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safri duo rise leave me alone

  • Rise (Leave me alone) - Safri Duo
    "feat. Clark Anderson Did you really love me? Did you really need me? Or were you just using me? I never felt so used, I wont go back to you. So leave me alone. I wasn't good enough, it was never about"
  • Safri Duo - Agogo Mosse - Safri Duo
    "Guess what??? It's time to turn it on Get back what has been gone I wanna feel it's the deal or the real sensation! Wild eyed and cherry lipped White diamond fingertips Everywhere that you look, there's"
  • Leave me alone - Safri Duo
    "Did you really love me? Did you really need me? Or were you just using me?I never felt so used, I wont go back to you. So leave me alone.I wasn't good enough, it was never about us. So leave me alone.I've"
  • Leave Me Alone - The Corrs
    "I'm alone Hiding in the dark I'm looking for a light to come and rescue me I sleep I rise Hear your denies Endlessly inside It's crazy but (Sometimes I feel like) I want to run away (Sometimes I feel"
  • Rise - Bad Brains
    "Did you ever question any of the things They thought while you were at school? And did you ever question, "Oh my teacher Why do you take me for a fool?" Rise up, you got to rise up, wake up and rise When"
  • Leave Me Alone - One Way System
    "Miss a minute, miss an hour Miss the meeting full of power Miss the lines of constant depression Catch my eye, witness my agression Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone! Leave me alone,"
  • Leave Me Alone - Diane Cluck
    "yawyawfunicaw inmornachegobitknow heyawfunicaw inminiyayyay inminigopaway yawyawfudicaw inminifunitwas yawyawifidnaw inminifunitways leave me alone leave me alone downbucketyeaa leave me alone ohyawfunnicaw inbidiyoyoyo ohyeainfunicaw bodywasinyeayea embodiedwhatitseemed embodiedwhatityayayay woah"
  • Leave Me Alone - Extreme
    "As for this song I'll set the mood There's nothing wrong Prefer solitude Alone to think Of what I don't know The deeper I sink The further I'll go Nothing to fear No need to hide I'm already there Came"
  • Leave Me Alone - Lou Reed
    "Everybody's gonna try to tell you what to do, uhh-haa And never, never, never, never, let it be said that it's true oh-oh, hey, give it to my baby Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave"
  • Leave me alone - Michael Jackson
    "Aaow!-Hoo Hoo! I Don't Care What You Talkin' 'Bout Baby I Don't Care What You Say Don't You Come Walkin' Beggin' Back Mama I Don't Care Anyway Time After Time I Gave You All Of My Money No Excuses To Make"
  • Leave Me Alone - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) I love your sulky eyes, I love your raven hair. I often fantasize a beautiful affair, a broken paradise 'cause you don't even care. I love your sultry smile, I love to see you dance. Sometimes"
  • Leave Me Alone - Ektomorf
    "Why can't you see Why can't you see Why can't you see that You just fuck up my life Can't you see that Can't you see that You're just a piece of shit Why can't you see... Leave me Leave me alone Leave"
  • Leave-Me-Alone - Zvuki Mu
    "Tonight I've found a word Quite a short word 'Leave-Me-Alone' 'Leave-Me-Alone' But the telephone rings But the telephone rings Boring me to death CHORUS 'Leave-Me-Alone' 'Leave-Me-Alone' Don't ring me"
  • Leave me alone - Radu
    "1. You never let me try To tell you how I feel My heart is broking down And cryin`... 2. You`re coming in my dreams I feel that you are here I need your talk so much And dyin`... Ref: Leave me alone"
  • Leave Me Alone - Altered Images
    "Altered Images Happy Birthday Leave Me Alone she was meant, meant to be the one for me she was once, not now, my only love why don't you know, why don't you care why don't you realise? what she did to"
  • Leave me alone - Twiztid
    "Can't understand your shit You fuckin' idiot Fuck you, just leave me alone today Fuck you, just leave me alone today!! Better watch your mouth Before I knock you out Fuck you, just leave me alone today"
  • Leave Me Alone - Alexander Rybak
    "It started with a call, I stupidly answered You said you've got my number from one of the dancers You've waited right outside, You had something of mine But then I saw your eyes, Your crazy eyes Now"
  • Leave me alone - Arsenium
    "Why did you kill one more heart tonight ? Dont you need someone to hold you tight ? Who will love you like I love, Who will hold you like I hold ? Kind of love that you will never find... Prerefren: Take"
  • Leave Me Alone - Razorlight
    "Oh when did you decide To start living like it's suicide And wasting all my time And messing up my mind Oh now darling please leave me alone I'm so tired I wanna be on my own But you come on calling on"
  • Leave Me Alone - Britney Spears
    "Hmm Oh oh They all say I'm ridiculous But I've got news for them I've got news for us I'm freaking pissed off Whats up wit them I'm freaking pissed off Leave... Leave!!! Chorus:: Leave me alone let me"

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