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sandra cretu infinity kiss

  • Sandra - Charta 77
    "Lilla Sandra, lilla Sandra Världen kan vara så naiv Mycket sprit, lite sans, fem minuter någonstans Blev till ditt liv Lilla Sandras lilla pappa Hade fått moped samma kväll Och lilla Sandras lilla mamma hon"
  • Sandra - Smoking Popes
    "I didn't think that I'd be man enough For Sandra Bernhard But then I thought I might be Just that kind of sensitivity Which appeals to her I know what's going on Behind those doomed and sultry eyes Only"
  • Sandra - Dusty Springfield
    "(Barry Manilow / Enoch Anderson) She's a great little housewife Though sometimes she talks like a fool But she helps at the store in the holiday rush And she picks up the kids after school And she puts"
  • Sandra - Barry Manilow
    "She's a great little housewife Though sometimes she talks like a fool But she helps at the store in the holiday rush And she picks up the kids after school And she puts down the phone when her husband"
  • Sandra - Gilberto Gil
    "Maria Aparecida porque apareceu na vida Maria Sebastiana porque Deus fez to bonita Maria de Lurdes, porque me pediu uma cano pra ela Carmensita sussurrou seja benvindo no meu ouvido Na primeira noite quando"
  • 93 'til Infinity - Souls of Mischief
    "Yo what's up this is Tajai of the mighty Souls of Mischief crew. I'm chillin with my man Phesto my man A Plus and my man Op you know he's dope. But right now yo we just maxin in the studio. We handlin"
  • Infinity - Tokio Hotel
    "The warmth carries us into infinity Everything drifts along us In the moonlight there are just the two of us Infinity is not far away Infinity is not far away now The next eternity has to begin now Forever"
  • Infinity - Don McLean
    "Standin' on a trap door, there's a hole in the ground. Underneath the door there's a hole and it goes to infinity. Standin' on a dark street, there's a light in the sky. Followin' the light through the"
  • Infinity - They Might Be Giants
    "I can count up to five, I can count to ten Count on my nose a hundred times, I'd rather not again Twenty is easy and a hundred, no sweat But there's one number I just can't get Infinity, infinity How"
  • Infinity - One Direction
    "Down to Earth Keep 'em falling when I know it hurts Going faster than a million miles an hour Trying to catch my breath some way, somehow Down to Earth It's like I'm frozen, but the world still turns Stuck"
  • Infinity - Hawkwind
    "I used to be of human kind, I had a life to lead But now I'm frozen in a dream My life is lost it seems She turned the key Of endlessness and locked me In a dream, Infinity Infinity so beautiful Has turned"
  • Infinity - Dies Irae
    "Vacuum, nothingness Abyss, black space Infinity, emptiness Man as the torch man as the scourge He vacillate Beneficence and cruelty Animal sex Philosoficial discussion Both sides Of the same medal Vacuum,"
  • Infinity - Merrick
    "We are all like astronauts Discovery, infinity Take my empty body And discover me, infinity Forgive the endless longing So it's crazy you and crazy me I am I am I am I am I am infinity We"
  • Infinity - Mariah Carey
    "Why you mad? Talkin' 'bout you're mad Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had That’s your bag Yup, that’s too bad Show is over you ain’t gotta act Name hold weight like kilos Boy you actin'"
  • Infinity - Stratovarius
    "Mother watch your children The iron fist of fear is ruling our lives Its not too late to change the course We can make this world a better place to be in How much more do we want until were satisfied? What"
  • Infinity - Agent Steel
    "Our time keeps us measured Not enough of the gifts we treasure Can't stop we keep pushing forward Stare straight through the future Constant therefore unnerving A secret worth preserving Eyes shut won't"
  • Infinity - Anthony Smith
    "Just how far does the universe go. Does it ever end, Yeah say you wanna know. Just how high can you count, Before the numbers all run out. Who built the pyramids. Do aliens exist. Where does God come"
  • Infinity - Ke
    "Choose which lies you will believe then make them true take all the good that's waiting here for you all you can feel is the burn as you sense the storm that's rising inside you return and this is the"
  • Infinity - Adam Brand
    "Just how far does the universe go Does it ever end, you say you want to know Just how high can you count Before the numbers all runs out Who built the Pyramids Do aliens exist Where does God come from One"
  • Infinity - Arwen
    "Only void, only silence A point of bright light Was lost in deep darkness Energy, strong forces United for the beginning of existence Then a miracle came out Millions of stars, thousands of planets In"

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