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scars bls
  • Superheist Scars
    "Scars! Scars! Birth and growth, Lessons learn't and stories told, Abandon all you ever knew, So wake up! It's what you're like you're on, It's what you're getting on, Your heart in pumping, its jumping, That's"
  • Chris Perricelli scars
    "Chris Perricelli falling in death scars My scars,big,black scars whitch bleed all the time my scars,thick and ugly i cannot commit this crime thick black scars (chorus) the blood from the scars from"
  • Elegeion Scars
    "Every time I see, my eyes, in my reflection... I can't help but be disappointed, at who I am... And everytime I feel, my skin, breaking on metal ... It helps me be quiet, and quiet's where I need to be"
  • Lukas Graham Scars
    "you’re not the only one that’s feeling broken you’re not the only one that feels alone you’re not the only one that’s feeling hopeless you’re not the only one without a home let go all the emotion cutting"
  • Blackfield Scars
    "brightest city buried in the dust lonely people stop and stare at us together you and me are getting lost the sky falls it's getting hard for me to see the truth I lost my soul and gave myself to you you"
  • Cemetary Scars
    "Once upon a time a time far past you broke my heart and broken it would last... You left your scars and your scars run deep I think of you as I weep But soon the sorrow evolves into the purest love a"
  • Ray Boltz Scars
    "I heard Him call my name He said I've come to save you But I was so ashamed I turned to walk away But He reached out His hand He said I have something to show you And what I saw changed my life that day I"
  • De/Vision Scars
    "I know I came too late To save your heart I couldn't change your fate Now we're torn apart We were just boys When you had to go Each day I miss your voice And I'm feeling low Heal the scars in my soul Now"
  • Element Eighty Scars
    "(The Echo Song) You said that we would always be friendsYou said our love would never endBut all you gave to me were scars on my heartAll you did to me was tear my world apartYou left these scars on my"
  • Chely Wright Scars
    "I'm not the first to make you cry I always promise baby this is the last time You believe in second chances and I love you for that But I'm on number ninety-nine and you won't take me back And I can't"
  • My Darkest Hate Scars
    "going down the stairs of life never look back plunge in a knife look in the mirror no hope is left too weak to renew too strong to forget judgement day is coming nearer scars of life furrows of suffering written"
  • Grave Scars
    "Scars from a shattered life Sunk into an emotional abyss Memories of blood Multiple voices inside of me Dismembered personality I'm lost in my sick head I am paranoid (will I ever be the same) Lost in"
  • Allison Iraheta Scars
    "Did I say something stupid? There goes one more mistake Do I bore you with my problems? Is that why you turn away? Do you know how hard I've tried To become what you want me to be? Take me, this"
  • Rush Scars
    "I've stood upon my mountaintop And shouted at the sky Walked above the pavement With my sense amplified I get this feeling... All my nerves are naked wires Tender to the touch Sometimes super sensitive But"
  • Melissa Scars
    "I feel myself changing No regrets about this I hate them all I am them all I want me to see That's what I need To be my own self They come and go But I stay They leave scars"
  • Moving Units Scars
    "Scarred in the heart Slashed in the vein Nothing is changing Nothing's the same Lost in the head Batteries dead Crawling inside a stranger instead while you're Waiting for somebody else (Waiting) Somebody"
  • Mollys Yes Scars
    "Our eyes meet 'cross a crowded room Wish that I could talk to you To see if you still feel the spark From words we whispered in the dark In a flash you look away But it's OK if you're afraid Well you"
  • Forgotten Tomb Scars
    "Remembrances - Once more Im there Living in the past Faded pictures of yesterday My best and worst memories Will be forever here Another night - Bleak fading lights Im growing old with them Burning grief"
  • Flotsam And Jetsam Scars
    "Stare up into the sky, who's in charge Will it matter which bills are paid when she decides to do us harm Forces of nature destiny control Even the rich can't buy their lives When death becomes her"
  • Close Your Eyes Scars
    "I can hear them say that I'll always be this way, but am I so different that I can never change? Their hearts won't heal all the scars that they have made How can they forget that I am still a man? Go"

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