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  • When I Grow Up - Sammie
    "Teacher: Ok class, ok everyone settle down everyone settle down um, as you all know we've been working real hard on our school's essay's done does any body have theirs to read frist Sammie: Mr.Evans my"
  • Kiss me thru the phone - Sammie
    "Soulja Boy Tell Em Sammie Baby you know that I miss you I wanna get with you tonight but I cannot baby girl And that's the issue Girl you know I miss you I just wanna kiss you But I can't right now so"
  • You Should Be My Girl - Sammie
    "(feat. Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz) Ladies and gentlemen You me girl we could do the thang You me girl we could do the thang You me girl we could do the thang We could do the thang We could do the"
  • Choose Me - Sammie
    "You know what it is This Sammie, really Gotta turn this one up right here uh uh heres another one, oh oh and another one oh oh, girl i know, yea, oh listen I ain't impressed girl With all that talk about"
  • Be My Girl - Sammie
    "Jazzy Pha: Ladies and Gentleman you and me girl we can do the thang you and me girl we can do the thang you and me girl we can do the thang we can do the thang we can do the thang (Sammie:) O i know"
  • The Bottom - Sammie
    "[1:] Ooh, ooh yeah From the bottom to the top I got 'em Yeah, yeah Miami Yeah the place to go Cause we got beaches We got them all We got everything Hundred and ten degrees Sunshine city baby Represent I"
  • When I Grow Up (Interlude) - Sammie
    "Ok class ok everybody settle down Everybody settle down Um as you all know we've been working Real hard on getting our school essays done Does anybody have theirs to read first? Mr. Evans my essay is"
  • I wish you loved me (ft Tynisha Keli) - Sammie
    "Somethin, somethin as simple as me hearin your name(hearin your name) Puts me, puts me in a place that I can't even explain (uh oh, no I ain't never been here before) I really didn't know back then But"
  • One Way Street - Sammie
    "Sammie Yeah I'm back Empire Listen Riding round, head down, thinking what to say Cause inside girl I know its gone come a day when I Gone have to tell you, baby I think that I fell out of love"
  • From The Bottom - Lil' Sammie
    "I was up in the hood, down at my boys house It was the summer time, when everyone would hang out Down at the corner store, we had the best of times Yelling bingo at every card that came out I knew that"
  • Hardball - Lil' Sammie
    "Throw me the ball and watch what I do with it We got Bow Wow in the house My man Lil' Zane,huh, Lil' Wayne Sammie sang to me (Sammie) Strike one, got you by surprise Strike two, right before your eyes Pitch"
  • I Like It - Lil' Sammie
    "Yeeeaaaahhhhhh Gurl I wish that I could Spend time wit u each and every day. playin wit my love emotions thats tha thing that got me open and i dont know what it takes to let ya know your my gurl, to"
  • Feelin' It - Sammie
    "Shake a lil bit I c u looking gurl Like u know wat u want The way u stand from across the room I hope u ready now Cuz I got wat it takes 2 satisfy ur every urge 2 move Gurl don't be afraid to let"
  • I Can't - Sammie
    "I had a good girl,but I did her bad Now I'm thinkin how, I can get her back She was my best friend, and I love her so Hey... Listen And it's killin me, to ever think that I, Would ever loose my pretty"
  • What About Your Friend - Sammie
    "I Dont Wanna Seem Like A Playa Girl But I Gotta Play My Cards Right And Tell You The Truth Bout What I Like Its The Simplest Things The Way You Walk, The Way Talk Gurl Your So Fly But Ya Girls Got My Eye I"
  • Choose Me (Prelude) - Sammie
    "Ohhhhhh Choose Me Oooooooooo When You Ready To Get Down Get Down Then Girl Choose Me Shortie You Should Choose Him Hey When You Ready To Get Down Oooooooooooooo Baby Choose Me I Won't Hurt You Baby Ill"
  • Mission Impossible - Sammie
    "Girl, I know it's hard to that swallow I'm always on the go. Leaving you home alone Nobody to kiss Nobody to hold And I know that at times it seems you are in love all by yourself You may think that I,"
  • Come With Me - Sammie
    "Oh no no I know you think it ain't my place, to say how I feel but I'm going to say it anyway, cause I gotta keep it real I know you're tired of make it be something that's truly not (truly not) Girl"
  • Back 2 Love - Sammie
    "Ain't It Funny How Life Goes Down You Moved Away With Your Parents To Another Town Ain't Seen You Since We Were Little Kids Now That You Back In The Hood I Can't Believe It We Used To Ride In The Parking"
  • Another Last Chance - Sammie
    "Baby, I'm tryna step to you and be a man about it And express myself, my pride just won't allow it Couldn't help it for (the life of me) Girl I was so (triflin') I can't believe the things I did to you I'm"

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