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say my nime

  • Ilman Nime - Synestesia
    "Eksynyt olen jrjen tielt, en puhu teidn kielt. Miksi lhdit tlt thtiin? Miksi jtit minut yksin? Ilman nime kirjoitan, olen olemassa itseni varten. Ilman nime kirjoitan, olemassaoloni ei vaadi muita. Pettymyksen"
  • Say Anything - Say Anything
    "Here I am, on the phone again & awkward silences on the other end I use to know the sound of a smile In your voice. But right now, (right now) all I feel (All I feel) Is the pain of the fighting starting"
  • Say Say Say - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Say, say, say what you want But don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But don't leave me with no direction All alone, I site home by the phone Waiting for you, baby (baby) Through"
  • Say say say - Michael Jackson
    "1st verse (Paul) Say, say, say what you want But dont play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need But dont leave me With no directions (Michael) All alone I sit home by the phone Waiting"
  • Say Say Say  - Paul McCartney
    "Say, Say, Say What You Want, But Don't Play Games With My Affection. Take, Take, Take What You Need, But Don't Leave Me With No Direction. All Alone, I Sit Home By The Phone, Waiting For You, Baby. Through"
  • Say say say - Paul McCartney
    "Say, say, say what you want but don't play games with my affection Take, take, take what you need but don't leave me with no direction All alone I sit home by the phone waiting for you baby Through the"
  • Say, Say, Say - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. Ancient Coins) Say, Say, Say what you want But we don't give a fuck about you Say, Say, Say what you want But we don't give a fuck about you Chemistry black soul, old gold complexion I hold"
  • Say - Justincase
    "Well i tried to tune you up Like my guitar but I've never had much luck With playing hard stings Well i know No i hope That your the that i'm dreamin of And i've waited for so long To wake up and hear"
  • Say - Gloria Estefan
    "Ain't much for promises But I'm a fool for your sweet caress Don't mean to be obsessed But all that I can do is guess And when I miss you I try to keep my head But when I kiss you My heart speaks out"
  • Say - Aceyalone
    "(uncredited spoken word poet forms the song's intro) There was a curious secretive streak in the man, which led to many dramatic effects - but left even his closest friends guessing as to what his"
  • Say - Delta Goodrem
    "Say- Delta Goodrem Holding in that moment in my head, As you walk near, And it's oh so clear, Cos i can see a time when you and i, Would step out of my dreams, And it's oh so real. Is there anyway to"
  • Say - Kem
    "Baby say What's on your mind What's on your mind I've been here all morning waitin' For your answer I'm waitin' I've been sober long enough to remember How good love is How sweet your love is Notwithstanding"
  • Say - Bonfire
    "Summer rain - we were kids and playin' love We didn't waste a thought it's meant to be A fairytale - it was meant for me and you I kiss you awake to make it all come real Wake up now - you gotta lay"
  • Say - Girl In A Coma
    "Say Everyone will quote me on this line say I I will say I dust as dust as ancient ones born again and die not us you will stay or go I made you up inside my head gentleman take off your hats I'm going"
  • Say - The Corrs
    "Gone are the days when I was young and free The future I can see Gone are the days of precious love Relied on, and leaned on So many days of sleepless nights By your side, and why oh why I never thought"
  • Say - Greydon Square
    "What's a master who can't admit truth? I find it kind of ironic that you call your show \"The Way of the Master\" Ya'll want to attack little ol' me? Little ol' Greydon Square, huh? Okay, check it. You"
  • Say - Jasmine Guy
    "Say you careHelp me surviveHelp me through the timesI can not cope withI want us to be togetherAnd as for you i have no wordsNo comments ...All i see right now is youSay you careHelp me understandLet the"
  • Say - Lauryn Hill
    "Feat - Method Man & Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahYeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahYeah (Yeah)Yeah yeah (Yo) Damn, I hate it when it rain Ever since I came in the gameSome hated on the fameA lot of niggas done"
  • Say - Reel Big Fish
    "all the bigots in the house all the bigots, all the bigots all the bigots in the house all the bigots, all the bigots she's not eatin' bacon, not eatin' sausage, and she won't eat eggs, not eatin' chicken not"
  • Say, Say - O-Town
    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Every little moment Every special word Has so much meaning that I'm feeling you're completing my world But I've tried to say this so long But the words don't come when"

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