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samba mosquito

  • Samba mosquito - Majka Je
    "Jakie rytmy się tańczy na plaży? Gdzie w ubraniu się można usmażyć? Tu ci drogi Wikingu nie do twarzy w smokingu Lub w lakierkach na leśnym parkingu. My tańczymy, a z nami komary, Choć ich nikt nie zapraszał"
  • Mosquito - Vanessa Paradis
    "Un mosquito C'est un moustique en colere Un mosquito Pique et pique et pique dans la chair Un mosquito Ca pond ses oeufs dans nos rivieres Un mosquito Ca vit au milieu de ses freres... un mosquito"
  • Mosquito - Daisy Chainsaw
  • Mosquito - Loco Loco
    "Oooooooooooah Hey Im chilling in me casa Its hot here at me Plaza Enjoy my little siesta My brain is gone last fiesta I dream of Huanita My sexy senorita Uhh! Whats going wrong?! Un Mosquito! ATENCION!!! Im"
  • Mosquito - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Mosquito sing Mosquito cry Mosquito live Mosquito die Mosquito drink Almost anything Whatever's left Mosquito screams I'll suck your blood I'll suck your blood I'll suck your blood Suck your, suck your,"
  • Mosquito - Psychotic Waltz
    "crawling into my head, mosquito, mosquito red pieces, diseases, floating in the greases, but they smile instead sting of the suckerfly in the dead of the night ride on the wings of a dragonfly sleep by"
  • Mosquito - GNR
    "Que que voa como um passaro, pa? Quem esse insecto que nos faz sofrer, Mas que maldade o faz pousar aqui, ja, Que vontade de morder por ca Pedra pura coisa mole jah Teia impura a gente engole e ja gua"
  • Mosquito - Mecano
    "Esta es la historia de un famoso fugitivo que se esconde de la poli, que se esconde del castigo que los perros policas le tienen como enemigo un asesino, un asesino, un asesino de mosquitos que los"
  • Mosquito - Ingrid Michaelson
    "Mosquito, mosquito Buzzing around Landing on my knee How can I truly be angry with you? All you want is to be part of me Now we are lying and counting the leaves Underneath our tree How can I truly"
  • Mosquito - SR-71
    "You like when we go fast So my foot's on the brake Used to be my girl But now you're just my worst mistake You don't see it, not a subtle change Makes me laugh you turned into a cliche Everytime you told"
  • Mosquito - SR 71
    "You like when we go fastSo my foot's on the brakeUsed to be my girlBut now you're just my worst mistakeYou don't see it, not a subtle changeMakes me laugh you turned into a clicheEverytime you told meThat"
  • Muscovite Mosquito - Clan Of Xymox
    "I must write a letter to you I must make myself clear It is spot on time, right on cue I am a clam, somebody said to me It's obscene, there must be a motive behind It's obscure, there must be someone behind A"
  • Mosquito Coil - Zeromancer
    "Its looking out From inside A Christmas bonus To last forever You think you"re ready dont you Its a Mosquito Coil Where boys and girls Trying to stop their heads spinning A Mosquito Coil An instant supernova For"
  • Loco Mosquito - Iggy Pop
    "My mommy told me If I were goody That she would buy me A rubber dolly I got some energy to burn It makes me jumpy and nervous But I'm too damn old to join the military service Hup two three four I got"
  • Loco mosquito - The Stooges
    "My mommy told meIf I were goodyThat she would buy meA rubber dollyI got some energy to burnIt makes me jumpy and nervousBut I'm too damn old to join the military serviceHup two three fourI got to hit my"
  • Red Mosquito - Pearl Jam
    "watched from the window, with a red mosquito i was not allowed to leave the room i saw the sun go down, and now it's coming up somewhere in the time between i was bitten, must have been the devil he was"
  • Mosquito Song - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "I know, I know the sun is hot Mosquitos come suck your blood Leave you there all alone Just skin and bone When you walk among the trees Listening to the leaves The further I go the less I know The less"
  • Mosquito March - Midnight Oil
    "when they march when they march over fields of green when they march when they march over fields of green when they march when they march over fields of green walking in the wilderness no future to the"
  • Samba - Denis
    "Samba Heeeeej! Tańczmy w rytmach latino Samba Hooo! i niech Twoje biodra płyną Samba Heeeeej! Tańczmy w rytmach latino Samba Hooo! i niech Twoje biodra płyną Na Copacabanie Ja ona i taniec Jak"
  • Samba - Rantanplan
    "Heute hat jeder Idiot eine 50GB HD. Urlaubsvideos zeigen Erholung en Gros in 32-Bit Raumspray tut immer mehr weh. Dad X Drittwagen bleibt heut mal stehen Die Barbie-Tochter kann endlich auf ihren Pfennigabstzen"

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