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sarah's song

  • Sarah's Song - Sissel
    "Mama how do I begin To explain this situation we're in Angels heard the beautiful words That you prayed And showed me the way - to you And they knew you were in love So they sent me down from heaven above Angels"
  • Sarah's Song - Madness
    "(Thomson/Barson/Barson) Welcome home Seems as if it were yesterday since you were gone Now sit yourself and let me witness what's become Of the smiles that you brought, and placed upon But there is nothing"
  • Sarah's song - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "I see you in the morningYou're my color of the rising skyGreen sky above as my stone behind is a clearingThe opened storm been intoI have found my place of comfort and refugeeI can spend all my time right"
  • Sarah's Night - King Diamond
    "Monday night - Tuesday morning, master bedroom Salem's standing in the dark Watching Sarah's sleeping body Someone is in her bed Twisting, turning in his fever Savid will not even see her I an invisible..I"
  • Sarah's Prayer - Eden's Bridge
    "Look upon my face O Father I have come to seek You in this place For I long to give reflection To the awesome glory of Your grace Search my soul and heart to see Traces of my Lord in me But the blemishes"
  • Poodoo (Blur - Song 2) - Song Parodies
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) Poodoo! Poodoo! Poodoo! Poodoo! I'm called Subulba Pod Racing wonder It's what I did but then this kid (Poodoo!) Caught up to me in a race (Poodoo!) Put"
  • Song Song Song - Final Fantasy
    "Got a daughter who'll eat anything They like to feed her words, words, words And tell her, Watch for the plague, girl, check your stool Or we'll send you to reformatory school And make a man out of you They'll"
  • Song - Black Angel
    "Kiedyś poznałam Cie jako przyjaciela dziś jesteś wrogiem...Chce poznac Cie na nowo. Daj nam czas. Ref. Song jak miłość jak czas ktory mija i zostawia nas... 2 x Niewiem co zrobie ide z Toba w Twoja ostatnia"
  • Song - Serebro
    "It's a dirty money track, Yeah, Girls kick the flow! Listen to me All my girls get ready We'll make it easy When I catch you picking me You better get a chill Boy you wanna take on me Cuz I'm your killing"
  • Song - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) I think of you, I think of you. I had this friend who told me that coincidence cannot articulate the best events. She said she'd rather think of everything as accident, after all, it's all"
  • Song - Smog
    "I'm a bit like a soldier In the way I wear no uniform And choose not to fight And fight all night For some other cause Have Mercy I'm a bit like the grave digger Who wields no shovel And digs no hole But"
  • Song - Avail
    "do you remember when we met i was so intrigued you were so intrigued we spent our time telling our sides of our excitement of insecurities moving far away and from that moment on we were inseparable"
  • Song - Love Spit Love
    "Have you ever been green?Have you ever been discovered?Did you ever lose your way?Did you ever lose your faith in me?I've lost faithFaith and i don't need itI want to be hereRight now so i don't need itYeahFall"
  • Song - Chemical Garage
    "1.I never look for another day. I never saw a need of pray I never fought, that colors are. I never saw a rising star. I doubt that You are here. I never believed that You are real. I saw an Angel just"
  • Song - Line Life
    "1: When I sit and I think of you, maybe you are for I my heart not stop thinking that , but I am for you that . I must listen to you, and I make it want that , because I love you . Probably, never"
  • Song Song - Sean Lennon
    "Sometimes I don't Want to face life Sometimes I feel empty inside But every moment is precious And everyone will turn to dust Dust myself up And I scream at the sky It's been so hard But I can't let it"
  • Home And Away Theme Song - Home And Away Theme Song
    "You know we belong together You and I forever and ever No matter where you are Your my guiding star and from the very first moment I saw you I never felt such emotion I'm walking on air Just to know...(just"
  • Song of the Song - Neil Gaiman
    "Utwór 'Song of the Song' z albumu 'Signs of Life' od Neil Gaiman (premiera 28 kwietnia 2023r.)"
  • The Campfire Song Song - Spongebob Squarepants
    ": Spongebob: I Call This One, The Campfire Song Song. Let's Gather 'Round The Campfire, And Sing Our Campfire Song. Our -C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G- Song. And If You Don't Think That We Can Sing It"
  • Song Beneath The Song - Maria Taylor
    "Cryptic words meander Now there is a song beneath the song One day you'll learn You'll soon discern its true meaning An interesting detachment A listless poem of love sincere Desire, despair Overlapping"

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