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  • Making Dens - Mystery Jets
    "I have a plane, One of the few With roundels on its wings. Lullaby for me and for you, When it flys high it sings Rock me to sleep With que sara, Dear monde do you suppose? As I feel my eyelids"
  • Dens Nettop Begonia - Happy Days
    "Blod faller... Fysisk henger... Folk Dende... Den Rettferdig holder repeterende... Denne er p min alder verden... Og denne er rettferdig det begynne... Av hva jeg vil alltid stemning... Lidelse"
  • Dowie Dens Of Yarrow - Harpers Bizarre
    "There Lived a Lady in the North You Could Scarcely Find Her Marrow She Was Courted By Nine Noble Lords And a Plooman Lad Fae Yarrow They Nine Sat Drinking At the Wine Sat Drinking Wine in Yarrow And They've"
  • The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Misc The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE DOWIE DENS O' YARROW O late at e'en,and drinking"
  • N?dens ?r - Ulf Lundell
    "Ndens r r hr nd knyter du din hand. Dina knogar lyser vita jag ser blod p din tand. Vila. Ta vara p ditt liv. Ingen vntar med kniv I skuggorna av Ndens r. Ndens r r hr. Du har kommit dithn, dit alla en"
  • Tylko dens ma sens - DiDżej Mietek
    "ciężki tydzień już za nami czas na melanż z zimeczkami pora poznać nowe miejsca dzisiaj znajdę miłość serca tylko dens ma sens bawimy sie do rana piękna lady wzrokiem juz mnie powala tylko dens ma sens jzu"
  • Back Up - Screwed Up Click
    "(Hook) If you a hating ass nigga, back up (back up) If you a broke ass nigga, back up (back up) If you a fake ass nigga, back up (back up) If you a do' popping nigga, back up (back up) Now all my real"
  • Step up - Soundtrack - Step up
    "Chorus] Boy No matter what we go through You step up, I'll step up too It don't matter what the haters say As long as you are my boo No matter how hard it gets This love will have no regrets As"
  • Up, Up, Up - Play
    "Get ready or not here i come, dance, dance, dance, have some fun, 654321 get up get up, Oh no never ever gonna stop, Trying buyin if I drop not gonna quit, Get up, get up, get up Get up, stand up gonna"
  • Up up up - Bette Midler
    "My grandpa died from asbestos. My daddy's name was Estes. And I don't know if that messed us up, or what it did. My brother was-a workin' as an boiler. He was glad he wasn't workin' as an oiler. One day"
  • Up, up, up - 2 Play
    "Get ready or not here i come,Dance, dance, dance, have some fun,654321 get up get up,Oh no never ever gonna stop,Trying buyin if i drop not gonna quit,Get up, get up, get upGet up, stand up gonna make"
  • Up - Shania Twain
    "It's 'bout as bad as it could beSeems everybody's buggin' meLike nothing wants to go my way--yeah, it just ain't been my dayNothin's comin' easilyEven my skin is acting weirdI wish that I could grow a"
  • UP - Cardi B
    "Once upon a time man I heard that i was ugly Came from a bitch who nigga wanna fuck on me Said my face bob mass thight Racks stacks up shaq height Jewelry on me flash light I been lit since last night Hit"
  • Up - Justin Bieber
    "It's a big big world It's easy to get lost in it You've always been my girl, oh And I'm not ready to call it quits We can make the sun shine in the moon light We can make the grey clouds turn to blue"
  • Up - Utopia
    "I can't stand to watch the six o'clock news It's enough to give an average sensitive person the blues I can't get it up I don't know about commercial appeal But what you put in your head just can't help"
  • Up - Promoe
    "i wake up, look out the window, see three feet of snow for real, meter's though - yo large, this beat is dope! get the pen and the pad and start writing a verse like i know the procedure, like this time"
  • Up - A.R. Kane
    "A.r. Kane Miscellaneous Up Forward ever ascending on a stairway to heaven Me and the children and mama make seven My senses take over as we start to float Higher and higher on a huge starbound boat Forward"
  • Up - Gift Of Gab
    "(Gift of Gab) Check it out... Gift of Gab... Fourth Dimensional Rocketships, Goin' Up To the ink on the paper from the top of the brain Ghetto youth zone rythms that are louder than pain From Suedo to"
  • My Time's Up - Michael Schenker Group
    "Used to love you like an angel Runnin' blind into the sea Now it seems there's no relation Can't figure it out Just what it is you want from me Well I know Nothin' lasts forever I see the signs The ties"
  • My Hands Up - Trespassers William
    "Turning into something I can't cope With not having Stop, stop it Could I put my hands up And ask that you stop Do I need to be in love I'm lost when it's just me With only a hope to make You happy enough"

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