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sam smith spectre

  • Omen (ft. Sam Smith) - Disclosure
    "I'm feeling something, something different When you left, I'd appeared to change I was blinded, I'd not envisioned The same face in a different frame It's an omen, caught my baby crying Saw the silver"
  • Latch (feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure
    "You lift my heart up. when the rest of me is down. You, you enchant me, even when you’re not around. If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down. I’m latching on babe, now I know what I have"
  • Moments (ft. Sam Smith) - Freddy Verano
    "Moments I leave Moments I step back in time I stpe tahs I take Is leading me to Time I felt So do you Moments I give Moments I lose And just can in time Trying to find What we have run What we have left"
  • Spectre - Nirvana
    "To hope is admittanceFeed before beginningDouble-sided cynicsReflected imagesDon't be so selfishLeaving me thisFollow it farTo find where you areYou haven't grownGo on aloneNever finished his sentenceRemained"
  • The Life Of Sam J. Smith - Cheez
    "I wake up to the sound of these children I go to bed at the light of the streets But hey, what do you expect? It's the life of Sam J. Smith! I go to work watching kids get beat up I go to stores seeing"
  • La La La (ft. Sam Smith) - Naughty Boy
    "Hush, don't speak When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it When you hiss and preach About your new messiah 'cause your theories catch fire I can't find those silver linings I don't mean to judge But"
  • Pentatonix (Sam Smith / Disclosure / Naughty Boy Mashup) - La La Latch
    "You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down You, you enchant me even when you're not around If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down I'm lating on, babe, now I know what I have found Hush,"
  • The Spectre - Alan Walker
    "hello, hello can you hear me? as I scream your name hello, hello do you need me? before I fade away is this a place that I call home to find what I’ve become walk along the path unknown we like, we love,"
  • Spectre vs rector - Fall
    "M.R. James, be born, be bornYog Sogoth. Rape me Lord.*I've suffered a great wrongSuch hatred, Church's songPart One: Spectre v. RectorThe Rector lived in HampshireThe Spectre was not focussed onthe evil"
  • Spectre Vs Rector - The Fall
    "MR James be born be born Yog Sothoth rape me lord Sludge hai choi (blah blah) MR James be born be born Yog Sothoth rape me lord Van Greenway (blah blah) Sludge hai choi (blah blah) Part one: spectre"
  • The Abyssal Spectre - Cryptic Wintermoon
    "The magic seal is broken, to the gates of darkness With a mighty burst they open, a way down to the abyss A black horse with blazing eyes, waiting for the time to die Bound by paralizing cries,............... Segmentising"
  • Writing's on the Wall - Sam Smith
    "I’ve been here before But always hit the floor I’ve spend the life time running And I’ve always get away But with you I feel something That makes me want to stay I ‘ve prepare for this I never shot to"
  • Paris Smith - Prefab Sprout
    "Little Paris Smith Lovely name for a girl is Paris Smith Baby Paris Smith Don't repeat my mistakes Paris Smith Paris : Any music worth its salt is good for dancing Paris : But I tried to be the Fred Astaire"
  • Spectre At The Feast - Arena
    "There's a spectre at the feast Feeding on my soul and drinking my hopes away There's a wind from the east My heart grows cold, my rainbows turn to grey There's a spectre at the feast Tearing me up and"
  • Loose Talk (Carlene Carter With Carl Smith) - Carlene Carter
    "(Freddie Hart/Ann Lucas) So long we've been married Life's burdens we carried Though they kept us humble and made our love true The plans that we make up Someone seems to break up Oh darlin' what else"
  • Mr. Smith - Stan Ridgway
    "Can I get a light from you, Mr. Smith? And do you know where the party is? I've been walking a blue streak all night long And I'm tired of looking for a place to piss Can you tell me about yourself, Mr."
  • Mr. Smith - LL Cool J
    "Uh Mr. Smith, Mr Smith, Mr Smith Uh Mr Smith, it's the bomb y'knowhutI'msayin? Mr Smith Mr Smith, word up kid, yeah Mr Smith, check it out I'm goin to the top leavin smoke in my trail Bitch ass gangstas"
  • Mr. Smith - Nina Simone
    "don't you realize, Mr. Smith? don't you realize what thirty dollars buy today? just some stockings, and that's it. I came from Havanah my mother was wild as you are she often said to me my child, don't"
  • Finger Smith - Shaggy
    "Now this is for amusement purposes only, ha Be carful of your neighbourhood pick-pocket Me brednn whe them call name slick Who this Well who this come catch it the original finger smith Yur neighbourhood"
  • Bessie Smith - Band, The
    "Band, The Cahoots Bessie Smith (intro) c f f#dim c am d7 f c f i'm just goin' down the road t' see bessie (riff) goin' down the road t' see bessie smith When i Now all the crazy things"

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