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same time sagnes

  • Same time, same place - Tara Rocks
    "It's time to listen what I say, Give me a sign to make me stay. So don't excuse and tell me nice, I don't want to say good-bye. (rap) It's time to listen what I say, Give me a sign to make me stay. So"
  • Same Place, Same Time - Gerald Levert
    "I don't wanna be alone Yo I'll be there Same place same time I can't stand being without you As we lay face to face Sharing love in a temporary place I got a girl you got a man If they found out I'm"
  • Same - Beverley Knight
    "Still got my fire, I'm never cold It burns within me, it's taken hold Still finding mountains , I've yet to climb I still get lonely, but never mind I'm the same Same As i As I ever was The same As i As"
  • Same - The Rasmus
    "Talking about life, what it was n what its gonna be. Get ready for the best time. Hes a friend of mine born in the 79 . n there will be a day when he hears me when I say: hey, you better be thinking about"
  • Same same - Blackmail
    "Slip out of my skin Deny and try again A green trap kit is where I've been Stop deciding Whatever will remain Both of us will lie again Captured with shame Leave in silence Don't cause any pain Liveable"
  • Same Time Tomorrow - Anderson Laurie
    "Anderson Laurie Bright Red Same Time Tomorrow You know the little clock, the one on your VCR the one that's always blinking twelve noon because you never figured out how to get in there and change it? So"
  • Same Time Last Year - John Mayer
    "you know those days before i met you well good cause i don't either it's almost like they were meant to make the whole thing sweeter You think i'm just a boy who's consumed by all his fears the fact that"
  • At The Same Time - Soulja Slim
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) This a mothafuckin' hot record right here Your about to witness some shit ya never thought you'd witness before (fire) Fin' to get ingorant up in this biatch (beats by the pound) Y'all"
  • At the same time - Barbra Streisand
    "Think of all the hearts beating in the world At the same time Think of all the faces and the stories they could tell At the same time Think of all the eyes looking out into this world Trying to make some"
  • At The Same Time - Turk
    "(Verse 1) I hit the block and all you see is some shiney shit You can't look my way too long 'cause it'll blind you quick Everythang I drive, betta believe it's chromed-out I bet ya say "Damn" when I stick"
  • Time Is Just The Same - Isobel Campbell
    "Just when I think I'm getting closer Just when I think I understand Here comes a chaos to surround us Of all the years without a plan And to the spaceship from the carthorse We play along, it's in the"
  • Same Ol' Same Ol' - Christina Milian
    "PYT Guest Artists: Sarai Album PYT (Down With Me) Track- Intro: (voice) Yo (PYT) Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, Uh, yea, yea, lil' momma we done this befo' It's the same ol', same ol', same ol', same ol'"
  • Ernold Same - Blur
    "Ernold same awoke from the same dream in the same bed at the same time Looked in the same mirror made the same frown And felt the same way as he did every day Then ernold same caught the same train at"
  • Same Old Same Old - Mest
    "you would never turn around your turning everything upside down and tryin' to put the blame on me but now that I'm a superstar you always want to hang around and act like you did nothing wrong to me"
  • Same Ol? - Mudvayne
    "Always just the same ol' thing Always just the same ol' thing Always just the same ol' thing I don't mind going hungry, it's the shit that you feed I don't mind being broken, lost my will to believe I"
  • Same ish - Jamelia
    "7:45 Alarm goes off Here's your coffee baby Here's your paper baby 8:15 Time for your shower 8:45 Have a nice day 5:15 How was work baby? Here's your dinner baby Here's a drink, baby 10:45 A kiss goodnight This"
  • Same Face - Madrigal
    "spending all my time trying to prove to myself you're not as hollow as you seem... suffering and love seem to have the same face same face... wasting all my love trying to make you feel trying to make"
  • Same Cliche - Atozzio
    "Back where we started, Like we're goin uhh - round In a circle, And I can't aspect every arguement, Cause when you're mad it's inevitable, It's getting old, So predictable, And that don't work for me, "
  • Same Mistakes - One Direction
    "Harry Circles, we’re going in circles Dizzie’s all it makes us We know where it takes us We’ve been before Closer, maybe looking closer There’s more to discover Find out what went wrong without blaming"
  • Same heart - Jennifer Rush
    "Hey, oh It's been a long long time I was finally lettin' go I can't believe how it hurts just to see you smile So I've been on your mind Had to come back to say hello You had to be with someone you care"

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