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saudi arabia

  • Arabia - Mob Rules
    "I lost my fear when she left the train A final step into strange surroundings My journey ends on the edge of pain I see they all are here I've spent too long on the inside out My heart was cold and my"
  • Arabia - Lion's Share
    "Desert wind blowing hard seeking Shelter ry to hide On the run, got to make it, blinded By the dust That that fills my eyes On the move, wihout water, defying The demon star How long can i take it, how"
  • Nights Of Arabia - Kamelot
    "came across the waters a kingdom in the sands unfaithful to the sultan a killing was at hand challenged to survival a legacy of fear eternal mystic legends one for every tear nights of Arabia the queen"
  • One night in Arabia - Initial D
    "I can just say I can just say I can just say "salaam" Under the desert stars, I'm ridin' all alone A thousand miles or more, and I've got to go I'm goin' round and round, my town is far away I cannot even"
  • Nothin sweeter than Arabia - Falco
    "Yah,Yah,Yahlah,They say there is religionThere is a kind of tasteGet me the celebrationAnd I will give you the wasteThere will be no dangerNo trouble at allWe need a stand-up togetherThose curtains are"
  • The Secret Life Of Arabia - David Bowie
    "The secret life of Arabia Secret secrets never seen Secret secrets ever green I was running at the speed of life Through morning's thoughts and fantasies Then I saw your eyes at the cross fades Secret"
  • Desert Reign Nights Of Arabia - Kamelot
    "came across the waters a kingdom in the sands unfaithful to the sultan a killing was at hand challenged to survival a legacy of fear eternal mystic legends one for every tear nights of Arabia the queen"
  • Timing X / Space Junk - Devo
  • Yakko's World - Animaniacs
    "And now the nations of the world, brought to you by Yakko Warner United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama Haiti, Jamaica, Peru Republic Dominican, Cuba, Carribean Greenland, El Salvador too Puerto Rico, Columbia,"
  • Ruin - Cat Power
    "I’ve seen gypsies who made it all the way And kept going, kept rolling with nowhere to go Nowhere to go. As far as I’ve seen from the bush The wilderness, to every known city I’ve been to … color cut So"
  • Arab Money - Busta Rhymes
    "(Feat. Ron Browz) Ron Browz, yes! Oh, we back in the most amazin' way Well, lemme introduce you to the new talk Let's get straight to it C'mon! Shalai Lai Lai Halilili Hai Lo! Hi Li Ba Lai"
  • Microphone Techniques - 3rd Bass
    "The next selection is.. bass filled.. Musical compisition, entitled.. Microphone Techniques.. Please check it out.. Get up everybody, it's time to sway OK Greg Nice is on the mic with no delay Get up"
  • Bridging The Gap - Nas
    ""The light is there." See I come from Mississippi I was young and runnin' wild Ended up in New York City, where I had my first child I named the boy Nasir, all the boys call him Nas I told him as a"
  • We only read the headlines - Lazyboy
    "You can cut to the chase And you know its okay Coz we only read the headlines We only read the headlines Baby get to the point And quit the full play We only read the headlines We only read the headlines"
  • Brooklyn To T-Neck - Das EFX
    "Intro/Chorus: (x4) "The kids from Brooklyn to T-Neck" "Y'knowI'msayin?" "Brooklyn's prime time" Verse One: Skoob, Dray Now ain't this some old shit, I'm bringin it round the back like no question I'm"
  • Numb Numb - Juvenile
    "Ay you wan' score ki, no you wan'score an ounce I ain't gon' show you shit, make sure you got the right amount boy I can't front you nuttin but I respect ya G it could get fatal if I let niggaz get next"
  • Neva Die Alone - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(feat. Tragedy Khadafi) (Tragedy Khadafi, through voice processor) Huhuhahhahahha.... oh shit! Haha... The invincible - CNN The unstoppable - CNN Lebanon, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria - yo, yo, yo"
  • Jewelz - O.C.
    "Uhh, Uhh, yea, yea, ha Come on, Come on, Come on Ha What, yea Diggin In The Crates ya' Come on, Come on, Come on Uhh, yea Lord Finesse ya' Check it, yea Uhh, check it out Check it out Yo, my movement motion"
  • Chants For The Devil 1533 - Belphegor
    "Festum Festorum Reit mit dem Bock durch die Wolken Thus et Myrrham Verprenth zu Staub und Asch Aurum de Arabia - thus et Myrrham Tulit in ecclesia - Virtus Asinaria Orientis partibus - adventavit asinus Pulcher"
  • Alcazar - Matt Bianco
    "On the wind from North Africa From within Andalucia There's a place that is magical Takes your mind somewhere spiritual Give me the key My queen of Arabia Open the gates to your love In Alcazar Alcazar"

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