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save me save you

  • You & Me - Save Ferris
    "Baby I use to think I loved you so But now I met someone new and I really just don't know And I've tried to let you know just how I feel But somehow my emotions mixed up what was fake and real : Cause"
  • You and me - Save Ferris
    "Baby I use to think I loved you soBut now I met someone new and I really just don't knowAnd i've tried to let you know just how I feelBut somehow my emotions mixed up what was fake and real :Cause you"
  • For you - Save Ferris
    "I never told you how to live your lifeI never said you had to be something you don't want to beI never said you had to stick around foreverNever said you had to stick around to be with me :I ain't going"
  • Nobody but me - Save Ferris
    "I was on the outside Trying to find my way back in You were the answer I was searching for my friend Life is crazy when you're Always on your own It's amazing when you Realize that you're not alone I should"
  • Let me in - Save Ferris
    "I've been watching you and all you do For quite some time Knowing all the ins and outs of you I should've known what was on your mind But all the world is spinning round and round Inside my head tonight"
  • Build me up buttercup - Save Ferris
    "Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby When you say you will (say you will)"
  • What you see is what you get - Save Ferris
    "Here's a little story that I have to tell About somebody that I thought I knew real well It seems lately they haven't been respecting me Or treating me with proper dignity Well, I don't need you To treat"
  • I'm Not Crying For You - Save Ferris
    "Baby listen to me I've got something to say I have finally realized That I'm wasting my life away You've made so many promises That's all you ever do So now tonight I'm leaving And I won't come back to"
  • Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Save Ferris
    "There's no joy without the pain It's the pain that makes us strong But sometimes it's just so hard to Carry on when you said that you Don't care when you said that you'd Be there well I wonder just how"
  • No love - Save Ferris
    "Listen to my story Of a love gone wrong So wrong It's a story of a man and a lonely girl And how his love for her Destroyed their world A man meets a woman And a woman meets man, you see It's a story as"
  • Mistaken - Save Ferris
    "There's no joy without the pain It's the pain that makes us strong But sometimes its just so hard to carry on When you said that you dont care When you said that you'd be there But I wonder just how did"
  • Lies - Save Ferris
    "Lies, to deceive Tellin' lies, tellin' lies I can't believe Lies, to deceive So many lies, so many lies Why do we believe I've done wrong I've listened to the wrong advice I saw something in you once Now"
  • Modified - Save Ferris
    "You just can't seem to understand The reason why I am gone That was the last time that you make me The little one you step on I've had it up to here The end is drawing near I'm leaving you my dear : Can't"
  • Sorry my friend - Save Ferris
    "I wrote this song for you to say i'm sorry I know that I was wrong and you don't like me Why, why, why Must you feel this way? I wish I had the words I needed to say Chorus: 'Cause you and me We disagree"
  • Angry situation - Save Ferris
    "You've always been runnin' from some thing or another But your fear has never had such a name You let your problems linger And always point the finger Cause' there's always someone else who's to blame"
  • Goodbye - Save Ferris
    "Deep in the heart of every man Lies a hidden dream or plan To be a milloinaire Life without a care Hey cool cat Does this apply to you? Don't you lie 'Cause you can't hide the truth I can see what's behind"
  • Everything i want to be - Save Ferris
    "I find myself I'm just awastin' my time away No matter what I do It always ends up the same One minute moves Into the next My life was simple But now it's complex And it doesn't seem to mean anything at"
  • Your friend - Save Ferris
    "I don't wanna have to be your friend I'm so tired of tryin' to be your friend I don't wanna have to be your friend, no anymore What is happening my friend? You see I use the term so loosely these days"
  • I know - Save Ferris
    "My mama said to stay away from guys like youshe said they were nasty made me do things I don't wanna dostay away from bad boys they got one thing on their mindstheir hormones are raging and they want it"
  • Support Your Local Ska Band - Save Ferris
    "Support your local ska band even though it just might stink Support them despite what the real musicians just may think It's okay to lower standards in the name of a good cause You can bend the rules for"

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