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  • I'm Alright - Kim Richey
    "After all was said and done There was nothing left to do The hardest mile I ever walked Was the one I walked away from you So maybe Im a little ragged around the edges Ive been keeping a little more to"
  • My Way, Soon - Greta Van Fleet
    "I’ve seeb many people There are s omany people Some are much younger people An soem are so old I’ve seen many places There are so many places An where are the people going Will they choose the road I’ve"
  • Luni Lab - Nekromantix
    "Sacked from the job at the institute The one and only dream he had Was to see his life work through Obsessed with the thought of reanimated life Stealing body parts from the hospital morgue It's alive,"
  • This Hollywood Life - Suede
    ""She-rocker you're wasting your time, Cos you're only a girl" She'rocker sacked the factory line for a chance of a dance in a surreal world She said, "come rescue, rescue me from this Hollywood life come"
  • The Legion Of Vengeance - Zavorash
    "The Legion Of Vengeance (Text: T.Scorn, Music: I.Hate) A passed sacrifice unknown to the living - All these kingdoms sacked Goals justifying means - Vengeance on banners black Preachers of truth - Teachers"
  • The Rotting Horse On The Deadly Ground - Summoning
    "Wars of great kings and clash of armouries Whose swords no man could tell, whose spears Were numerous as wheat field's ears Rolled over all the great lands, and seas Were loud with navies, their devouring"
  • The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum - King Crimson
    "Hat bandana Graham cracker jackhammer In a nail file suit your self service man The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Autographed pictures of Shakespeare fishing gear Head phone Madison Square"
  • Senior Year - Audio Karate
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Well it's Friday night at the football game The crowd is cheering one more time for me And everything is going fine so far But life is just ten yards away A football"
  • Senior year - Sakis Rouvas
    "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, YeahWell It's Friday Night At the Football Game The Crowd Is Cheering One More Time For Me And Everything Is Going Fine So Far But Life Is Just Ten Yards Away A Football Play"
  • Voyaging To Vinland - Robert Calvert
    "Volstead, Volstead we don't think much of your act it isn't funny, it's losing money we reckon you ought to be sacked. Volstead, Volstead Prohibition must go Volstead, Volstead Volstead O vodeo do Volstead,"
  • Democrator - Comecon
    "Who opened the door for the democrator? And how come he let in the market-conquistadors? Why is he acting as if he has something to hide? The privilege of the stupid is to be taken for a ride Gloomy working"
  • Fortress - Pinback
    "Too long til fall. Sick summer in bed. You and a lazy mood. 10 times the fall. Spread, sacked, and I've failed. Nobody Move. To far (long) to fall. Sat shiver in bed. You and a test of will. Too many"
  • Practise, Practise, Practise - Swan Princess
    "Musicians / animal targets We are a band And not a band of animals This masquerade Is more than I can bear There goes my reputation It's awful, this humiliation And I've the lion's share Nobledudes"
  • Europe Awake - Skrewdriver
    "Europe what have they got to do to make you come alive? What has happened to the heritage that once was yours and mine? A capitalistic economy, the communists roam the streets. Old people aren't safe outside,"
  • Pretty Together - Sloan
    "They use what they have and they fake what they lack, whether or not it's true. But after awhile well they showed up in style, and nobody thought they were blue. The dog days are down, and then you know"
  • Bury Your Parents - A Global Threat
    "cocktail stains on your G.Q. slacks you'll show you're clever go blow some lingo out your ass libido takes over all the shit you learned in school techno bass beats in your brain all thoughts turn to drool mommy,"
  • Bury Your Parents (Mommy, Daddy) - A Global Threat
    "cocktail stains on your G.Q. slacks you'll show you're clever go blow some lingo out your ass libido takes over all the shit you learned in school techno bass beats in your brain all thoughts turn to drool mommy,"
  • Round And Round - Germs
    "(Originally by Chuck Berry) -i just like it, let me have this dance, ya your jumping, had a crazy sound, an it'll start running,to look him down, sound so neat,just give me a chance, move out of my seat,"
  • The Secret Life Of Dr Calgori - Abney Park
    "Testtubes and Tesla coils, clockwork brain 'n' glowing oils, copper, brass, explosive jelly, his mechapede policed Old Delhi. Invented the radio transmitting, too. Played poker with Theremin, Tesla and"
  • In My Area - The Fall
    "In my A dwarf plays pool to prove his height People play games when they lose in life There's no sport life, just acid tension stomach flash. The madness in my area I have seen the birth of bad I have"

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