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scars on your heart drugs on your soul burn on your arms and everyone knows

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scars on your heart drugs on your soul burn on your arms and everyone knows

  • War On Drugs - Barenaked Ladies
    "She likes to sleep with the radio on So she can dream of her favorite song The one that no one has ever sung since she was small She'll never know that she made it up She had a soul and we ate it up Thrown"
  • Scars - Elegeion
    "Every time I see, my eyes, in my reflection... I can't help but be disappointed, at who I am... And everytime I feel, my skin, breaking on metal ... It helps me be quiet, and quiet's where I need to be"
  • Burn Your Soul - Pink Cream 69
    "You're the hunter Got the demon in your knees On a mountain And you're looking down to paradise Gonna brush away those wasted years And you'll never stop to wonder Are you making a name, are you feeling"
  • Scars - Mobile
    "For so long you've been hurt Livin' your life telling lies Can't explain all the pain on the inside You have learned how to cry You have learned how to smile Learned how to read and write No one knows"
  • Everyone knows - Delirious
    "Everyone knows that this fire growsAnd Im a, a man who knows where this fire glowsLove grows strongerWhen you give it awayIm holding on to see the sunrise, your eyesYou have this wonder and its beautifulIt"
  • Everyone Knows - Easyworld
    "Yeah yeah yeah Its some fine revolution And there's nobody can keep you down I've paid to you bitch now love me, yeah Coz that's the way it is now Hey hey hey Do you know where your kids are and kids, D'ya"
  • Heart On Fire - SCARS ON 45
    "And bowl me over black and blue It's far too hard to say I'm all over you And take my pulse and hose me down My hearts on fire I've said these words a thousand times The bathroom mirror stopped and smiled So"
  • On Your Way - Eastmountainsouth
    "I hope he never hurts you like I know I hurt you but I was undecided and it was all that I could do but if he says he loves you like I know I loved you then there's a way to trust him, and I'll get over"
  • Scars - Superheist
    "Scars! Scars! Birth and growth, Lessons learn't and stories told, Abandon all you ever knew, So wake up! It's what you're like you're on, It's what you're getting on, Your heart in pumping, its jumping, That's"
  • Drugs - The Music
    "Cos we're worlds apart but it's time to know That the hardest part is to not let go While the heart keeps beating The brain keeps wanting How can I fly if you won't give me wings? Burn Cinders of time Come"
  • Scars - Cemetary
    "Once upon a time a time far past you broke my heart and broken it would last... You left your scars and your scars run deep I think of you as I weep But soon the sorrow evolves into the purest love a"
  • Scars - Element Eighty
    "(The Echo Song) You said that we would always be friendsYou said our love would never endBut all you gave to me were scars on my heartAll you did to me was tear my world apartYou left these scars on my"
  • Scars - Chely Wright
    "I'm not the first to make you cry I always promise baby this is the last time You believe in second chances and I love you for that But I'm on number ninety-nine and you won't take me back And I can't"
  • Scars - Allison Iraheta
    "Did I say something stupid? There goes one more mistake Do I bore you with my problems? Is that why you turn away? Do you know how hard I've tried To become what you want me to be? Take me, this"
  • Scars - James Bay
    "You're setting off, it's time to go, the engine's running My mind's lost, we always knew this day was coming And now it's more fright'ning than it's ever gonna be You're miles away, I watch you on a red"
  • Scars - Billy Klippert
    "What is and what should be that sings like a scene from a movie But it's all going down waiting on a new day 'Cause a promise may be coming around I'm counting the hours 'till I see you again And no one's"
  • Your Soul - Greg Gold
    "I’m not catch up you tonight coz the feelings coming on too strong when your heart is giving up and your soul has have enough raise your glass and make a toast to the once to the once we hate the most most,"
  • Shine On - Your Demise
    "Goodbyes are meaningless when you know it's forever, Endless nights were closing in, never knowing that was fucking it. I don't believe in God, but I still feel you so close, A mother, sister, lover taken"
  • She's On Drugs - Butcher Jazz
    "(And you can dance...) Good grief, won't you look on the dancefloor! She's got to be American; she's not from here Oh no! I can't even look away She's just far too thin and beautiful as sin We're all"
  • Your Arms - By The Tree
    "when surrounded by my doubts here am i, turning inside out, I remember my confidence- it comes from You this I can depend on. my hope, it comes from You my strength is found in You when i'm lost I come"

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