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sabaton the last stand

  • Last Stand - Harry Chapin
    "It used to be that old John Wayne Would fight the good fight once again, Find the strength to bear the pain, Stand up til he'd finally fall. But now it's not just movie time, And now it's you that's on"
  • Last Stand - Adelitas Way
    "I'm all alone, you're far away. I never learned from my mistakes. Should of known, just what to say To make you want to stay. You were always the one giving, I was always there to take it. Take your heart"
  • Last Stand - Kwabs
    "War’s over but I soldier on, Still battling the ghost long-gone, Still struggling to see the signs, Too heavy for a heart like mine, Save me, save me Keep my heritage to keep me clean, Keep the Devil"
  • The Last Stand - Galloglass
    "At the dawn of day, two armies arise In the morning fog, from shades of the night Out there on the hills, they darken the sun The last stand is here, one chance to be won Into this raging war, out of"
  • Stand - Santana
    "Love brings a change I wanna take a chance And let it grow I trust my feelings I wanna be with you Wherever you go Oh baby We're more than friends So precious it should never end Oh baby Can't help but"
  • Last night stand - The Calling
    "I took your heart and held itI took your life in my handsI clenched your soul and held itNow you're wasting awayOur love will last foreverLast night is stuck in my mindI wish this being togetherContemplating"
  • Marti's Last Stand - Enter The Haggis
    "Marti was a fightin' man Whose story should be told He was a son of circumstance He couldn't quite control His father gave him pellet guns And plastic hand grenades Had him marching up and down Like he"
  • Winged Hussars (Sabaton cover) 2 - Anahata
    "When the winged hussars arrived A cry for help in time of need, await relief from Holy League 60 days of siege, outnumbered and weak Sent a message to the sky, wounded soldiers left to die Will they hold"
  • Stand - Petra
    "you had a blank stare-there in your easy chair you watched as things got out of hand but now your eyes blink and you begin to think of what could happen if you stand you think about the ground you might"
  • Stand - DEE SNIDER
    "faced with the world around you you know you must make a choice and know that whatever you do it's time that you raise your voice there's not a moment to spare show them all you dare stand for something never"
  • Stand - Ted Nugent
    "STAND!!! STAND!!! STAND!!! Don't need big brother to wipe my ass, Don't need Ted Kennedy to spill my glass. Al not so Sharpton is a racist laugh, the whole damn world can kiss my ass. (chorus) I don't"
  • Stand - Bebe Winans
    "Tell me, what do you do When you've done all you can do And if seems like it's never enough Tell me what do you say When your friends turn away And you're all alone, so alone Tell me, what do you"
  • Stand - Alice Cooper
    "Yeah Stand Up Ha? What do you believe in? Ha? Yeah Stand Up Aha C'mon Just a face in the crowd Feelin' lost, down and out (Can you hear me now) Millions more just like you Afraid to do what they wanna"
  • Stand - Taylor Dayne
    "(S. Saraco, H. Hey) Stand Stand So I will stand with my head held high Even though I'm up against the wind Stand And I know I will survive It is my destiny Ah ah With my head held high I won't fall down With"
  • Stand - Matthew West
    "It was an ordinary morning At the school upon the hill The sun was slowly rising The flag was standing still And the students were rushing To face anoter day But in the middle of the madness There"
  • Stand - VeggieTales
    "JUNIOR: My mommy always told me to do what's right! To wash behind my ears and try to be polite! You see she loves me so! MR. NEZZER: That's beautiful! JUNIOR: That's why she tells me what I need"
  • Stand - Kottonmouth Kings
    "If you dont stand, stand up for something Then you will fall, youll fall for anything, yeah Lifes kinda funny man Little crush you hear like this beer can Youll stop your soul and watch you blow away,"
  • Stand - Veggie Tales
    "JUNIOR:My mommy always told me to do what's right!To wash behind my ears and try to be polite!You see she loves me so!MR. NEZZER:That's beautiful!JUNIOR:That's why she tells me what I need to know!MR."
  • Stand - Machinae Supremacy
    "We stand by our ways It is not just a game that we play Now you have forced our hand Right here we make our stand These walls can't keep us in (no matter what has been) This fight burns under my skin Our"
  • Stand - Bebo Norman
    "I'm walking in an open field looking for some space to fill I believe there's something left to hold So even when the sun goes down and there's no one around I'm standing in the freedom of my soul And"

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