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  • It?s Yours - Jadon Lavik
    "Take my pride all thats inside And trade it for a heart A humble heart that gives glory to your name Be the guide your will not mine as I step aside Shine your light through this broken surrendered life So"
  • It`s Allright - Skew Siskin
    "Reach my hand up to the sky Hope one day you will return Talkin' to myself, I know you won't But will I ever learn You know I'll always feel for you Doesn't matter where I am Whatever you say or do You'll"
  • Now it`s gone - Ana Johnsson
    "Anything but empty words Give it to me where it hurts Anything just tell me something true Dont take me for some dumb-ass flirt See this girl she knows her worth Whatever thing we never had is trough"
  • It`s a party - Busta Rhymes
    "Right right right right Right, Busta Rhymes exclusive with the Zhane Each and every day We gon come around your way and do it our way, word is bond {It's a party, let's get it on tonight} Word up,"
  • It`s all good - Busta Rhymes
    "Let me talk to you Let me talk to you baby I've got some shit to share we your freaky ass, ha I like the way you freak it baby, I love your style The way you stick your tongue in my mouth and act wild"
  • It`s Not Over - Marco
    "Baby, can't you see me? I'm waiting here in the crowd What you do me cose I know I opened up your heart? So, raise your mind, raise your soul Release your feeling tonight This will come again again on"
  • It?S About You - Rachael Lampa
    "Considering all that You give to me Looking at all that You bring, Id have to be a fool not to choose to keep Your love, Your love. And just when I think that I found You out, You open my eyes to what"
  • It`s your world - Common
    "(feat. 'POPS') Night Blows, Stoves don't work, Hoes at work A warrior, so I wear 'em on my shirt Wish I was free as Che was, I spend a day buzzed Tripping on heights, wishing for Nikes in different"
  • It`s All Good - Toby Keith
    "Mother earth has changed since I was a child The east is a beast and the west is really wild And the headlines say that the end looks grim And the future dont look so bright You cant even open your"
  • It?s Alright Ma, It?s Only Witchcraft - Richard Thompson
    "Looking through the window To see which way the wind blows It seems as though a hurricane is due today Sunny on the outside Stormy on the inside Stormy weathers always best for making hay In comes everlasting Looks"
  • Le''s get it on - Fall Out Boy
    "I've been really tryin', babyTryin' to hold back this feeling for so longAnd if you feel like I feel, babyThen, c'mon, oh, c'monLet's get it onAh, baby, let's get it onLet's love, babyLet's get it on,"
  • It`s not like him - Carly Simon
    "When Tom came home his hair was combed He bought snakeskin boots in Rome Thats not like him His socks are clean, his shirt is pressed It isnt just the way hes dressed He smiles out of context and"
  • It' s all right here - Miley Cyrus
    "Why would you rather beAnywhere else with meI tell you man it's all right here(where ever we are, where ever we are)Check out the scenery we won the lotteryI tell you man it's all right hereI can't believe"
  • It?s All About Jesus - 4HIM
    "Its all about Jesus Its all about the way he changed our lives Its all about Jesus The power of his blood cant be denied Its all about Jesus Its all about the covenant he made Its all about Jesus Victorious"
  • It?s Now Or Never - Pino Daniele
    "It's now or never, come hold me tight Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight Tomorrow will be too late, it's now or never My love won't wait When I first saw you with your smile so tender My heart was captured,"
  • IT AIN`T OVER`TIL IT`S OVER - Lenny Kravitz
    "Playing games with love So many tears i've cried So much pain inside But baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried To keep our love alive But baby it ain't over 'till it's over How many"
  • That`s Not How It Is - Toby Keith
    "I woke up in bed last night when something came upon me I was not lying there alone but Ive never felt so lonely Somethings come between us, girl feels like weve hit a wall How can I know just how you"
  • This Time It´s My Life - MICAR
    "I'm travelling on my own straight to a place that I know I let the breeze fill my soul and the sun will guide me home Heh, you can hear but hope in my voice I'm walking straight 'cause I had no choice This"
  • Let`s Pretend It Didn`t Happen - Mike And The Mechanics
    "Supposin' we said it didn't happen Didn't happen at all Didn't happen at all Empty and gone There is nothing left within One penny in a tin Makes all the noise You don't understand Nothing stays the same Situations"
  • It\'s All Over (but The Crying) - Kitty Wells
    "[ Kitty Wells ] You said you loved me and I gave my heart to you And foolish me I dream of things to come Like wedding ring a home and some children too Then she set out to win you and won It's all over"

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