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say goodbye holly night

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say goodbye holly night

  • Holly - Whole Wheat Bread
    "I think you should leave him The next time you see him I can't let you get hurt again And I don't want your reasons I know what your feeling But he'll let you down in the end Cause if things were the"
  • Say Goodbye - Barry Manilow
    "Who is she? This beautiful creature Insisting on being alone? It would all make sense If you could hear her on the phone: Hello,who's there? Oh no How'd you find me I gotta go Don't wanna hear Another"
  • Say Goodbye - Bonfire
    "Without you I'm doing better than I ever did before Got no flue Why must I tell you that I always loved you more Hard times were in my arguments But I finally reached the sky Too much jealousy I got a"
  • Say Goodbye - Fleetwood Mac
    "So you face yesterday Thinking on the days of old And the price that we paid For a love we couldn't hold I let you slip away There was nothing I could do That was so long ago, yeah Still I often think"
  • Say Goodbye - Year Of The Rabbit
    "Tiny lights dance inside his eye They dance with the care of snowflake flies They talk all day and whisper all night Is that anyway to live? Say goodbye Accept this fate without any anger Say goodnight Turn"
  • Say Goodbye - Wishbone Ash
    "I can tell that you don't feel good I guess you're not alone. Now that you packed your things And you're ready to go Let's do something tonight I don't know. We can take a ride across town Come on, baby,"
  • Say Goodbye - Hunters & Collectors
    "Well just the other night I come home After three months of constant grind and travel And I went snivelling I went crawling around to my girlfriend's house And she came down hard upon me And she ground"
  • Say Goodbye - Elissa
    "There was a time When you were everything to me and more You set me free I didn't want to let go that's for sure I wait by the phone at night and I long to hear your voice Are you all right I know"
  • Say Goodbye - Tinman Jones
    "Standing all alone wandering so far from home Still too far to hear the voice that's calling Something in a song, Something from a microphone Something in the way you were so honest Even though blinded In"
  • Say Goodbye - Krokus
    "A child was born on a cold and windy night Not far away from the burning village lights Another son in a poor family Bit short on money but the loving ran free And as he grew from a boy to a man His"
  • Say goodbye - Dave Matthews Band
    "So here we are tonight,you and me togetherThe storm outside, the fire is brightAnd in your eyes I seewhat's on my mindYou've got me wildturned around insideAnd then desire, see, is creepingup heavy inside"
  • Holly Wood Died - Yellowcard
    "Accidents out on the highway to somewhere They tell us about when we were young Rescuers working to clean up the crashes Before she can see what they've done Nobody told her she'd lose in the first round The"
  • Say Goodbye - Holy Mother
    "I see in deep blue skies Halls I kept divine Was there a better time I hear echo cries Oh...You're late It blew my mind Doesn't anybody want To let you die Your diary's erased To say goodbye Ten years,"
  • Goodbye Goodbye - So They Say
    "Choking on lies, Making the best of a bad conversation Your eyes dried as I tried sleeping in your bed To fake another smile and take with me what was mine While racing to you forever We're waking"
  • Say Goodbye - Norah Jones
    "Bring me back the good old days, When you let me misbehave Always knew, it wouldn't last, But if you ask, I'd go again Yeah, I'd go again It's alright, it's okay, I don't need you anyway You don't have"
  • Say goodbye - X-PERIENCE
    "I wake up nearly half past eight you aint home its much to late something strange has happen here to me i feel sad when you feel free i say good bye say good bye tell me why you treat me like a"
  • To Late To Say Goodbye - Richard Marx
    "What I had to flaunt has come back to haunt like a restless wind and the best of times that were left behind they come blowing in No one's pushing me through that door but it might as well be a"
  • Too Late To Say Goodbye - Jason Donovan
    "Too late to say goodbye By the time you read this letter Ill be miles away from you Im sorry if I hurt you but its all that I can do. I tried to tell you goodbye for so long dont try to find me this time cause"
  • Never Say Goodbye - Yoko Ono
    "Never say goodbye, Never say goodbye, You say tomorrow's another day, All I know is we're here today. I've got nightmares I could never share with you, The kind that keeps me up all night. So hold me"
  • Never Say Goodbye - Bon Jovi
    "As I sit in this smokey room The night about to end I pass my time with strangers But this bottle's my only friend Remember when we used to park On Butler Street out in the dark Remember when we"

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