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  • Ryder - Lil Wayne
    "She's a Ryda For Me I don't know If you've been told All I know Is that you've been warned About My Girl She's a killa She's bad Oh God. Oh My, She's a Ryda & she ridin for me. She's a ryda. Riding for"
  • Downhill Ryder - Bad Company
    "I'm a downhill ryder Babe I ain't going down slow I'm a downhill ryder I get the urge that it's time to go Take my cue from my old guitar That I used to play Underneath the moon and the stars 'Til the"
  • Ryder Music - 50 Cent
    "Yeah Yeah we can ride to this Just lay back, crew Here's a taste of my life, its bitter and sweet I put my heart out to the sounds of the drums and the beat I put my life on the line when I'm out on"
  • Ezy Ryder - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    "There goes Ezy Ezy Ryder Ridin' down the highway of desire He says the free wind takes him higher Tryin' to find his heaven above but he's dyin' to be loved, dyin' to be loved He's tellin' me livin' is"
  • Winona ryder - Looptroop
    "I spot the candid camera, it got the panorama/view on my crew from the top so I climb the ladder/and drop the heavy hammer, and rock the country grammar/from Vsters all in your face like a gang bandana/Drivin'"
  • I'm A Ryder - Drag-On
    "(feat. Baby, TQ) They stepped up Bronx City You know they gonna get dirty You rap niggas fuck around and get very early Fuckin with that firemen and that birdy birdy Nigga knock it off What you know"
  • I'm A Ryder - Drag On
    "They stepped up Bronx City You know they gonna get dirty You rap niggas f**k around and get very early F**kin with that firemen and that birdy birdy Nigga knock it off What you know about the ?? when top"
  • Ruff Ryder Anthem - DMX
    "Uh, somethin' newChorus:Stop, drop, shut 'em down, open up shopOh, no, that's how Ruff Ryders rollStop, drop, shut 'em down, open up shopOh, no, that's how Ruff Ryders roll Niggaz wanna try (what)Niggaz"
  • Dragon ryder 13 - Cathedral
    "Flames are high - lightning fueling my veins Dragon appears, i saddle up again Purple rain - anguished odyssey Cosmic babylon, destiny - yeah Hold my fire tonight - it's killing me Burn dragonryder high"
  • I'm A Ruff Ryder - DMX
    "Babe I'm a Ruff Ryder Hey I'm a Ruff Ryder Oh no no, yeah yeah yeah Mmmmm-hmmmm, yeah Woke up one Sunday morning At the crack of dawn and My baby left a letter Tellin' me don't forget her (Oh"
  • I'm A Ruff Ryder - Ruff Ryders
    "Roc a fella Irv Gotti. Swizz Beats It's almost over ya'll Jigga Uh uh uh uh Lights out niggas!!! (Women Singing) Jay Z: (Jigga) What's my mother fucking name? (Jigga) And who I'm rolling with"
  • I'm A Ruff Ryder - Jin
    "I'm tryin' drop science for ya man Tell your herd shut the fuck up, now that's silence of the lambs I'm an animal, I eat rappers, call me Hannibal The track is crazy but I'm spittin ??low on a piano"
  • Runner In The Night ( Eurovision 1986 ) - Ryder
    "Goin' home, I'm a runner in the night Turnin' back with another chance to make it right I know where I went wrong I've been away for far too long I'm on the track I'm a runner in the night You told"
  • Hiding Place - Serena Ryder
    "If your radio didn't work and your friends all ran away Would you let yourself fall in love, if only for one day? Are you one of the ones who decides first off, would you let me touch your face? If I decided"
  • Mac Support Hip Hop - Serena Ryder
    "Hip Hip, mein Mac hat ein Hoden darum liege ich am Boden und spiel mir, owaia, an meie Eier. Hop Hop, mein Apple hat ein dicken, die Bayern kannst du knicken, die haben nix zu ficken. Jetzt lieg ich"
  • This Song Is About You - Serena Ryder
    "I love when your smile makes me stop, and rest for a while and see what's I've got. I've been wearing the same clothes since the day I was born It's nothing that I can ignore. I love to stare at your"
  • Weak In The Knees - Serena Ryder
    "Would you mind if I pretended we were somewhere else Doin' something we wanted to? 'Cause all this livin' makes me wanna do Is die 'cause I can't live with you And you don't even care. Would you mind"
  • Winter Waltz - Serena Ryder
    "Winter Waltz: It was the first time they ever set eyes on each other and knew that they never would part With four eyes wide open to heaven and hoping and dancing all night in the dark with all the"
  • Little Bit of Red - Serena Ryder
    "Ooooh Hey you say you want to start over again like I ever wanted it to be any different I've been watching all your colours fade to blue said you'd come back like I'd want you want you stop pretending"
  • Calling To Say - Serena Ryder
    "I wasn't sure if I should call, Even though we're family and all. It seems strange to let it past, I just thought I'd call and ask, Are you having fun? Are you seeing anyone.. Yeah, I've been busy to, I"

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