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sammer paradise simple pl,an

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sammer paradise simple pl,an

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sammer paradise simple pl,an
  • Weird Al Yankovich Amish paradise
    "As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain I take a look at my wife and realize she is very plain, But that's just perfect for an Amish like me You know I shun fancy things like electricity"
  • Djedis Peons Mirc Paradise
    "(C. Ackerman) As I walk to the computer where I found my girlfriend, I take a look at my life and realize its very plain! But that's just perfect for an Jedi like me, Ya know, I NEED fancy things like"
  • Diamond Head Paradise
    "Ah ah ah I'm screamin' now at the top of my head Can't keep my silence in place full of dread Just gotta hole in the ground for my bed I don't eat, 'cause I ain't fed Ain't there a new world for us in"
  • Boyzone Paradise
    "It's not often that you find someone Who can fulfill all your dreams inside Like an angel from above She was the one for me, believe But it doesn't wither like a flower in snow I always wanted you to know We're"
  • Tangarine Paradise
    "On our trip to paradise.It's loving that we need.On our trip to paradise.It's the lovin' that we breath.Love is like een ocean,so let's get into the sea.Swim a way to paradise .Coz love is all we need.A"
  • Heartsdales Paradise
    "Heartsdales Jewels & Rum (R) 3 girls in the house whachu gonna do tonight?? 3get down! midnight! Jewels, Miliyah, Rum! 3 lets go! Very bad! Very cute! Very sexy! ! to the hiphop beat! ! to the funky beat Uno,"
  • Michael Bolton Paradise
    "The time is right, for the doorway to the open sky But a moment passing by, we let it slip away Well we can take the night, to sanctify this burnin' In an everlasting sight, it's calling us to stay Here"
  • Dwight Yoakam Paradise
    "When I was a boy my family would travel Inta' Western Kentucky where my parents were born To a lost little town there thats often remembered So many times that my memory drew warn And daddy won't ya take"
  • Seventh Wonder Paradise
    "Wasted life I'm tired Breathe life into mine, Father My spirit caught in this hell The blood in my veins Oh - wanna escape me Desperation come Wanting me to fall, Father... The weight of my words"
  • Just Jack Paradise
    "(Lost and found)Hangin about in the sunWith prozac Annie and the schizo alcoholicsThe sharp edged shadowsAnd tese mad electronicsThe barbeque's burningWith the moon-ray sensationsI'm lying on my back And"
  • Tree63 Paradise
    "I yearn to be free I long to escape gravity Under the light of the stars I speak Your name and I wait for an answer There must be more I've heard You calling (Chorus) I believe You'll rescue me Lift"
  • Edguy Paradise
    "I've just returned to give you fears To bring you pain as much as tears You'll never know what's in my mind It's an invitation to my way Pray to me or you will pay When I'm smiling what's behind (Chorus)"
  • Pat Green Paradise
    "When I was a child, my family would travel To western Kentucky, where my parents were born And there's a backward old town that's often remembered So many times that my memories are worn Chorus And"
  • 311 Paradise
    "Everything you do it comes back to you. Whatever it may be. If it isn't one thing rest assured that something. Will come back and pay you for your deed A shortcut's a self defeating means, if you cannot"
  • McAuley Schenker Group Paradise
    "If you want paradise If you can't make a choice You're standing at the crossing of your life Something's gotten hold of you You can't think straight What can you do? Turn around and walk the other way Life"
  • Eddi Reader Simple Soul
    "I'd lift my head with each sunrise If I had a simple soul When I was weary I'd close my eyes If I had a simple soul Not too complicated to shiver when I'm cold I'd make my home where I am bound If I had"
  • Eddie Reader Simple Soul
    "I'd lift my head with each sunrise If I had a simple soul When I was weary I'd close my eyes If I had a simple soul Not too complicated to shiver when I'm cold I'd make my home where I am bound If I had"
  • Super Junior Mr Simple
    "Because I naughty, naughty. Hey! I'm Mr. Simple. Because I naughty, naughty. Suju kanda! Sesangi ne mang daero an dwindago hwaman nemyeon andwae keu reol pilyo opji. Siwon: Keokcheong-do paljada jakeun"
  • Kiley Dean Simple Girl
    "I've seen the way you relate to Other girls and although I'd hate to Be the one to break you the bad news It's a must and I know I have to I've seen you around flossin' your sports car At the lounge buyin'"
  • Camel Simple Pleasures
    "When she left the room her perfume filled the air. Thirty years gone it's still there. How I love to breathe the air she left behind. This trick of fortune fills my mind. Simple pleasures, silver treasures. Take"

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