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saposhkelech quartet klezmer trio

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saposhkelech quartet klezmer trio

  • Trio - Elton John
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by tim rice Elton's solo version is unreleased It's so strange he doesn't show me more affection than he needs Almost formal, too respectful, never takes romantic leads There"
  • Quartet - Yes
    "I I wanna learn (anderson / howe / wakeman / bruford) I wanna learn more about you We haven't spoke in quite a while And all of the dreams that come true So surprising how it catches you I wanna learn"
  • Quartet - Various
    "Music: Domenic Bugatti & Frank Muskeer Lyrics: Domenic Bugatti, Frank Muskeer, & Christopher Cerf Vocal: Adrian Zmed and The T-Birds Well, come on and tell us Johnny What's the secret of success? You gotta"
  • Quartet - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
    "i. I Wanna Learn I wanna learn more about you We haven't spoke in quite a while And all of the dreams that come true So surprising how it catches you I wanna learn more about me I've been sinking like"
  • Trio metal - Daniela Mercury
    "A massa em lata invadia, metida a heavy metalEletricidade via, nua nao tropicalUm passo plugado no mundo inteiroUm rock prensado pro carnaval o tempo no espao, um povo em pesoBalanando na voltagem do"
  • Trio' pain - Caroline's Spine
    "She said, "who answered the phone?I dont understand, i thought youd be aloneTonight."I said, "the girl who lives here,Said the band could stay if we bought theBeer."She said, "i dont like the sound of"
  • Spanish Quartet - Waxwing
    "How the god is mixed in The evil it does blend In this drink that we all taste. And when the bottle is gone I hope I can look upon All that I've done with a smile And bright and overflowing eyes, Reflecting"
  • Johanna (Quartet) - Stephen Sondheim
    "ANTHONY: I feel you, Johanna, I feel you Do they think that walls can hide you? Even now I'm at your window I am in the dark beside you, Buried sweetly in your yellow hair, Johanna SWEENEY TODD: And are"
  • Alkaline Trio - Rooftops - Hot Water Music
    "i've gotten the scars to remind me i've watched the clocks go around i've walked myself through some days that have put me where i am in another time in another place all things might have been in"
  • The heroic trio - J Church
    "Something had to happen, Something had to change, Babies vanishing, sacrificed, To a eunuch with no name, Make a move, Things to choose, Either way you're bound to lose, Even Wonder Woman sometimes sings"
  • The Kids Quartet - MGMT
    "she had a four wing dinosuar that she has to draw she pays attention to the image that she saw, yeah a pencil to the paper a pluser and subtractor and she makes a fine feather microraptor she had a four"
  • Homer's Barbershop Quartet - The Simpsons
    "''Baby On Board'' Baby on board how I've adored That sign on my car's windowpane Bounce in my step, loaded with pep 'Cause I'm drivin' in the carpool lane Call me a square, friend I don't care 'Cause"
  • Hyperballad (quartet version) - Bjork
    "We live on a mountainRight at the topThere's a beautiful viewFrom the top of the mountainEvery morning I walk towards the edgeAnd throw little things offLike car-parts, bottles and cutleryOr whatever I"
  • Chad Mitchell Trio Collection (1997) - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "{{Album |fLetter=C |Album=Chad Mitchell Trio Collection |Artist=Chad Mitchell Trio |Released=1997 |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Quartet of doc shanley - Fall
    "(Julia):I'm fed up with this worldPentangle knifeMy other me, Cantonine(MES):Question eightDentistNovember(Julia):Question, you...(MES):The guardian (garbled)(Julia):If you're like me you're a complete"
  • Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix) - Everything But The Girl
    "Out amongst the walking wounded, every face on every bus Is you and me and him and her and nothing can replace the us I knew Nothing can replace the us I knew And no, I'm never gonna let you go And"
  • Enjoy Your Day (Alkaline Trio) - Emocapella
    "So where'd you go? How was your vacation home? Well obviously you were busy, too busy for me So this is how you leave me? I'm broken hearted on the floor, My tears seep through the crack under my"
  • Alkaline Trio - Queen Of Pain - Hot Water Music
    "There's a fire forming not too far from here. Out on the east coast maybe it resides in you my dear. We're worn out on all courtesy We've made our curtain calls. Like vampire bats deprived of blood into"
  • Alkaline Trio - While You're Waiting - Hot Water Music
    "There's a hope in my head that's been cut and bled dry as your bloodshot eyes. And there's smoke in the air and it's soon to clear revealing our demise. There are some who say that it's a.o.k. if it makes"
  • Hyper-Ballad (Brodski Quartet Version) - Bjork
    "We live on a mountain Right at the top There's a beautiful view From the top of the mountain Every morning I walk towards the edge And throw little things off Like car-parts, bottles and cutlery Or whatever"

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