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  • Sara - Starship
    "Go now don't look back we've drawn the line Move on it's no good to go back in time I'll never find another girl like you, for happy endings it takes two we're fire and ice, the dream won't come true Sara,"
  • Sara - Bob Dylan
    "I laid on a dune I looked at the sky When the children were babies and played on the beach You came up behind me, I saw you go by You were always so close and still within reach. Sara, Sara Whatever made"
  • Sara - Yevgueni
    "Zeg is meneer, waar is Sara gebleven? Sara komt nooit meer terug. Sara, meneer, was de tijd van m'n leven, maar ze komt nooit meer terug. Het huis is verkocht en de toog is gesloopt meneer, Sara komt"
  • Sara - Bill Champlin
    "How could you let me go The way we've been getting on I didn't see no sign of trouble All of a sudden, you're gone How was I meant to know I left you alone too long I never thought you needed All of that"
  • Sara - Rascal Flatts
    "Sara Beth is scared to death To hear what the doctor will say She hasn't been well Since the day that she fell and the bruise that just won't go away so she sits and she waits with her mother and dad and"
  • Sara - Fleetwood Mac
    "Wait a minute baby... Stay with me awhile Said you'd give me light But you never told be about the fire Drowning in the sea of love Where everyone would love to drown And now it's gone It doesn't matter"
  • Sara - Stevie Nicks
    "You could be my silver spring.... Blue-green..colors flashin' I would be your only dream..... Your shinin' autumn....ocean crashin'.... Don't say that she's pretty.... and did you say that she"
  • Sara - Renata Przemyk
    "Nie mogę opowiedzieć Ci Nic o sobie skoro nie poznałam ich Najodpowiedniejszych słów Co oddadzą Tobie całą mnie Co mogę opowiedzieć Ci Skoro jestem tajemnicą Co zaczyna się Masz skąd wiedzieć mam Gdzie"
  • Sara - John Anderson
    "First date, first kiss Well I never will forget The way you looked that night Parked out, 'cross town Watchin' the stars fall down Girl your hair was soft and brown and Just before we get too far I'd hear"
  • Sara (english) - Matenrou Opera
    "Skin feeling as if it was melting, leaking sighs entwining All, entirely from our Our fingertips grope along Since I've been kept waiting, I've got trouble holding back my desires as it is... Don't go The"
  • Sara Lee - Foghat
    "Price / Peverett - Knee Trembler Music - ASCAP Sarah Lee, can't you see, Why I'm cryin' like a child. You had your fun, but what you've done, Has made me mad and drove me wild. You used to be, good"
  • Dla Sary - Kuba i Maciek Mol
    "(Taniec Wampirów) Cicha noc, zgubna noc, Wkoło czają się zmory, Ale jest tu Sara. Czy to sen czy to cień? Co osłania upiory? Taka noc kryje zło. Nic tu strach, nic tu lęk, Trzeba życie ocalić, Zrobię to"
  • Dla Sary - Kuba i Maciek Moll
    "Cicha noc, zgubna noc, Wkoło czają się zmory, Ale jest tu Sara. Czy to sen czy to cień? Co osłania upiory? Taka noc kryje zło. Nic tu strach, nic tu lęk, Trzeba życie ocalić, Zrobię to dla Sary."
  • Dla Sary - Taniec Wampir
    "ALFRED:Cicha noc, zgubna nocWkoło czają się zmoryAle jest tu SaraCzy to sen, czy to cieńCo osłania upioryTaka noc kryje złoNic tu strach, nic tu lękTrzeba życie ocalićZrobię to dla SaryGotów iść, gotów"
  • Zak and Sara - Ben Folds Five
    "Sara, spelled without an H was getting bored on a peavy amp in 1984 while zak without a "c" tried out some new guitars playing sara with no Hs favorite song ladada dadada dadada ladada dadada dadada Zak"
  • Zak And Sara - Ben Folds
    "Sara spelled without an 'h' was getting bored On a Peavea amp in 1984 While Zak without a 'c' tried out some new guitars Playing Sara-with-no-h's favourite song (La da da da, la da da, la da da) (La"
  • Pills For Sara - Winterpills
    "Pills for Sara Vials of bright forgetting powders Reds and yellows, sweets and sours, Curled around a scented pillow Biting hard and crushing flowers I went down to sugartown To try and get some pills"
  • Birth Of Sara - Flexa Lyndo
    "She was born on a day, just before Mary's day She comes out of a tale Sara was born female (he thinks of her, wants her to be especially good with himself) At first she was a flake, Princess in a galley Like"
  • Sara - Paolo Meneguzzi
    "Sara vive da sola Studia e poi lavora Sara non ha paura Sara gi pi grande della sua et Sar fuori felice Dentro a volte triste Sara la vita strana Sara come sei sei solo tu Oh Sara Che cammini sotto"
  • Sara - Anderson John
    "Anderson John Takin' The Country Back Sara Some spend a lifetime searching for gold Crossing the ocean, like in days of old And now that I've found you I realize That you are forever where my heart lies From"

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