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sacrificed sons

  • Sacrificed Sons - Dream Theater
    "'' This has all the appearances of an extraordinarily well-coordinated and devastating terrorist attack. Terrorism against our nation will not stand. The government will hunt down those responsible. Terrorism"
  • Sacrificed - Edge Of Sanity
    "There's an evil wind blowing through my soul, a firestorm that makes the mountains roll. I can feel his might from day to night. The fires of hell I can see them burning bright. The time has come to take"
  • Sons - Icehouse
    "We don't know this place this wasted stretch of land and these steaming horizons it's locked in our past it's stragely so familiar like a scar on our memory no sign of the ancient heroes who gave us this"
  • Sacrificed For Wealth - Cataract
    "Sacrificed for the wealth, murdered for the cause, living once perfect turned in cold blood. This blood will be repaid. The guilt won't be negate. Leeches will be erased, mashed and floated away, living"
  • The Dreams Are Sacrificed - Lock Up
    "A race for time Or so it seems to be Stress outweighs What pain I even feel Can't decide If life is worth a shit Shelter me Before the vultures sing This frightening vision is breaking me slowly Belief"
  • Sons Of - Scott Walker
    "Sons of the thief, sons of the saint Who is the child with no complaint Sons of the great or sons unknown All were children like your own The same sweet smiles, the same sad tears The cries at night, the"
  • Sons Of - Nana Mouskouri
    "Sons of the thief, sons of the saint Who is the child with no complaint Sons of the great or sons unknown All were children like your own The same sweet smiles and the same sad tears The cries at night,"
  • Sons & Daughters - Ian Hunter
    "(ian hunter) There's a place in the city they call the archway Where we rented three rooms for a dollar a day And I worked semi-skilled at the capstans for years And my wife was a good woman but the love"
  • Nephilim Sons - Septic Flesh
    "Many years ago when none could count the time, spheres of light fell down, a rain of mystic fire from the skies. Thirsty angels smelled the warmth of life into this earth. Bathed with stardust, in greatness"
  • Good Sons - Starflyer 59
    "The no good sons malign you Is it tough to come back a waiter Hes come to try you Its a nice night so cant you come later And its taking such a long time, long time Cant we ever make it right, right,"
  • Pagan Sons - Brimstone
    "Our ancestors saw this holy man Golden cross around his neck He was promising eternal life 9th century christian missionary: "I promise to take your sins away And if you don't believe what I say My knights"
  • Forgotten Sons - Fish
    "Armalite, street lights, night-sights Searching the roofs for a sniper, viper, fighter Death in the shadows he'll maim you, wound you, he'll kill you For long-forgotten cause, on not so foreign shores Boys"
  • Forgotten Sons - Marillion
    "(Dick/Jelliman/Kelly/Minnett/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas) Armalite, street lights, nightsights Searching the roofs for a sniper, a viper, a fighter Death in the shadows he'll maim you, he'll wound you, he'll"
  • Lost sons - Angelo Kelly
    "We'll settle for nothing, that's for sure We'll settle for nothing 'cause we want more We built our houses, we built the cars We built the cities, we can reach the stars In this modern society, there's"
  • Three Sons - John Williamson
    "I'm into cattle, my Father was too From Great Great Grandfather all the way through And we scarcely have wasted an hour of daylight Stickin' to Herefords and it's been all right Prepared for the lean"
  • Fightin' Sons - Remedy
    "(Rose Tattoo) Well, I was just a young man when they took me across the sea Dressed me up in jungle green just to fight for democracy I was just an Aussie boy in the jungle for the war From all around"
  • Ethiopian Sons - Tony Rebel
    "(Featuring Garnet Silk) -P. Barrett- Garnet is long time we have something To tell the world you know So it was in the beginning And a so it is straight unto the end Nothing is new under the sun So it"
  • Wayfaring Sons - Colin Hay
    "don't go out in the night even though you know the town someone always wants to fight you end up lying on the ground i dream of lying in the sun in my ears hear the ocean roaring like all good wayfaring"
  • Aarons Sons - Blinded Colony
    "The perfect God makes perfect laws to fit his perfect creation; the man Apparently not He died for your sins, he died so you may sin Murder ends with murder ends with murder Reputations like the mirror"
  • Say Sons - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well, I got a little girl down by the river Now she keeps ? ? ? tight I got a little girl, she every night She says "i'm feeling like a wild, hands on ? ? ? Then she keeps me all night. So come"

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