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sabaton resist and bite

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sabaton resist and bite

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sabaton resist and bite
  • Sabaton Resist And Bite
    "War is coming swiftly, The border's closing in We're a company of soldiers, Me're forty, right and strong! All alone! Stand alone! Ardenner ground is burning, And Rommel is at hand As the Blitzkrieg's"
  • NOVIKA & Pete Grace Can't Resist
    "It’s another lonely morning I’m searching through the past Through the sound of crazy music That you’ve left me once All the memories go deep They won’t duster me This feeling is like madness I can’t"
  • Front Line Assembly Resist
    "Kill for kicks Bio-readouts are all in the green, looks like she's alive Resist, resist, resist Killed your lovers Resist the command Vicious warning Deface deface the Fleeing from rejection, You're"
  • Biohazard Resist
    "Free people will never remain free if they are not willing, if need be, to fight for their vital interests. I watch your bullshit from the outside in, your disrespect and hate You think you're better than"
  • Melissa Etheridge Resist
    "The sign says do not enter No trespassing allowed With visions of redemption I walk against the crowd The sun is white with envy Confusion on the ground Breathing soft and holy Temptation's only sound A"
  • Kosheen Resist
    "How could we resist it, life like this? Dramatized and twisted with every kiss And in the far-off distance our fading memory The simple co-existence of you and me Just looking at you You're out of control You're"
  • All Out War Resist
    "Resist the temptation of power that can only keep you down. Greed- the chains that we are bound. Neglect- we fail to see what's lost. Extinction- is the final cost. Greed- a disease of man, bring us down"
  • Anahata Winged Hussars (Sabaton cover) 2
    "When the winged hussars arrived A cry for help in time of need, await relief from Holy League 60 days of siege, outnumbered and weak Sent a message to the sky, wounded soldiers left to die Will they hold"
  • Bikini Kill Resist psychic
    "Your world not mineYour world not oursYour world not mineYour world not oursI will resist with every inch and every breathI will resist this psychic deathI will resist with every inch and every breathI"
  • Texas Can't Resist
    "I know I cant resist I believe that you told me A promise lives with lie Such you tease as you hold me Theres hunger in your eyes Thats the way that I remember you When the sun was high And"
  • Kingdom Come Can't Resist
    "I have never seen her cry) Hasn't shown the slightest smile, oh Doesn't share her deepest thoughts She just lets her body talk CHORUS 1 I can't resist Gotta go and kiss her BRIDGE 1 With a scattered mind Can't"
  • Irene Grandi Resist You
    "duet with James Reid (J. Reid, I. Grandi, R. Cavalieri) Il tempo che se ne va come una goccia nel mare cos' il tempo una persona che incontri e che non rivedrai mai E l'allarme suona un lungo"
  • Whitecross Resist Him
    "Satan, the roaring lion, roams to and fro Seeking who can mate him power. The word of God tells us so. He's the father, the father of lies, And he's come to destroy. He's the one who hates you, And discards"
  • Seraphim Shock Rise & Resist
    "Emptiness will always be Into the void like all before Nothing escapes this hours ash These people sleep a dyer's dream Rise & Resist What keeps us here to walk the line Another day conditioned slave So"
  • Sing It Loud Bite Your Lip
    "Yeah, you You're biting your lower lip While I'm still talking about what I can't get With both hands around your hips I can make you believe Relax and kick back Just take your time And I'll make sure"
  • Bikini Kill Resist Psychic Death
    "Your world not mine Your world not ours Your world not mine Your world not ours I will resist with every inch and every breath I will resist this psychic death I will resist with every inch and every"
  • Hades Almighty Exist To Resist
    "So one-dimensional The people that pulled the strings and turned your life around It is intentional, believe me The way they keep you in the dark, it's how they keep you down I exist, exist to resist The"
  • Grip Inc. (Built To) Resist
    "Branded, forced into exile Cinical routine, family union dissolved Accused, abandonment, dead beat Admonished, siblings, severed values detached Hear my children calling Loud out to me I won't subscribe"
  • Anne Heaton Why I Resist
    "Im writing you this letter from my car Im still wondering about the dark Is it just like nighttime? Some say it does not exist I have sabotaged my own success If there is no darkness Why would I do it? I"
  • Hades Exist to resist
    "So one-dimensionalThe people that pulled the strings and turned your life aroundIt is intentional, believe meThe way they keep you in the dark, it's how they keep you downI exist, exist to resistThe motivation"

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