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saint are coming

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saint are coming

  • Saint - Texas
    "I'm taking my time I'll fix it, don't worry now I'm needing you there Make sure that you're coming too All of my life Is all I'll give you here The meaning of me Is something to pursue You think I'm"
  • Saint - Forgive-Me-Not
    "I'm sleeping on the cloud I'm dreaming of the world You're leaving so long then I'm hanging on the poles Those tiny waterfalls Of your tears that you miss I'm melting in the rain I'm anxious to be saint I'm"
  • Saint John - Sailor
    "The Bousbir of Casablanca... The Casbah of Algiers... Even the Barrio Chino of Barcelona Could only boast of second place Next to you... The harbour of the world The secrets of a girl The labours of a"
  • Saint Fire - Ring Of Fire
    "How many teardrops have you cried And left you inspired How many dreams have left you dry To find your desire How many people never learn To open their eyes How many bridges will they burn With so many"
  • The Saint - The Cult
    "Hail the guitar, all tuned down In a power circle, obey the crowd All ride a wave, crash right in Lovers and fighters, adrenaline The singer spits, our hearts all rise Energy is visible, we all crush"
  • Saint Veronika - Billy Talent
    "They found an empty bottle on her windowsill The day her mother lost her sleeping pills She was sick and tired of being invisible Hard to see in color when you're miserable Veronika, Saint Veronika You"
  • Saint Divine - Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    "I'll tell you now the story of a friend of mine A small town boy named 'saint divine' At his red flamed hair they would laugh and stare As he searched in vain for friends to find His mother, father and"
  • The saint - 1208
    "I am me as only I can beYou push me from the startA planned device on how to live my lifeI try to play the partAlways wanted something more for meI was born given a pathNever would I make the same mistakesNothing"
  • Saint Isabelle - The Nightwatchman
    "Innocence and suffering Loneliness and grace Painted love and beauty Laughter death and faith Where the rising fortune Meets the setting sun Im afraid my friend when what is left Just the same as none ["
  • Saint Judy - Marc Almond
    "Saint Judy She's staggering across the floor Saint Judy Behaving like a whore Saint Judy She's giving it all the tears She tears her dress Looks a mess Well I've wanted to do it for years Well I've wanted"
  • Patron saint - Regina Spektor
    "She's the kind of girl who'll smash herself down in the night She's the kind of girl who'll fracture her mind till it's light She'll break her own heart and you know she'll break your heart too So darling,"
  • No Saint - Charon
    "There's left no love inside, There's left no righteous life but the hate is strong and stains the path I roam. There's right and there is wrong, yet I chose the one I'm on. To the hell and back where"
  • Saint Nicholas - Gatsbys American Dream
    "I will fight for the glory and future of Christmas time Take up your steel, yeah mount your stead Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... On forward, to the land of jubilee ON DONNER! ON BLITZEN! With hearts of"
  • Saint Simon - The Shins
    "After all these implements and text designed by intellects So vexed to find evidently there's just so much that hides And though the saints of us divine in ancient feeding lines Their sentiment is just"
  • Saint Paul - We The Living
    "St. Paul Sister, sister Tell me, where are you running? To take some comfort with your family and friends? Tell me why it always feels like I'm running And why no place feels like home in the end Don't"
  • Saint Chapelle - Coach Said Not To
    "I roll my film and you roll your cigarette. This balcony skyline make our silhouette. And I smile at the city, ache for that country. How much better does this life get when he says, Who are you? What"
  • The Saint - Murs
    "(unknown pop record scratched in to open) "Ready to BREAK, THE, ICE Feels like time is standing still..." {*gradually slows to a stop*} (Murs) Now this fool been on my ass for the past couple years Jumped"
  • Coming - Jimmy Somerville
    "I am coming! I am coming! I am coming through! Coming across the divide to you In this moment of unity feeling an ecstacy to be here, to be now At last I am free Yes at last, at last to be free of the"
  • Coming - Memento
    "he's comin', he's comin', he's comin', eh, ah ah he's comin', he's comin', he's comin', eh, ah ah he's comin', he's comin', he's comin', eh, ah ah he's comin', he's comin', he's comin', ahhh, ah ah he's"
  • Holidays are coming - Melanie Thornton
    "Holidays are coming ... Love for everyone Lalalalala lalala lala Love is the reason it's always the real thing When the world is ever changing Light a candle in the dark There's a source of inspiration"

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