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say j

  • J Lo - Jennifer Lopez
    "Love is life And life is living It's very special ( J Lo ):Oooooh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool a ):Baby don't go ( J Lo ):Yeahhh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( J Lo"
  • J Train - Tobymac
    "I got a ticket, I got a ticket I got a ticket to ride (Gotta a ticket to ride to the other side) I got a ticket, I got a ticket I got a ticket to ride (Gotta ticket to ride to the other side) Ride ride"
  • Forever J - And One
    "Like Isabelle Adjani, She glides by upon, A bank of violets, with those eyes, That see it all, And then she smiles... Like a bee with honeyed thighs, A living hell, A slice of heaven, She's Jekyll and"
  • J. Edgar - Ry Cooder
    "Down on the farm we had a pig, J. Edgar was his name He'd eat up all our victuals and start back up again Just like them vacuum cleaners they sell down in the lane Well, that's how J. Edgar Hoover got"
  • Basic J - Gary Numan
    "Jo the waiter spilling wine Over some ex-friends of mine In zero cafe number 9 What you gonna say this time Basic J, say, are you new here New ones walking down the stairs Pretty young thing but no-one"
  • Mr J - Red To Violet
    "I feel your presence are there some things you'd like to say mister J a grateful feeling it's good to have you here today dear mister J but in this world we fear and in this world we fear and for this"
  • LL Cool J - LL Cool J
    "Aiiyo Bimmy So rock the bells, Def Jam collabo' man You know'say, Bim...my...yeah Feel It's baby, (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha ha (L) I'm the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L) And (Cool J) I'm double"
  • B. J. The D. J. - Kitty Wells
    "A story bout a friend of mine who worked down near the Georgia Line A DJ in a little country station Everybody loved him dear cause he played what they liked to hear He built himself quite a reputation At"
  • One Mary J. Blige - Mary J. Blige
    "Is it getting better Or do you feel the same? Will it make it easier on you now? You got someone to blame You say one love, one life (one life) It's one need in the night One love (one love), get"
  • J. 0. B - Mya
    "Foxy: Nigga wanna lay up on my couch, watchin' cable Hands all in his pants, feet up on my table Niggas I don't know, rollin' droll Optimo, blow, you got to go Nigga, out the door, tryin' to throw some"

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