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samanta martini
  • Incubus Martini
    "She was a new mean beauty queen, Money, drugs, magazines, I didn't do nothing, I didn't do nothing, They Keep Diamonds, Shiny Boy, City Speak, Every Joy, I didn't do nothing, no nothing for her You"
  • Joe Jackson Dirty Martini
    "Two in the morning there's a drink in my hand (Dirt, dirt, dirty Martini) Nothing moving the place but sweat I heard a rumour 'bout a Cajun band (Dirt, dirt, dirty Martini) The bartender says it's early"
  • Bridget Metcalfe Martini Please
    "You smile, suddenly I know you're standing there Quickly fingers move to smooth my hair While your gaze follows me insistently for days Won't you once just say hello, break the spell And you wait and see I"
  • Senses Fail Martini Kiss
    "There's poison in my drinking glass, don't stop just sip it down and in a swirling masquerade of style my body hits the ground. I'm beautiful when I'm asleep. Martini kisses land on my blistered bloody"
  • Snow Funky martini
    "Suddenly strange things are happening to me Strange people are not the faces I wanted to see Champagne, pain or drugs through the viens How could this happen to me? Ready or not here it comes Temples pounding"
  • Reverend Horton Heat It's Martini Time
    "Hey, buddy do you got the time? No I don't got a watch can you spare a dime, But I got two olives and a couple of limes, Guessin' that means it's martini time. The Martinis that brought you the loss, I"
  • Tori Amos Bug A Martini
    "Bug a Martini send me to Moscow lounge and return Echo can't hear you and as you wander through perfume and pathways your version 'coercion' my version --- elixir of quietude Line up the Dots music to"
  • Marcin Siegieńczuk Martini z lodem
    "Gesty, spojrzenia, w temacie wszystko, to niby nic, a jednak sztuka Będąc ze sobą naprawdę blisko bywa, że ona go i on jej szuka Wiem czego chcesz, sączysz Martini z lodem, pasuje mi twój styl, słodka"
  • Wise Guys Der Letzte Martini
    "Es ist ein Trauerspiel, wie er am Tresen hngt und an die Zeit der fetten Spesen denkt. Mit schnen Frauen um die Welt zu jetten, vor dem Frhstck eben mal die Welt zu retten. Seine Majestt, sein Mutterland, schickten"
  • Graham Parker Three Martini Lunch
    "Pre>this was originally on the olga -- this is my version based on that. Sorry I've lost the original author credit. Thanks to (moribund the burgermeister) For the corrections which"
  • The Cramps Eyeball In My Martini
    "I went out to eat the other night. Picked up my girl at eight. In my soup I found a fly. But, there beyond my plate. Was an eyeball in my martini. A highball with a twist. One in my linguini, too. I said,"
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult A Martini Built For 2
    "here at the sign of the peacock we find the club c'est sable it is a club dedicated to sad-ism i sit here all alone with a martini built for 2 i sit here all alone 'cause i've got nothing better to do i"
  • Puscifer REV 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix)
    "Don't be aroused by my confession Unless you don't give a good goddamn about redemption I know Christ is comin', and so am I And you would too if this sexy devil caught your eye She'll suck you dry and"
  • Mayday Parade Champagne's For Celebrating (I'll Have A Martini)
    "She left her books, her car, her clothes, and a note But all she wrote was, "Tonight I'm leaving on a train." She says she's headed west To make it right for one more night And, well, I don't blame her"
  • Bloodlined Calligraphy The Saddest Girl to Ever Hold a Martini
    "It's time for getting down. Into the room like an illusion, in the corner of my eye, the light reflected off of your glass, onto the base of your neck, staring you down from the inside out and back again. Nothing"
  • Mia Martini Mondo Nuovo
    "Con il tempo che verr a portare tra di noi quelle cose che tu mai immaginavi tempo fa. Tu vedrai che senso ha il timore che c' in te di trovare un'altra in me che il tuo amore tradir. E solo quando crederai ti"
  • Mia Martini Aiutami
    "E cos sono qui, son tornata senza te cosa mai sono stata proprio io quella che ti disse addio quel giorno. Gli occhi tuoi sanno gi vendetta, so qual la realt che aspetta, ero tua, sono tua fino fondo, riprendimi"
  • Mia Martini Voglio Te
    "Voglio te,occhi d'amore,anima chiara,perch sei tornato indietro e hai preso il mio cuore. Senza paura mi hai fatto male per cercare in me la verit attraverso antiche piaghe di mille anni fa. RIT Acqua"
  • Linda Martini O Amor
    "Linda Martini - O Amor No Haver Policia Sentimos no ar a melodia etrea. a nossa msica Cantamos e danamos como se fosse a ltima vez, o ltimo olhar, o ltimo toque, o ltimo beijo Ests linda O teu vestido,"
  • Mia Martini Stelle Di Stelle
    "io sperai di esser tre quelli che camminano le vie ribelli stelle di stelle sudici eroi quei cialtroni degli artisti scopatori pederasti tristi incantatori aquilonisti egoisti quelli che qualcuno cresce al"

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