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salt n pepa

  • Bring Back The Time (Ft Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, En Vogue) - New Kids On The Block
  • Salt - Horie Yui Vanilla
    "BANIRA SORUTO de BANIRA SORUTO de BANIRA SORUTO de Burning Love amai dake nara soruto kakemashou dare yori mo motto motto watashi o shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai demo dekinai no keiken Nothing ( nasshin"
  • Santa Baby (feat. Mase, Puff Daddy, Salt Pepa, Onyx) - Puff Daddy
    "It was December 24 on Hollis after the dark My man Santa saw a rabbi and gave the strangest remark He said that giving was his living and I had to take part So I grabbed a bag of goodies and I hopped up"
  • Let The Rhythm Run (remix) - Salt-N-Pepa
    "Salt and Pepa's on the mic makin' sure you like The type of hype that's unbelievable to write Spinderella's gonna spin from beginning to end Once again we're gonna let the party begin So tell me Pepa"
  • Push It - Salt 'n' Pepa
    "Ah, push it Ah, push it Push it! Oooh, baby, baby Baby, baby Oooh, baby, baby B-baby, baby Get up on this! Ah, push it Hey! Get up on this! Ah, push it Get up on this! Ah Ow! Baby! Salt and Pepa's hit! Sal"
  • Independent (Independent Funk Vocal) - Salt-N-Pepa
    "When duty call, the leader Pep come hard Try to dis my girl Salt, up goes my guard Still feminine, feminine still, yes But then next pump a hundred weight bench press So what it mean, Pep? I'm not impressed Cuz"
  • Vanilla Salt - Yui Horie
    "BANIRA SORUTO de BANIRA SORUTO de BANIRA SORUTO de Burning Love AMAi dake nara SORUTO kakemashou dare yori mo motto motto watashi wo shitte hoshii kara sarakedashitai demo dekinai no keiken Nothing MODOKASHI"
  • La pepa - Maria Isabel
    "Cuando era chiquitita, nadie la queray estaba en una jaulita, en una guardera,es de raza peligrosa, pero poca cosa.Es una perrita guapa, blanca, negra y rosa.Pareca no haber roto, en su vida un plato.Le"
  • ŚWINKA PEPA - Salvador
    "w spodniach noszę glocka twoja foka chce się jebać zajebałem kokę i wyglądam jak ameba napierdalam w nosa łapie kosa, no to gleba wyjebałem kopa mówi świnka peppa w spodniach noszę glocka twoja foka chce"
  • Salt Shaker (Radio) - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Kaine:) Hahnnnnnnnnn (7x) (Kaine - Intro:) (Kaine (D-Roc) - Chorus:) Ooooo...Shawty crunk on the floor wide open Skeet so much it's all up in the ocean Roll, like a 18-wheeler That hoe fine, but this"
  • Salt - Catherine Wheel
    "(Oh safe towards yourself) (She wants you with all your heart) Between me always spinning ride I slowly roll and seem to fly The taste of salt and spinning ice The taste of you it brings me higher In this"
  • Salt - Ava Max
    "Oh-oh, I got breaking news And it's not about you, oh-oh Oh-oh, I've been breaking hearts too And I learned it all from you, oh-oh I got my thigh-highs on, feel like Wonder Woman That's when you want"
  • Salt - Portugal. The Man
    "My legs are all buried in salt, the way as my lips move out all of my words, the way But this can't be all the we have to wait pressing pulling this pains, the way they listen and listen for all the"
  • Salt - Lizz Wright
    "How can you lose your song When you have sung it for so long? And how can you forget your dance, your dance When that dance is all you ever had? It must be, it must be true You can't separate the two Oh"
  • Salt - Good Riddance
    "Don't be alarmed please don't take it personally But you're acting out on everybody here You're ability your virility's in doubt So one more time you clench your fists Scream and shout You high-five"
  • Let's talk about sex - Salt 'n' Pepa
    "Punch it, Hurb Yo, I don't think we should talk about this Come on, why not? People might misunderstand what we're tryin' to say, you know? No, but that's a part of life) Come on Let's talk about sex,"
  • Salt Of The Earth - Guns N' Roses
    "Lets drink to the hard working people, Lets drink to the lowly of birth. Raise your glass to the good and the evil, Lets drink to the salt of the earth. Say a prayer for the common foot soldier, Spare"
  • Salt Future - Rocket From The Crypt
    "We are the wanted from yesterday's wreckage. We buy what's wasted and sell it back. Dry heaves are boring, I'm sour, let's watch it. Gutless and tasteless, cut it some slack. There'll be time, yeah, there'll"
  • Salt Lick - ZZ Top
    "I met a girl with a black cigar and a salt lick in her hand she settled down into a quiet room and she started to strike up the band she had a time getting down to work with a salt lick in her hand she"
  • Salt Peter - Skindive
    "Cut my teeth again, On the milk of friends, Kindness always seems, To let me down, Raise the stakes again, Closer to the end, But I couldn't wait To dive in deeper. I'm in the way of pleasure, soon, I"

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