should've done that Put yourself on the right track If you're thinking"
  • Compound Pressure - Bile
    "I am the scumbag that you want to kick, because your girl - she sucked my dick. Frustration eats you from inside, knowing I got a piece of her hide. So we laugh at you as I'm flying the cum, I'm the home"

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